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Chapter 5 - Awakening

Sami, Teresa, Opal and another mysterious girl have been given the powers of RA, Slifer, and Obelisk and Oris. What happens when they know something about Yami's past? And what happens when they lose controll?

Chapter 5 - Awakening

Chapter 5 - Awakening

Sailor Ra: Sorry for it taking so long. School and crap.

Vegeta: Ra-chan doesn't own a thing except for made up people.

Sailor Ra: Right and if I did, well…

First Awakening

“Mockoba, why is Seto taking you out of school early?” Sami wined as Mockoba shrugged as they walked outside.

“Don't know,” he stated as he saw the red head pout.


“I do not lie!”

“Do too!”

“Do not!”

“Do too!”

“Stop it you two,” Seto said as Sami rolled her eyes. Seto just ignored her and took Mockoba's hand.

“What's up bro?” Mockoba asked as Seto looked down at his brother.

“Something bad is going to happen, I can feel it,” Seto stated as Mockoba looked up at him.


“I'm not sure, but…” Seto couldn't really explained. He stopped when he saw a girl with long brown hair. “Damn it, it's her,” Seto muttered even though he had to admit. She was pretty good looking (Seto likes her, Seto likes her! Vegeta: And people say I'm weird…) but Seto quickly shook the thought out of his head.

“Seto, what's that noise?” Mockoba asked as Silver turned her head and her face paled.

A green like snake thing that had two human arms looked at them with red eyes. Seto looked at it, but then quickly got Mockoba out of the way.

“Where isssss shhhhhheeee?” the snake said to Silver.

“Ha, try to speak Japanese will ya?” Silver said with a smirk on her face.

“Where issss Sliffferrrr?”

“Oh, her, I haven't even found her yet so crawl back to your little hole you worm!”

“You need to get some manners, Oris,” Seto looked at Silver, trying to figurer out what was going on.

“No thanks,” she said as she walked up to the thing.

“Go to hell,” he said as she rolled her eyes.

“What do you want? Or what does that other snake want?”

“We have found a way to force there powerssss out.”

“YOU IDIOT!! IF YOU DO THAT YOU'LL KILL THEM!!” Silver yelled as Seto looked at them with more curiosity now.

“You can't stop me,” the snake said as he threw a pill like thing into the school. Seto quickly saw smoke come out of the school and heard screams. Before anyone knew it the snake thing disappeared.

In the School

Sami fell on the ground with her red hair covering her face, desperately trying to breath. No one was around her in the halls.

“What's…happening…to me?” (yeah I just realized this, it's kind of like Ceres Celesual legend) she whispered as the smoke became thicker.

With Mockoba and Seto

“Sami!” Mockoba screamed as he ran into the school to get his friend out of there.

“Mockoba, stop!” Seto screamed as he followed him in.

“Sami,” Silver whispered as she remembered the red head clearly. “She couldn't be…Oh my god!” she yelled as she ran into the school to stop the Kaiba brothers.

With Sami

The little girl got up and walked down the halls looking for help or someone.

“Can't breathe” she whispered, “must get fresh air…!” she screamed.

With Silver

“Where the hell did they go?” she yelled as she looked out the window to see the dark clouds moving in. Like a thunderstorm. “Damn it! Damn them!” She ran down the hall.

With Seto

“Mockoba! Where are you?!” Seto yelled as he tried to breath, but the smoke was blocking his lungs.

With Mockoba

“Sami!” Mockoba said as he held the red head close to him in a hug.

“Can't breathe,” she whispered as Mockoba nodded.

“Wrap your arms around my neck and get on my back,” she nodded as she wrapped her pale arms around his neck and let her face snuggle into his black hair.

“We better go!” Mockoba said as he ran back to find his brother. He then heard thunder.

“MOCKOBA LET GO OF ME! IT HURTS! IT HURTS!” Sami screamed as Mockoba put her down.

“I won't leave!” Mockoba said as Sami shook her head.

“Death…is coming,” she whispered as Mockoba looked down at her.

“What are you talking about,” he asked as Sami started to cry.

“I've always really liked you. Probably even more then friends.” Mockoba felt his cheeks flare as she said this.

“Don't make it sound like…it's going to be the end.”

“Sorry, Mockoba move,” thunder struck rapidly around the school as she said those words. The school quickly caught fire as Mockoba stayed by his friend's side.

“NO!” Mockoba screamed as Sami started to glow.

“Slifer,” Mockoba heard someone whisper that behind him as someone pulled him away.

“LET ME GO!” Mockoba screamed as he looked up to see Silver.

“Stay here and I mean it,” Silver said as she walked over to Sami.

“What the hell?” Seto asked his brother as he shrugged.

“Silfer calm thy self. Silfer bring peace and save us from the dark. Bring us to the light and let us see thy sky,” Sami looked at her, but it wasn't really her.

“Is thy one of us?” Silver nodded.

“Yes oh mighty lord of the wind.”

“This youth must die so I can fully awaken,” they heard thunder crash closer to them as the fire ragged on.

“It is not your decision to let this youth die.”

“I, am the god of the sky and bring death to those who oppose me.”

“But I, oh mighty god, am the daughter of death,” Silver said as Seto looked at her as he hugged his brother.

“Thy does not understand,” Slifer stated.

“Thy understands, but I am the only one of the four who decides death and I chose to let this girl live.”

“This youth mean anything to you?” Silver nodded as Sami nodded and closed her eyes.

“MOVE!” Seto said as he pushed her out of the way making her under him.

“When love is true

And hell has let go

Of it's wrath

Rain will fall to save the

Innocent love


Children” Slifer said these words as rain started to fall…

Sailor Ra: Yeah I got it done! Sorry for the wait Silver-chan!

Vegeta: Seto isn't with Hotaru! YES!!!

Sailor Ra: Shut up! Please review!


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