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Chapter 3 - pt 3

Over 2 years there hasn't been a leak of heartless (creature without hearts)

No one could figure out why this happened.....

“I herd there's a monster protecting it!” Cried a women to her friends one day as she walked carrying a sleeping chil

Chapter 3 - pt 3

Chapter 3 - pt 3

The gate Guardian pt

In the last chapter Sora thought he was hearing voices, when he turned to his two friends (Donald and Goofy) they told him that the couldn't

Back neare Kingdom hearts the man we found to be Riku finally opened 'Kingdom Hearts' and released The heartless as well as another man by the name of Ansem.


Sora continued to run quickly before he came across the keeper,

'Please....Ansem don't turn on us again'

The voice was right next to him this time.

“Hey! wake up!” he said turning her over and holding her in his arms.

The keepers face was pail, her lips lost it's color and her head was still bleeding,

The keeper opened her eyes to see bright blue one's looking back at her.

“SORA!” The keeper screamed and grabbed his shirt.

She looked frantic, Sora tried to pull away.

“Sora! The door! it's open again!” she said franticly.

Sora pulled her off his red vest.

“Calm down, who are you, how do you know my name?” he looked at her in her eyes.

“I was the one who gave the key-blade to you! I'm the Gate Keeper” she said franticly standing up and wobbling.

“You shouldn't walk! your bleeding” he said holding her steady.

The keepers eyes went upward, far in the distance was the road.

“I have to get up there! somehow!” she said looking around.

Sora frowned.

“You need to calm down!” Sora said holding her by her arms.

The keeper tried to get away.

“You don't understand! Ansem! he's lose again!” she cried before turning heel and running down the rocky path.

“Hey! wait for me!” Sora ran after her but she seemed to diaper into the darkness.

I have to get up there! I have to!

The keeper kept running ignoring the throb in her head.

Please! don't release the heartless!

Her foot hit a rock, sending her tumbling to the ground when she thought of something

Of course! why didn't I think of it before?!

She stood up calmly, closing her eyes, Her hands glew poison green before dark mist spread around her, wrapping around her before jetting up word.

The mist faded and she came out for the dark curtain.

“NO! you released him!” The keeper looked shocked.

Riku sighed.

“You again?! how many times do you have to fall off a cliff to give up?” Riku snaraled at her.

“I am the Keeper of Kingdom Hearts! I can't let you or Ansem go free!” she said grabbing her key blade.

Ansem only sighed.

“Come now, All I want to do is crush the person who put me in here the first place” he said referring to Sora.

“I'm not letting you get to him!” the keeper snapped holding her key blade in a defenive stance.

Ansem glanced over at Riku as got his out.

“Stop, it's my turn now” he said stopping him with his arm.

Riku looked at him before standing down, letting him pass.

“Liston child! I am not going back in there!” Ansem snapped raising his key blade.

“Our world will not go in darkness again!” The keeper said before she lunged at Ansem quickly who easily blocked her moves.

“Your attacks are weakening child!” he said forcing her backwards.

The gate keeper landed easily on her feet.

“You forget ansem! I am no longer a child!” she said coldly before running after him striking him and managing to cut his cheek.

Ansem easily swung her out of the way, causing her to land hard on a big rock before jumping up again.

“Give it up kid!” he snarled running past her and locking key blades like the keeper and Riku had did before this time pushing her backwards quickly.

“Not again!” she strained herself to keep herself from falling....Ansem was too power full, she fell off the cliff in a mater of secends.

“We should make sure she dies” Riku said quietly looking at him.

Ansem smirked.

“No, leave it, there's sharp rocks at the bottom of here, she'll die anyway” he said before turning to look at the now open gate where heartless seeped through.

The keeper kept falling, she never been down this part before, she was actually scared of what might happen

Tears began to fall slowly from her eyes before....suddenly there was an amence pain...she landed on a sharp rock that split through her soft back and through her ribs and other orgins...coming out the other side of her....

She was dead.....

'Kingdom Hearts' reacted to this as they spread through 'The end of the world' quickly, slicing anyone who didn't belong to darkness including Sora, Donald and Goofy before spreading to different worlds..

Every one was killed, darkness now ruled the earth for how long? no one knows......


Note: I like Kingdom hearts but I've been making sad endings lately

R.I.P. Gate keeper (who's real name is 'Jade'


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silvereye on May 2, 2006, 2:20:36 AM

silvereye on
silvereyeinteresting. I found this very interesting. keep it up. would like to see more storys like this one.