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Chapter 1 - Birth

Sami, Teresa, Opal and another mysterious girl have been given the powers of RA, Slifer, and Obelisk and Oris. What happens when they know something about Yami's past? And what happens when they lose controll?

Chapter 1 - Birth

Chapter 1 - Birth

Sailor Ra: First fanfiction of just Yu-gi-oh! Don't own a thing except my made up characters! Yeah and this story is for silverstar! I said her name right! Okay! Ummm.

Vegeta: Damn it will you get on with the damn story!

Sailor Ra: Jeeze what the hell is bothering you?

Vegeta: I have to be here! So you take guess!

Sailor Ra: Grr, well on with the story!


The Power of Darkness


Ch one: Birth of the Goddess


“These three girls seem worthy?” asked Slifer in a deep voice.

“Yes,” Ra said as he looked down from the clouds to see one girl.

“There so young! What are they eight or nine?” Obelisk asked this unkindly.

“Ten,” Ra said staring at the girl. The girl they were staring at had blonde hair in a pony tail with black highlights. She had bright blue eyes and lightly darkened skin. She was wearing a golden short sleeve shirt and short blue jean pants with old tennis shoes. (oh god I hope that's a good description!)

“We can not hold this power much longer,” Slifer said looking at a girl with shoulder length wavy red hair. This girl had violet eyes with light skin. She was wearing a red shirt that had sleeves that went to her shoulders with a jean skirt that went to her knees and with sandals.

“I know, but why them?” Obelisk asked this as he stared at a girl with jet black hair that went to her ears that had cold jet black eyes. She was wearing short sleeve shirt that went to her shoulders as well, but was wearing gloves that went to her shoulder that showed her fingers. The gloves were ruby red. The sleeves of the shirt were torn off the same with the pants that went to her knees with worn out tennis shoes.

“We must go now or they'll get our powers!” Ra said as he flew down to Earth.

“Yes,” Slifer said as he followed.

“Fine,” Obelisk followed.


At Night


Teresa was asleep in her little bed dreaming the same dream she had been dreaming for quite some while. She wasn't sure if it was good or bad, but the dream seemed so real.

Ra's soul slipped in between the walls and placed a weird necklace beside Teresa's bed.

“What the…” Teresa said as she got up to see the weird necklace.


With Slifer


Slifer slipped into the house and looked at the weird girl.

“Wow, Egypt sounds so cool! I wish I could go! But guess who has to stay here!” said Sami as she put down a book by her bed unknowing that Slifer transformed into a bracelet. Sami didn't even notice it as she went to bed.


With Obelisk


Obelisk quietly transformed it's self into a charm as Opal fell asleep.

Next Morning

Teresa walked to school listening to her favorite song, `Listen to Your Heart.'She was wearing a white shirt and jeans. She had her hair up in the same pony tail, She wasn't paying attention because well…

“AHHHHHHH!!!!” Teresa screamed as a black car was running toward her! She would have been hit if someone hadn't grabbed her. She opened her eyes to see a man who was a teenager. He had really light blonde hair and violet eyes. She blushed because well…he was very cute.

“Kaiba! Damn it! You could have run her over!” he yelled as a man with brown hair and icy blue eyes.

“Maybe she should have been paying attention,” he said as the boy who saved glared at him. The car drove off as Teresa got up blushing.

“Umm, thank you,” Teresa said bushing.

“Your welcome. Oh and I'm Marik.”

“I'm Teresa,” she said as she smiled.

“Are you from America?”

“Yup. Guess is stick out like a sore thump, huh?”

“Yeah, need help to get to school?”

“No, but thank you.”

With Opal

“Darn, why do I have to go to school?” she said thinking out loud. There really wasn't a point because she was just too busy. She was wearing a black dress that touched her ankles and black gloves that went to her elbows and they didn't have fingers.

“Give us your money,” Opal turned her head to see some guy picking on a guy with blonde hair.

“No way!” he tried to run, but one of them caught his shirt.

“Ha, pick on someone your own seize!” Opal yelled as she kicked on guy in a private place. He fell on the ground in pain, groaning. The others tried to get her, but they either ended up in pain or running away with fear.

“Idiots,” she said as the teenage boy looked at her.

“Oh, wow,” he said.

“You better get to school,” she said as he listened. She shook her head with annoyance. She walked off to school.

With Sami

She was reading a book as she walked up to school.

“Ha, Sam,” she turned her head and looked at Mockoba.

“Ha, what's up?” she asked as he took her book and read the back.

“Anne Frank?”


“Aren't we a little young to read this?”

“I don't think so,” she said as she saw Teresa.

“Gulp, Opal,” Mockoba said as he saw the tom boy walk past him and smirk.

“I know,” she said as Mockoba went into school.


Sailor Ra: Be nice! Please! Thank you if you read this! Have any suggestions on pairings? I'm already pairing Seto with someone so…you can make suggestion if you want on the other peple! The only one I'm sure I'm going to do is Mai and Joey. I'm not going to do any yuri or yoai. I never written because well, I have no clue how. Review!


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