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Chapter 1 - Hollow Tears


Chapter 1 - Hollow Tears

Chapter 1 - Hollow Tears
The rain outside made the girl slowly calm down, taking atleast an hour to make Rhea stop biting her lip, to relieve her of some physical pain, though not mental, which was making her mind tingle with horrible thoughts. Who killed her? What Happened? Is she really dead? Why did she try to fight alone!? The biting of the lip resumed after these brtual thoughts, soon pulsing small drops of blood into her month, making her sputter bitterly with vivid emotions flicking through her fair skin tones.

" Eck... kindo (nasty)" she muttered softly on the roof of the trinket shop, her favorite place in this world, as she fell back, completely lying there motionless on the black shingles.

Could this day get any worst?
Most likely. The Organization which she had been tracking down for atleast 5 monthes would probably leave another large gash on her shoulder, only to be covered up neatly with Aurora's ribbons which Rhea never gave back since her wound still hasn't healed completely. Staring up at the silver clouds, the sorrowful girl blinked, protecting her eyes from the intruding water, and whispered, repeating herself with the words she spoke when Rhea fist arrived in Hollow Bastion. " Nope, not Radiant.." Rhea sighed softly before pushing her cerulean hair out of her face, " just gloomy...."

Rhea nodded in agreement softly, letting the pounding liquid drenched her face, to shield anyone from spying her crying. That would only make people think she was weak, and as a Warrior of Light, Rhea wouldn't allow that.

" I live in these shattered dreams, just wandering who I am and who I supposed to be, while living in these world, where life and death.." Rhea paused for a moment, " occur to often for even the oldest ones to survive.."

A poem her grandmama told her one day, it wasn't very good.. but it sure explained alot.
Walking out into the center of the dull place, all he could see was the rain. Glancing up at the sky, his aqua orbs were visible, letting the raindrops plattered onto his sensitive eyes. 'She's here...I know it.' he said to himself. Riku was visible to all the shops, standing out in the middle of them as he got soaked. Enjoying the feeling of the rain, he would just stand there...feeling free.
" Calm.. yes.. ok.. I just need to be calm and happy, and I'll forget" Rhea nodded with a half smile, and grinned softly, " See it's working... now to get off this roof.." Rhea perked her ears softly, spotting someone with short cut silver hair, though the rain blurred her vision, she squinted to see who it was.

" Well, well, guess who is here, Mister Arrogant himself." she called teaseingly as she propped herself to let her thick legs fall limply off the ledge, before jummping off, sucessfully falling without injury thanks to water bending.

Rhea giggled softly, as she pulled her rib length locks out of her face, showing her attempts of being happy, and Riku coming here was a good help for it too.
Riku glanced over at a familiar voice, unsure if it could really be 'her'. Tilting his head in the direction of what seems to be Rhea's voice, a small smile plastered upon his lips. "Rhea...long time no see." the boy said with a calm tone. Extending his hand to his damp face, he removed his slick bangs away from his eyes. He stood there, not moving. But you could tell he wanted to move to her.
" Mmhmm, so how is life going for you?" Rhea questioned gently, with a small sensable smile perking the corners of her lips. It was a long time... nd she had destoried yet another Organization member.. Vexen.. yes.. that's what his name was.. but yet wanted revenge on Larxene, for the wounds she had givin her.

" Have you found your friends?" She added, with a hint of curiousity.
Riku glanced down from the piercing rain, a glint of sadness overcame him. Of course, it quickly faded like that of the falling droplets. Glancing back up at his friend, he shook his head doubtfully. "Any luck with the Organization Members?" Riku asked, quickly changing the subject. Standing at least 8 feet away from Rhea, the wind stirred endlessly. It seemed as if a storm was brewing...
" Eh.. got another one down... Vexen, the supposely master of ice..pffh, I'm surprised he was in the organization!" Rhea reorted sarcasticly, with a blank look overing her faical expresstions. Thank God he didn't ask about anything else, but she knew it might be coming, though she wished the question wouldn't.

" Well, we got quiet a storm out here.. wanna go inside and grab some lunch?"
Riku simply nodded, stating something afterwards. "Yeah, we should before you collapse." With this, he knew how Rhea looked when she wasn't feeling well. 'She's pushing herself too hard again...' the wearily boy thought to himself. Walking up to Rhea, he raised a hand to her sickly face. "You really should take better care of yourself. Why do you have to be so stubborn huh?" Riku added
" Oh.. you noticed..." Rhea murmured lowly, ducking her head softly, until Riku raise his hand to her face, " I dunno.. just me I guess." Rhea morphed her blank look into a weak smile, soon resuming the biting her her lip.How did he know....? Was she that bad off? She did feel horrible, but that's how a person feels after a death of a family member.
"It's kinda hard not to notice! C'mon, let's go. I swear you're useless without me." he stated unwarmly. Lowering his hand and gripping onto hers, he lead her off to a nearby store, away from the oncoming storm. While he was out there in the rain, he thought he could've heard something or someone playing. Riku, of course, shrugged it off. "So tell me, what happened?" the boy asked concerned.
"Hey.. I have been taking care of myself.... just.." Rhea scoffed arrogantly, noticing the unwarm texture of Riku's voice, and followed the boy where ever he was taking her, silently listening to the song someone was singing. Thw lyrics forced a wince, directly to the line " If he dies, I die"

" What happened.. it's nothing, just.. someone I know was murdered while.." Rhea shook her head softly, holding the lump in her throat, knowing how harsh he was, scold at her for beeing so emotional about it or something like that.

" While she was home.. living another Warrior of Light out of the way... making me the only one.. since the others are too old to fight.." Rhea mummbled lowly, stopping her shaking head * But you wouldn't care, you have your friends to worry about* she thought.
Riku stopped once inside and glanced behind him, observing her expression. To him, it showed signs of sadness...sadness someone never wants to feel. While he was so caught up and searching for his friends, he hadn't realized that one had been standing there infront of him. She had the emotions that anyone would feel. At this stage all someone wants is comfort. Riku took advantage of this. "Rhea...I..." he tried to say, but words like this didn't come easy for someone such as Riku. Squeezing her hand gently, then pulling her into him, which was very easy to do seeing how light she is, he embraced her. Wrapping his arms around the slender girl, he buried his concealed face into her shoulder line. "I had no idea..." he whispered softly and soothingly.
" Rhea.. I.."

She expectedd something harsh, so Rhea look down lowly, only to feel Riku's arms wrap around her and hugg her. Blinking for several seconds Rhea hugged back with a tear streaming down her cheek, with a small sniffle. Another tear dribbled down, but Rhea could only utter two words softly.

Riku squeezed her gently, not to cause more pain to her body. "When something like this happens...don't be afraid to say something to me...I..." he stuttered for a mere moment. "I hate seeing you like this." he whispered, barely audible. It was extremely hard for Riku to say his feelings, even if it was to Sora or Kairi. I guess he cared about this girl more then he thought...
" Ok, I will," Rhea sniffled mutely, as she let another tear dribble down her cheek.

There they where, standing in the rain, hugging. It was nice, to feel like you had someone to go to, and tell everything to them. Everything felt better, Rhea even thought some of the blue come back in her tendrils. It was quiet until Rhea felt a bop of a peice of hail on her bad shoulder, making her wince.

Riku pulled back instantly, hearing Rhea wince rather painfully. "Rhea...oh, your shoulder. C'mon, let's get you inside." he stated as he led her inside the store, completely sheltered from the now pouring hail. Loud thuds could be heard from the rooftops. "Let me see your shoulder." he said, or rather demanded. Riku wanted to make sure she wasn't suffering from more pain.
"OK, ok.. I will.." Rhea retorted softly, soon carefully unwrapping the ribbons which "acted' as bandages, revealing the wounds piece by piece. The wound itself was still red, along with a few scabs from the sharps rocks that Lexaeus used in defence.

Rhea looked back at Riku with a blank facial expression and replied arrogantly, " See, no harm.. I'm fine."
Riku could only scowl at the grueling gash before hearing Leon called towards him through the pounding, telling him that it was time to go so the gummi-ship wouldn't be ruined. The boy sighed softly, before placing a soft kiss on Rhea's cheek. " Be careful, and don't over work yourself ,ok?" He whispered in a question tone before racing off in the storm, without an answer. Squall might kill him is he didn't hurry.
Rhea blinked for a moment, touching her pale cheek while watching Riku run off, feeling like her heart was soaring with the clouds. How could not one feel special after receiving a gift of friendship like that. They were just friends... nothing more... right?
;D Chapter one baby.


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