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Chapter 1 - The Begining of the Sadness

Instead of Al and Ed it is Ed and Winry on a journey to get back Al's body from the gate. Both Winry and Ed are state Alchemists.

Chapter 1 - The Begining of the Sadness

Chapter 1 - The Begining of the Sadness
The Lily Alchemist

‘Ed?’ a 8 year old called into an empty house.

No answer

‘Ed? Where are you? Al?’the young girl, named Winry, walked into the house . It was eerily quiet in the house.

Something was wrong.

She searched the house for her 2 best friends and couldn’t find them, that is until she reached the basement.

Ed? Al? You down here?’ She walked down but couldn’t quite see because of the smoke that surrounded the room. When she could finally see she gasped.

Down in the basement covered in blood laid Ed, her best friend. Across from him, a creature that could hardly be called human.
‘What did they DO?’
She ran down to aid her blond friend. ‘Ed! Are you OK? Where’s Al?’

Ed stared up at her with blank, glass eyes

Empty eyes

The 8 year old(they’re the same age) started shedding unseen tears.

‘Winry, A-Al’s gone!! He-He was taken away b-by the ----‘ He never finished that sentence because blood found its way into his mouth. So he had to cough it up.

‘We’ll worry about that later, let’s just get your wounds treated first.’ Difficultly, she picked him up careful not to hurt him (instead of leg he only lost his arm, right arm to be exact) and took him back to her house.


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