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Chapter 4 - Meetings aren't fun

Sami, Teresa, Opal and another mysterious girl have been given the powers of RA, Slifer, and Obelisk and Oris. What happens when they know something about Yami's past? And what happens when they lose controll?

Chapter 4 - Meetings aren't fun

Chapter 4 - Meetings aren't fun


Vegeta: Get on with it damn it!

Me: Geeze your worse then Seto!

Vegeta: Putting up with you can make anyone angry.

Me: Screw you! Well I don't own Yu-gi-oh, but I do own the made up people!

Meetings aren't so nice!

A teenage girl with long dark brown hair and deep brown eyes, who was wearing a black shirt and jeans as she walked in the warm sun light. She would have been happier if…well if she didn't have such a hard job!

“Why me? How the hell am I going to find three little girls! Oh that should be easy since the world has like three billion trillion little girls!” she sighed as she looked for around to see if she could see a school. She sighed as she looked around to see if she could find any little girls that seemed different. “I forgot how much little girls like pink!” she stated as she saw little girls on the swing. She then turned her head to where there were picnic tables. She saw a little girl with red hair that touched her waist and violet eyes. She was wearing a red dress that reached her ankles and short sleeves that touched her shoulders.

“Oh hi,” she said not taking her eyes off the book. Silver decided to walk over to her and sit next to her. This girl did seem `different' in a way.

“Hi, what's you doing?” she asked playfully, but the girl looked liked she was about to cry.

“It's so sad…” she whispered as Silver felt a small sweat drop behind her head because she had no clue what she was talking about and second she didn't want the teachers to think that she was hurting this girl.

“Did I do something? What? What?!” she said as she waved her hands innocently making the little girl laugh.

“You didn't do anything it's just that so many people died because of a mad man.”

“Huh? Oh Hitler,” Silver said as she looked at the title of the book.

“Yeah,” the girl said as Silver looked at the girl.

“You should read things that make you happy like comics or…”

“But I enjoy reading about this,” Sami said as Silver laughed nervously.

“Well…umm…hahah,” she said trying to not look so embarrassed. She looked down to see the girl was wearing a bracelet that had the Egyptian eye on it and it was red.

“Ha, what's that?” Sami asked pointing to a ring that Silver was wearing on her middle finger. It was silver and small, but it was large enough to see when the light reflected off of it, it had the Ank the Egyptian sign of life.

“Oh just a ring I found,” Silver lied through her teeth. `Yeah more like a curse,' she thought getting angry at the thought of how she was dragged into this.

“Oh I'm sorry, I have to go back inside, nice meeting you, ummm…”

“Silver,” she said as she watched the little run inside with a smile on her face. `I just have to find out if that bracelet is real or not!' she thought as she walked without thinking and bumped into something.

“Don't be so clumsy, damn it!” she heard a voice yell as Silver held her breath, so she could hold in her anger.

“Well maybe you should move!” she yelled as she looked up until cold icey blue eyes caught her deep brown eyes.

“Well, I'm not the one who was day dreaming now was I?” Silver felt like yelling even though she could feel a small tiny blush fill her face. The man she had bumped into had chocolate brown hair and icey blue eyes and was wearing a blue school uniform.

`Well you aren't the one looking for three little girls, now are you?' she thought as she walked away, holding down her blush. `Bad silver! Can't think about your sorry case of a love life (I don't know much about SilverStar's personality so I hope she doesn't kill me!) or that fact that, that guy was just plain attractive!' she thought blushing a little as she tried to push him far away from her mind.

“Silver, don't think about love! Just think about how to find the pharaoh and those three little girls!” she said thinking out loud, but no one seemed to care. `Mental note: kill three people once I'm done with this!' she thought as she crossed the street.

Somewhere in the Shadow Realm

“You can't hide forever!” Laughed an evil voice that whispered into the darkness.

Me: I'm sorry this is so short! It's just that I'm tired and I can't think of anything else!

Vegeta: Next time: Evil decides to push emotions to the extreme!

Me: well review!


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DarkEvilRaven on October 2, 2005, 2:28:23 AM

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DarkEvilRavenYeah,this is getting really good!

silverstar on September 2, 2005, 2:17:23 PM

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silverstarXD Oh, yeah..........THIS IS GETTIN' GEWD!!!!! O_~ Thank U!!