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Chapter 1 - Fire red/Leaf green

This isn't a guide to getting through the whole game, just bits of info that i can't seem to find anywhere else and i feel are useful. Updates when i find something new.

Chapter 1 - Fire red/Leaf green

Chapter 1 - Fire red/Leaf green
My first addition, not exactly my first game but i have better tips for it than the others. Note: throughout this i call the starters by their original name, this is just because it's easier to remember, please keep evolving your starters even if i still say squirtle.

Starting off:


Evolves into it's third form faster than the other two starters
Starts off with fairly well balanced stats
Can't be poisoned due to it's poison/grass type
Does very well on the following gyms: 1, 2, 8
Does well on the following gyms: 3
It's poison type protects it from insects

If you build your team with Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, there is no way to type trump your Rival's main pokemon
Can be a bit of a liability on the following gyms: 4, 5
Struggles majorly on the following gyms: 6, 7
The first pokemon to type trump your Rival's pokemon is at Mt. Moon
Isn't so good at learning strong moves
All the legendaries have a super effective move against it
It's poison type weakens it to psychic types (meaning major ouch on mewtwo)
A lot of your rival's pokemon will cause quite a bit of damage
Your rival's starter pokemons first attack is stronger than yours with more accuracy than yours.

Once it learns Sleep Powder, don't get rid of that move. Sleep powder is great when fighting tough fire types, and is REALLY great for catching legendaries.
Train, train, train. Once your pokemon is strong enough it will be able to beat your rival's pokemon.
In the first fight with your rival (the one after you choose your starter) make sure to bring the potion from your house's computer if you want to win.

Stats: (on a scale of 1 to 5)

First form:

Hp: 1

Everything else: 2

Second form:

Special Attack: 3

Everything else: 2

Third form:

Hp and Defense: 2

Special attack: 4

Everything else: 3

My opinion: It may seem odd that a lot of places say that bulbasaur is the easiest starter, when it isn't. But it does have a lot of good points, and i think is probably still easier than charmander.

I recommend this starter if you: like to train one pokemon very strong compared to the rest of your pokemon, want a somewhat easier way to catch legendaries without training more pokemon, have a lot of time to devote to your game, hate getting poisoned.

Charmander: (i don't currently have much info on this one yet, but you should be expecting some more around christmas time when i restart leaf green)




Stats: (on a scale of 1 to 5)

First form:

Hp, defense, and special defense: 1

Everything else: 2

Second form:

Special Attack and speed: 3

Everything else: 2

Third form:

Attack: 3

Special attack and speed: 4

Everything else: 2

My opinion:

I recommend this starter if you:


Is perfectly balanced with stats in all of it's forms
If you catch Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres you can type trump all three types of starter, with three ways to trump your rival's starter!
Once it learns bite it can type trump psychic and ghost type pokemon, as a bonus, it can also cause flinching to your opponent!
The pokemon needed to type trump your rival's starter is found at the first patches of grass
Does very well on the following gyms: 1, 2, 5, 7
Does well on the following gyms: 6, 8

Can be a bit of a liability on the following gyms: 3, 4
Never gains a second type (this is both a weakness and a blessing)

Catch a pidgey as soon as you can and level it up until it learns gust (lvl 9 i believe)

Stats: (on a scale of 1 to 5)

First form:

Hp: 1

Everything else: 2

Second form:

Everything: 2

Third form:

HP: 2

Everything else: 3

My opinion: Squirtle is so cute!! but aside from that...this pokemon i would say it the easiest to raise, with bite and some leveling it can beat all of the gyms with no problem. The only downside is that it provides small challenge and gets poisoned.

I recommend this starter if you: are playing this as your first pokemon game, don't have much time and want to do the storyline the easiest way possible, love cute pokemon, like pokemon with well balanced stats.

Now that that's done and over with, i will move on to tips for beating gyms:

Gym #1: Rock

Bulbasaur: easy as pie provided it has vine whip


Squirtle: easy as pie provided it has bubble

Gym #2: Water

Bulbasaur: same as the first gym


Squirtle: easy as pie provided it has bite, if not, it should still be beatable, just a bit tedious

Gym #3: Electric

Bulbasaur: if it's strong enough it will be fine


Squirtle: if it's strong enough and has bite then you'll be fine, definitely don't send out pidgey though

Gym #4: Grass

Bulbasaur: it's pretty much ok since bulbasaur can't be poisoned


Squirtle: use pidgey or train your starter a lot, if i remember correctly, some of the gym pokemon have paralyzing and/or poisoning moves

Gym #5: Psychic

Bulbasaur: a little tricky seeing as bulbasaur has a weakness to psychic, but with the right training it will be fine, but bring along healing items if you're still not sure


Squirtle: easy as pie provided it has bite and is still bieng decently trained

Gym #6: Poison

Bulbasaur: HARD!! i died a lot on this one, but i recommend using your strongest moves and trying a lot. If it proves too difficult, train more or catch something that beats poison. Basicly, try to take the pokemon out as fast as possible, especially muk.


Squirtle: not easy but not hard, just make sure it's decently trained is all i can say.

Gym #7: Fire

Bulbasaur: Pretty hard too, but if you followed my advice and kept sleep powder it's much easier. hit away all the pokemon except rapidash and arcanine: put them to sleep and use your strongest move, preferable solarbeam.


Squirtle: easy peasy lemon sqeezee, just use a water move

Gym #8: Ground

Bulbasaur: Incredibly easy!! just use grass attacks.


Squirtle: Easy on the type trumping thing, but will require a LOT of healing trips due to all the nidoran male and female relatives there with poison point. i found this gym frustrating in that respect, thankfully giovanni was a snap.

Time for my elite four tips!!
Note: i'm basing this on a team made of a starter and zapdos, articuno, and moltres.

Elite four one:[b/]

Bulbasaur: use your starter if it's strong enough to stand it, if not, use moltres for jynx, and either your starter or zapdos for the part water types.


Squirtle: Squirtle works fine for this if it's a decent level, since ice doesn't work very well on water. Use bite on jynx and slowbro, and use zapdos or your starter on the others.

Elite four two:[b/]

Bulbasaur: use your starter on the two onix and use zapdos or your starter on the fighting types


Squirtle: Use your starter on the two onix and on the fighting types as well, just don't use bite. Zapdos works too.

Elite four three:[b/]

Bulbasaur: Use your starter on all except the golbat, since bulbasaur's poison type will save it from getting poisoned. Use zapdos on the golbat.


Squirtle: Same as for bulbasaur.

Elite four four:[b/]

Bulbasaur: Use zapdos on gyarados (so put zapdos at the head of your party), your starter on aerodactyl, and articuno on the rest, if it faints, revive it, because lance is strong and ice works well.


Squirtle: I nearly lost on this one, but i believe the best choice would be the same route i took with bulbasaur.

The Champ:[b/]

Bulbasaur: Keep zapdos at the head of your party because it works great on pidgeot. Use either your starter or articuno on alakazam, your starter on rhydon, articuno on exeggutor, zapdos on gyarados, and as for charizard...either use your starter and keep healing it, mixed with moltres, or hope for luck by using perish song on it with lapras.


Squirtle: Use zapdos on pidgeot, squirtle on alakazam, usng bite. Use your starter on on rhydon as well, zapdos on gyarados, squirtle on arcanine, and articuno, zapdos and/or moltres on venusaur

Now that the game is beaten there is still more to do, not to mention how to catch articuno, zapdos and moltres? Read and see.

Tips and tricks for catching elusive/legendary/and rare pokemon:

Snorlax: It may not be a legendary, but it still is hard at the point of the game that you find it at.

Step 1: buy a good amount of great balls

Step 2: save before you wake it up

Step 3: wake it up and hit it with your best moves, try not to kill it!

Step 4: chuck great balls or put it to sleep then do so

Extra tips: if it uses rest, try to hit it down and use the sleep condition to your advantage


Step 1: buy a lot of ultra balls, don't worry about buying too many because you'll need them for later as well, but if they're too expensive at this point, leave articuno until you've beaten the remaining gym leaders

Step 2: get to articuno and save

Step 3: hit it with a variety of moves, you may have to switch off due to fainting it a couple times, but once you find out what moves and how many to use, it's just a matter of repeating it every time you switch off.

Step 4: put it to sleep or paralyze it, for squirtle i did this using a weak pikachu, for bulbasaur, it's best to use sleep powder.

Step 5: chuck ultra balls, or whatever you have that's the best type of ball


Catching: Same as articuno, except you should have enough ultra balls now.

Note: i recommend teaching it shock wave from a TM, over the top of agility. after all, an electric type needs an electric type move!


Catching: Same as atricuno, except you should have enough ultra balls now.


I haven't caught this one in leaf green yet, so my information is limited to one experience, but it is powerful and can heal itself with recover, i recommend healing items, as well as a way to paralyze it or put it to sleep. Don't forget to save before it too!

Entei, Raikou and Suicune: I tried every legitimate trick in the book, and i finally found the right way to do it from a person on yahoo answers.

Step 1: buy around 20 or 30 max repels

Step 2: make sure the front pokemon in your party is a low level (nothing more than level 49, i used my level 23 scyther)

Step 3: fly to pallet town

Step 4: Use a max repel and run or bike to viridian, stepping in all the grass. Once you get to viridian check out the small patch of grass to the left of viridian. Then go back to pallet. Repeat until you find your roaming legendary!

This is the quickest and best way i tried, but you still will need to devote a decent amount of time to catching it. Happy hunting!


Step 1: enter the safari game

Step 2: head straight to area 2

Step 3: turn in circles by lightly tapping the arrow keys until you find a chansey (4%)

Step 4: chuck safari balls, they runs away if you use anything else

This still takes ages and a lot of patience.

That's all for now! I'll update once i get more info!


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