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Chapter 4 - Letter 4: To Tsuyoku and my Family

Tenshi, a young boy suddenly finds himself lost in the Shadow Relm, where the evil King Akuma reigns. In order to save his life, Tenshi's father must take away all of his son's memories and hide him in a village in hopes that Akuma will not find him.

Chapter 4 - Letter 4: To Tsuyoku and my Family

Chapter 4 - Letter 4: To Tsuyoku and my Family

Letter 4

To Tsuyoku and my Family

''Tenshi! It's time to go home!'' I heard Tsuyoku call from the outside of Heishi's room. ``Breakfast is ready!'' A wide grin spread across my face. I am saved from Heishi's weird stares… Thank goodness for Tsuyoku and breakfast! I chuckled to myself as I made one last attempt at fitting the bed into the spot Heishi had pointed to.

When I was finished I smiled at him awkwardly then ran to the door. I turned around right after I opened it to face Heishi and said, ``I would like it if you would come over tomorrow.''

I beamed at him and let the door out of Heishi's room close behind me; listening as it softly hit the surrounding frame.

``So the boy's father is gone? I am so sorry to hear that. There is another victim of Akuma's wrath…'' I heard Tsuyoku's voice say as I stood motionless outside of Heishi's door.

I wasn't sure what they were talking about and I didn't even think much of it as I walked to where Tsuyoku and Mr. Yasashi were standing by the bottom of the staircase I had to carry the huge dresser up. But as soon as they saw me coming they stopped talking immediately and smiled. I couldn't be sure, but the look in their eyes made me feel as if I had just walked into the middle of a conversation I wasn't supposed to hear.

``Well now, what do you think of my grandson?'' Mr. Yasashi asked with a laugh, breaking the awkward silence we had all been standing in. His bright green eyes gave a flash as he chuckled to himself.

I paused for a moment before answering, repeatedly glancing between the floor and at Mr. Yasashi.

``He's nice, but he is a little strange.'' I answered awkwardly. Mr. Yasashi just looked at me for a second and didn't say anything. His emerald eyes seem to pierce right though me and I could feel it as I started to blush, my face feeling as if it were on fire. It was uncomfortable for his eyes to be focused on me for so long, it almost made me feel incredibly shy. Just looking at them made me want to run and hide, so I would never have to worry about Mr. Yasashi looking right through me. But there was something about him that kept my legs from taking me away. Something mysterious and intriguing, as if there was some form of treasure locked behind his eyes, hypnotizing me and forcing me to do nothing but stare deep into them.

Finally the silence was broken again when Mr. Yasashi and Tsuyoku gave out a laugh.

``Well I would have to agree with you on that one, Tenshi. He definitely is a little strange.'' Mr. Yasashi chuckled to himself as he glanced over towards Heishi's room. He then fell silent for a moment and as his laughter slowly died, I saw his eyes grow to a deep jaded shade of green. His eyes reminded me of the forest that lies beyond Tsuyoku's house just after the sun goes down; the deep green forest that can cause a person to lose their way within their trees.

``In fact, that is why we left our home.'' Mr. Yasashi sighed in melancholy tone. ``The villagers we used to live with do not like people Heishi and I. They are people who are afraid of those who wish to be different and would rather run their own kind out of their home, then allow others to live the life they wish.''

Mr. Yasashi turned to Tsuyoku. His thin gray hair fluttered as he turned, even with the slightest movement. His green eyes then changed to their original state, glistening brightly in the dim light.

``I think that you and your grandson are both very brave for leaving your home and coming all the way out here. It shows great courage for one to leave the area they are most familiar with…'' Tsuyoku paused and took a quick glance at me and smiled. ``I am glad that you were able to escape those close-minded people back in your old home. I am sure that you will be happy to know that the people who live here don't think like that. They are all very kind and generous people, and very accepting of anyone who may come into our tiny town.'' Tsuyoku assured Mr. Yasashi with a smile.

As I stood there and listened to the two older men talk I couldn't help but think of how smart they both were. They knew so much and had experienced more things then I could ever hope to. It was obvious why Mr. Yasashi was so wise because of his hair, but you couldn't tell that by looking at Tsuyoku. Unlike Mr. Yasashi, Tsuyoku's wisdom was hidden within his eyes. Anyone could see that if he or she took the time to gaze into in his golden lime eyes. They were filled with countless knowledge and experience. With those eyes; he could always notice the tiniest details, those that most people would overlook. But nothing ever fooled Tsuyoku. He could see anything and everything. Tsuyoku could look through a dark piece of glass as if it were as clear as spring water. I think that was my favorite part about him.

There was a sudden silence in the house. The two men smiled at each other for a while and then Mr. Yasashi broke the stillness. ``You had better get on home you two, or your breakfast will get cold. And nothing is worse than a cold breakfast.'' His bright green eyes lit up as he chuckled childishly.

``You are right Mr. Yasashi. Cold breakfast is never a pleasure.'' Tsuyoku laughed back in the same child-like manner. When he was finished laughing, he paused for a moment in thought and then said; ``Please, if you need anything, come right on over.'' Tsuyoku smiled happily. Mr. Yasashi nodded, his silver and brown hair swished with every nod.

``Thank you for your help Tsuyoku, I could not have done it without you.'' He then took a step forward and knelt down next to me smiling.

``Thank you for all of your help today as well, young Tenshi.'' Mr. Yasashi grinned with that same warm smile he gave me when I first met him.

I smiled back and gazed wide-eyed at his mesmerizing face. He was so close to me that I could see every tiny wrinkle in his old and worn face. His eyes were so bright and wise; they reminded me of a pretty jewel that I saw on one of Katana's earrings. 'Jade' I think she called it. Just standing there, staring into his memorable eyes made me want to somehow become as wise and kind as he was.

Tsuyoku carefully opened the door and allowed me to leave first, while he held the door. I noticed that he gave one last smile to Mr. Yasashi and then he let the door slowly close behind him.

Tsuyoku and I walked passed the gate of Mr. Yasashi's front yard and down the dirt pathway to our house. I was just about to open the white painted fence that led into Tsuyoku's yard, when he suddenly stopped me.

``Did you know that your family used to live in that house Tenshi?'' My heart skipped a beat the moment Tsuyoku finished his sentence. My family… lived there? I took a glance at the two-story house behind Tsuyoku, which now belongs to Mr. Yasashi and his grandson. So… Tsuyoku knows my family? But… he's never even mentioned them before… So how…?

I let my gaze fall back down on the wise man with the silvery-golden eyes and hair. My eyes shone with disbelief as I stared at him for what seemed to be hours.

``It surprises you doesn't it? I'm sorry I never really told you anything about them, but it is better for you not to know.'' Tsuyoku's normally kind face suddenly turned sad. I let my eyes fall to the ground just below his feet, his features were filled with such sorrow that it pained me to look at him.

Suddenly I was overcome with questions. Why shouldn't I know? It's my family isn't it? What could be the harm in me knowing about them? It's only natural to want to know about your own family. What does he have to keep things secret?

I raised my eyes just enough to see the lower half of Tsuyoku's face. ``I don't understand. What do you mean, ``It's best for me not to know''?'' Suddenly without warning, I ran over to Tsuyoku and began tugging on his worn clothes. Crying uncontrollably for the answers I desired more than anything in the world. ''Please tell me about my family, please! I don't care what happens, I just want to know about them.''

I begged him to say something about them, anything. It would have been fine if he had just told me their names, it would have satisfied me, but he said nothing. He simply stood there… staring at me with that melancholy expression in his eyes. Sorrow poured out of every part of his face. I reached up towards his face, searching into his golden-lime eyes, hoping to find an answer hidden deep within them, but I only saw sadness. Nothing more than that.

I suddenly felt something drip down my cheeks; it was water. Warm water was coming out of my eyes. I was crying and the tears kept coming. I couldn't stop them. Nothing could stop them.

Tsuyoku knelt down into the dusty road, dirtying his knees. He closed his eyes, wrapped his arms around my shoulders, and squeezed me tight. ``I'm sorry Tenshi, I really am, but your father doesn't want you to know until you are ready.'' He placed his chin on my shoulder as he held me close. ``I made a solemn vow that I would protect you and I must keep that promise. If I told you everything Akuma would surely find you… and kill you.''

Akuma? Who is Akuma and why does he want to kill me? I'm just a little kid, what could I possibly do to him?

``You have to trust me on this Tenshi.'' Tsuyoku's voice wavered. My small fists still clung tightly to Tsuyoku's worn shirt.

Is Tsuyoku crying too?

With tears still pouring down my cheeks, Tsuyoku squeezed me even more for support and comfort. I could barely breathe, but I knew that he was just trying to help, so I had to hold on for a little while longer.

``Your father loves you with all of his heart. He saved your life by making you forget everything.'' Tsuyoku paused for a moment and loosed his grip slightly. ``Tenshi… Those shadowed people that you see when ever you walk into a familiar area… Those people are forgotten parts of yourself. They won't show their faces until the time is right. You must wait patiently until that day Tenshi. Then, and only then, will you be able to see your father and meet your true self.''

My heart gave a jump. Tsuyoku knew about the shadow people? But how? My thoughts were interrupted when I felt two warm drops of water land on my back. Tsuyoku really is crying, he is crying for me…

After the moment passed, Tsuyoku slowly released his comforting arms and I was finally able to breathe again. I stared into his eyes, filled with tears and forced a sad smile.

My legs shook and I suddenly felt exhausted. Tsuyoku gestured over at the gate that lead into his yard. He and I sat down next to the paint-worn fence and we both leaned our tired backs against the old wood. I glanced over at Tsuyoku, who was no longer crying; instead he looked relieved. He looked as if he had suddenly dropped a huge boulder that he had been holding for years.

Tsuyoku must have noticed that I was looking at him because he turned to me and smiled warmly. As soon as I saw his smile a voice in my head called to me: ``Don't worry, everything will work out in time.'' My eyes widened at the sound of the voice in my head; it was a voice that I heard before. He was so familiar; he sounded a lot like Tsuyoku, but he was not Tsuyoku. Who are you? Warm, familiar voice… who are you?

``Tenshi, you'll find them soon, don't worry. Let's concentrate on the present for now, okay?'' I nodded and smiled at Tsuyoku's kind words. ``That's good, because right now we are late for breakfast, and Katana's going to be furious. Today, young Tenshi, you will learn the true horror of an angry woman; there is nothing worse than that!'' Tsuyoku said with pretend seriousness, which made me laugh, as the last two tears fell from my eyes. The funny look Tsuyoku gave me while he was explaining how scary women could be, made all my sadness disappear from my mind.

Suddenly Katana poked her head out of the kitchen window, her long golden hair glowed in the early morning sunlight.

``What are you doing out there? Breakfast is ready! Hurry up before it gets cold!'' Katana called to us from her window with a smile.

Tsuyoku and I stared at Katana with fear, then we both turned at the same time to each other, and laughed.

``Quit fooling around, now come inside!'' Katana sounded a little annoyed with us for laughing at her. She smiled as she rolled her golden-lime eyes at us and then pulled her face and her lovely sunshine hair back into the house.

Tsuyoku and I continued laughing for a few minutes, until the laughter slowly died. After a few moments we decided that we should do as Katana said and go back inside. Tsuyoku held out his huge gentle hand to me and I put my soft tiny hand in his.

Tsuyoku and I walked hand in hand to our house, just like a father and his son, walking home from a long day. The only difference with us was that our day was just beginning. I will remember that day forever…

Tsuyoku left soon after breakfast was finished and the kitchen was cleaned up. I am not sure exactly where, but with a full stomach and a nice day ahead of me, I didn't have much time to worry about that. Besides that fact, my thoughts were continually racing. I couldn't wait for the next day to come, the day that Heishi would come over. I told Shizuka all about Heishi as we walked outside after just eating our breakfast.

``He sounds okay, but don't you think he was just a little too rude to be nice?'' Shizuka asked with confusion as we reached the worn fence that surrounded Tsuyoku's yard. ``I mean you just meet him and he starts ordering you around like he was the king of the world and you were born to be his slave or something.''

``Well maybe, but I could sort of feel a kindness about him. I think he's kinder than he acts.'' I answered back while I leaned against Tsuyoku's fence; thinking about Heishi's emerald green eyes. Eyes an identical color to Mr. Yasashi's.

``What are you talking about?'' Shizuka asked awkwardly as he angrily placed his hand on the rotting wood of the fence. He gave me a strange look that made me feel like I had just turned purple in the face.

``Just wait until you meet him, then maybe you will agree with me.'' I stated plainly as I shifted to a more comfortable spot on the old fence I was leaning against.

``Okay, fine. But if he is mean to either one of us, I'm going to beat him up!'' Shizuka laughed seriously while raising his fist in triumph.

A red aura surrounded him as he continued laughing like he had just won a very important battle. His obnoxious chortles were making me nervous so I slowly backed away from my strange friend. He instantly stopped his frightening cackles when he noticed the exasperated look on my face.

``What's the matter?'' Shizuka asked with sarcasm.

``Heh, nothing…'' I smiled and lied to my weird friend. This is exactly why Shizuka and Heishi should meet; they are both nice, but they can be so weird at times.

``Well anyway, let's get back to our unfinished tournament!'' Shizuka sniggered loudly with excitement.

This was always Shizuka's favorite part of the day, especially when I had to play the bad guy. He always believed that the good guys should win every time. I think his beliefs rubbed off on me because I picked up on the thought that good guys always win too.

``You get to be the bad guy today!'' Shizuka snorted.

``But I was the bad guy yesterday, and the day before that and the day before that as well.'' I complained loudly, even though I knew that it wouldn't do me any good. I knew that once he made up his stubborn mind, nothing could change it.

``Well you look more like a bad guy than I do.'' Shizuka answered quickly. Glancing at my strange hair and dark eyes.

I guess there's no point in arguing against an answer like that.

``Okay I'll be the bad guy again…'' I answered with a little bit of gloom in my voice.

``Good then let's get started!'' Shizuka commanded with enthusiasm. He was always so happy when I didn't argue with his decision.

Shizuka and I continued our sword tournament that had been going on for about a week or so. Each day I had been the bad guy, it must have been because I really did look more like a bad guy than Shizuka did. Sharp fiery hair looks a lot more evil than soft golden hair.

He and I played with our pretend swords until dinnertime, but we did stop once in a while for drink, food, and bathroom breaks.

``It's time for dinner you two, so come in and get ready before Tsuyoku comes home.'' Katana called kindly as she poked her head out of the open kitchen window. Her golden hair fluttered in the gentle breeze. She smiled down at us will her bright eyes and then pulled herself back inside gracefully.

``Coming!'' Shizuka and I said at the same time. He and I put our pretend swords down below the kitchen window where Katana had been and then ran inside to wash our dirtied faces and hands.

Shizuka turned the water on and then he and I began scrubbing his hangs together furiously, trying to get all of the dirt off. The water turned to a murky brown color after our hands were washed and a small ring of mud was left behind when the water left the round sink bowl. I quickly dried my hands on the once white towel that had now been stained with the dirt Shizuka and I brought in. I then walked over to the sink and rubbed away the small circle of mud that lined the sink with my index finger. A small smile crept over my face when I saw the ring slowly beginning to disappear.

I don't want Katana to have more work to do. I smiled triumphantly at my attempt to clean the dirtied sink, because it didn't matter how small; help was always help to me. I gave the dirt ring one last scrub and then ran to the table for a wonderful dinner.

Tsuyoku didn't come home until later that night. Shizuka and I were playing with our miniature knights in the living room by the crackling red and yellow fire. Katana had just finished cleaning up the mess that dinner caused, when he came walking in through the front door.

Shizuka and I turned from our toys to the kind man that stood in the doorway. He looked extremely tired and it almost looked as though he had aged ten years in one day. His face was covered with the dried brown soil that inhabited the area we lived in.

``Are you hungry dear? I can fix you something if you want.'' Katana asked her weary husband.

``No thank you.'' He shook his head slowly. I watched as his hair softly flopped from side to side as he sleepily walked through the doorway and into the kitchen. ``I'm not hungry; I am going to go straight to bed. I'm sorry, I'm so tired and I bet it was a wonderful dinner too. I am sorry I missed it.''

Tsuyoku smiled softly as he walked towards Katana. He kissed his kind wife goodnight, smiled at Shizuka and I, and then he began climbing up the stairs that led to his and Katana's room.

I watched him slowly stumble up the steps and shuffle down the hallway to his room. When he was out of sight I turned to Shizuka who was back to playing with his people.

``What does your father do all day long anyway?'' I whispered quietly, hoping that Katana couldn't hear me. Being nosey was not what I wanted to be, but I couldn't ignore it anymore. No one ever told me what he did during the day. He always left early in the morning and he usually didn't come back until late at night.

``Actually, I don't really know. I asked mother once and she just said that he was making the village a better place to live.'' Shizuka answered quietly as he gazed in to the mesmerizing flames of the fire.

I never asked him about that again. It seemed to bother him when he answered me, so I figured he didn't like talking about it. Maybe it bothered him that he didn't know what his father did during the day… the thought of anything happening to Tsuyoku while he was away must have scared him… That must be why he never liked to speak about his father's work. I guess I will never know.

``It's late now, so you two should be going to bed.'' Katana said in a soft voice.

I'm getting tired anyway. I did as Katana asked and climbed up the steps and shuffled my feet to my bedroom door. I slowly opened it and let it close behind me.

My room was extremely cold compared to the warm fire. I glanced about the room and noticed that the icy night air was seeping into my room from my open window. My body shivered against the chilly air. It's going to get really cold tonight if it is already this chilly this early.

Carefully and ever so quietly I walked to the open window and gazed out onto the dark earth and then up at the night sky. Please let me find my father and the shadow people soon. Oh, and please take care of Tsuyoku and his family, they have been so kind to me and they deserve a lot more then I could ever hope to give them.

I asked the starlit sky these simple wishes to be granted every single night. It always made me feel better to think that the sky and the stars were listening to me. I hoped that they would grant my wishes even if it took forever.

When I finished staring at the silvery dots in the dark blue sky, I slowly closed my window so that none of the night air could chill my already cold room. Silently as ever I crept to the side of my warm bed that the cold could never hope to freeze. I hopped onto the huge bed that was built for an adult three times bigger than me and wiggled my way under the comforting covers.

I wonder if Tsuyoku once had someone else who lived here, like another son maybe? There are enough rooms in this house for everyone and a guest room too. There must have been someone else who lived here. That person had the room that I am in right now. I just know it…

I thought about this for quite some time, which caused my tiredness to vanish. My mind had almost forgotten, but I suddenly remembered the day that would be coming in a few hours; the day that Heishi would come over. I couldn't stop thinking about it, as I lay silent in my bed, allowing my thoughts to wander.

It will be so much fun. He, Shizuka, and I can become really close friends. Maybe we will be lifelong friends. I hope so. Before Shizuka, I never had a friend… Is that true? I don't remember. As my mind raced, I barely noticed that my eyes were growing heavy and before I knew it my thoughts had lulled me to sleep and the night flew by as I soundlessly slept; dreaming of the day to come.


Hm.... I think we are getting to a part where I have to start editing chapters before I can post more... I think I read and fixed all the chapters up to five... we shall see though.



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