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Chapter 1 - Untitled

Over 2 years there hasn't been a leak of heartless (creature without hearts)

No one could figure out why this happened.....

“I herd there's a monster protecting it!” Cried a women to her friends one day as she walked carrying a sleeping chil

Chapter 1 - Untitled

Chapter 1 - Untitled

The gate Guardian pt 1

This is my entry forVincentValentine13 contest I'll worn you already, My spelling's not too well, so bare with me


Over 2 years there hasn't been a leak of heartless (creature without hearts)

No one could figure out why this happened.....

“I herd there's a monster protecting it!” Cried a women to her friends one day as she walked carrying a sleeping child in her arms.

“I herd the gate has been completely destroyed!” Said another lady, her eyes darting to each of her friends faces.

But this story is different...there's no monster that's protecting it, there's only a small child. She was the Kingdom Hearts Gate Guardian........


This story begins on a story night, a hooded figure ran quickly to get out of the rain.

Once safe from the rain's downfall the figure sighed heavily and brought up her pail, skinny hands and lowered the black leather hood revealing long, black colored hair that fell down past her neck to her waist.

Her face was skinny, pail and looked weak, few who had seen her (there's not much travelers who come to Kingdom Hearts) always worry about her passing out.

Her figure was small for the age of 13, skinny not any fat on her, she had small arms and legs.

Her brown eyes scanned the area quickly and quietly as she pierced her pail lips.

There where figures roaming quickly and quietly through the darkness.

She frowned, there was sure to be another killing most likly it, if these things didn't try to release the shadows of the night again.

The girl shivered at the though.

Even though she's at the gate all day she still can't stand those glowing yellow, deep eyes, big, wanting to hurt you, or the small, medium, big or sometimes HUGE bodies of the heartless eclipsed by darkness and there nails....they where so sharp and cut deeply into fragile skin of humans.

She sighed as she herd a creak from behind her and turned around,

“Leave here” Her voice was icy, hiding her emotions from her job.

The figure didn't merely stood there.

From what the gate protector could see is he was young, probably 18 years old, his hair long and silky face peach and healthy like he had came from a island.

His figure was tall, muscular and skinny, very fine.

He wore a kind of dark cloak was like hers and his eyes couldn't be seen because of a black thick, by the looks of it blind fold.

“Who are you” the figure now spoke quietly, his voice calm.

The gate keeper made her eyes stay on the man, not letting them dart anywhere.

“I am the keeper, to make sure Kingdom hearts dosn't re-open” she said plainly.

The boy looked at her for a couple of minutes.

“I've come to let them lose, the shadow's will destroy this word as soon as they find the core” He said going to walk past.

In a swift movement the gate keeper bought out her key-blade which was ironically black and a heartless symbol in the middle.
”You are not to pass any farther!” she said her voice suddenly became urgent

The boy didn't take her heeded warning.

“Out of my way child” his voice seemed to change as her denial to let him pass. It went from being like silk to being raging waters during a storm.

“You are not to pass!” she snapped at him grabbing her black key blade to force him backward.

Now the guy drew his own key blade that was also pure black and what looked like a find with sharp points.

He came after him, his movements were fluid, quickly before a matter of seconds both the man and the gate keeper locked blades together.

“No one is to come in these doors!” she yelled at him her eyes flashing dangerously.

The figure pushed backwards toughly.

All through 'the end of the world' a dark wind started up, twisting it's self around the two.

'The end of the world' was a quit place, there was only one road there, the rest was pitch dark, if you fell off the road....the gate keeper didn't want to know what would happen.

The figure only pushed harder as the Gate keeper began to move slowly towards the edge.

The gate keeper looked behind her quickly the quickly advancing edge was close, she looked back at the guy forcing more pressure into her blade......the man's blade over powered her, sending her toppling over backwards into the blackened abbess.

The wind hallowed into her ears, her hair whipped around her face, begging to wonder how far it was till she hit the bottom she hit rock bottom, hitting her head on a rock causing a steady stream of blood to start to fall from the cut in her head.

She looked around, it was dark, quit, and empty, no one was there, the heartless where bound to be released on the world once again and it was all her fault.


Next chapter coming up


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DarkMouseyFreak on May 10, 2006, 11:52:23 AM

DarkMouseyFreak on
DarkMouseyFreakNice!!! Is it a Kindom Hearts Jak and Daxter crossover????Cause if it is that is so cool!!!! =DDDDDDDD

Samantha913 on April 22, 2006, 7:38:39 AM

Samantha913 on
Samantha913opps sorry SimpleSoul52. I must have been thinking about Jak and Dextar when I did this my mind wonders a lot XD

silvereye on February 7, 2006, 3:23:50 AM

silvereye on
silvereyeNice. do give us more....

SimpleSoul52 on January 14, 2006, 12:52:03 AM

SimpleSoul52 on
SimpleSoul52 . . . I'm confused. This sounds like a Kingdom Hearts fanfic, yet it is in the Jak and Daxter Category . . hmm. Anyways, great story. O! Is it a crossover?