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Chapter 0 - First Day at Duel Academy

Jaden and the gang are back! The third year kicks off with a long time friend transferring to Duel Academy and joins the gang for another adventure. The wrath of Pharoah and Empress' enemy resurrected and comes back for revenge on Empress' Aqua Deck duelist. Will Jaden and the Gang put an end to this Soul Nightmare once and for all?

Chapter 0 - First Day at Duel Academy

Chapter 0 - First Day at Duel Academy
It was another normal day at duel academy, and today is the day for another school year, when there's a new a year there new professionals for Jaden. In the red dorm, Jaden, Syrus, and Hassleberry were in the cafe eating their breakfast talking about their how their last year was.

"I guess we're officially juniors now." Jaden said stuffing food in his mouth. "This is nuts and we're about to kick off year number three."
"Well I'm just glad that last years' behind us." Syrus pointed out.
"Mmm hmm." Hassleberry nodded agreeing.
"You said a mouth full, we got to move on, not look back." Jaden also added. "Well, it looks like everything is back to normal guys."
The gang agreed and continued their lunch, meanwhile, Chazz was at the blue dorm giving commands and yelling at the guys with a microphone. "Let's go time is money people and paint to the lines this isn't preschool, we're expecting a pretty lady to be arriving the next day!" Then, Alexis, Patty, and Des showed up behind him, with a bucket of paint.
"Here's a little something Chazz, if you want something done right, then do it yourself, so here knock yourself." Alexis smiles and hands him the buck of paint.
"What, no way!" Chazz snarled looking away blushing. "I'm the GX world champion, so how about a little respect?"
"Seriously." Des agreed.
"Uh newsflash, the only reason you won because Jaden let you win." Patty pointed out.
Chazz then looked away snarling feeling embarrassed and the others were laughing and giggling about it. "Anyways, when is Pattie suppose to be showing up?"
"Yeah when is Pattie coming Alexis?" Patty asked all excited.
"Well she's supposed to be coming tomorrow with few more transferred students, I'm looking forward of seeing her." Alexis looks at her with a smile.
"I know we haven't seen her since we graduated from middle school." Des said.
Chazz and the girls agreed and went over to the red dorm and sees Jaden, Syrus and Hassleberry sitting on the couch Jaden then walked over to Alexis and the other girls.
"Hey girls looks like everything is back to normal after all guys." Jaden said.
"Not quite." A familiar female voice said.
The gang turned around and sees Blair and Faline coming in the dorm and winks at Jaden. "Guess who, remember me?"
"Hi guys." Faline waved. "I'm the new the Obelisk Blue freshmen."
"And I'm the Slifer Red freshmen." Blair added.
"Awesome Faline, I'm sure Mr. Kaiba sure want the best for you." Des smiled.
"Omg, another Obelisk Blue buddy!" Patty smiled and hugs her and Blair.
"Hehe, I'm so excited, man I never see a school this big." Faline giggles as she looked around.
"Man I can't wait for Pattie to show up tomorrow, we're definitely having a celebration." Jaden smiled.
"A friends reunion." Syrus all excited. "We give her a welcome party."
"I'm on it." Faline said as gets on the phone with Ralph to get the party supplies. "Ok thanks, hon, the party supplies will be here in a moment.
"Wow! That was fast." Des Smirked.
"Well hell, I expect my tasks to be quick." Faline said.
After the first ten minutes, the party supplies arrived and Faline took the turquoise bows and ribbons table decorations. "I still remember, Pattie's favorite color."
"Turquoise." The gang said.
"Now what are we all waiting for, let's decorate his place for pattie, soldiers." Hassleberry said.
The gang smiled and began to decorate the dorm, Hassleberry and Des set up the tables, as Blair and Faline were putting ribbons on the walls, Jaden and Syrus were setting up the plates with the knives and forks. Patty then put blue stars on the tables around the statues.
"Aww, what the hell is all this shoot, Faline this too damn girly." Chazz asked seeing sees bows and ribbons on the walls with his eyes widened.
"This is all for Pattie, and you're not gonna mess this up." Faline glared.
"Yeah, why don't you make yourself useful and help out instead of you sitting on your @$$ all the damn time giving demands." Des snapping at him.
"Hey the Chazz, doesn't do 'work'." Chazz having his back turned from her. "Work is for losers."
"Ok that's it I'm gonna rage my foot right up your-" Des walks towards him cracking her knuckles. Patty and Alexis stops and holds her back from charging towards Chazz.
"Chazz don't be a jerk and let's do this for Pattie, she is our friend you know." Syrus pointed out.
"Yeah Chazz, chill out man." Jaden said all annoyed.
"Grr...fine." Chazz answered all annoyed and looks away folding his arms. "Pattie is a lady that deserves someone like the Chazz!"
"dog, please." Des sighs and shakes her head.
The gang laughed and continued setting up the party, a few hours later, it was nighttime but they finished in time for the event.
"Man, that sure was hard work." Syrus said all tired.
"You said it, pal." Jaden agreed all exhausted.
"Well at least we finished, that's all that matters." Blair stated. "But, the decorations look beautiful."
"Pattie will love this." Patty smiled happily.
"We should head back to the dorm, it's late." Alexis said yawning looking at Patty and Des. "Faline c'mon your room is waiting."
"Yay!" Faline smiled and follows her.
The girls giggled, they waved at the others and made their way back to the blue dorms. Blair smiled and went into the guest room to settle in for bed, Jaden made it way to his room and sees Syrus and Hassleberry already passed out on their bunk beds, he smiled and kicks his shoes off and passes out on his bed.
The next day, today is the big day for the gang, Faline was in her closet trying to choose an outfit to wear, Patty was trying to deal with her blonde wavy hair. Alexis and Des were walking towards their room, they walked in and sees them still getting ready.
"Faline just wear your uniform." Alexis said showing her uniform looking at her.
"Do I have to?" Faline pouted.
"Faline?" Alexis said raising an eyebrow at her.
"Ok fine." Faline takes it and goes to the bathroom and changes.
Patty was tying her blonde wavy hair into a ponytail. She put on her uniform and looked in the mirror one last time. She opened the door and left the room and sees Alexis and Des.
"Well, at last you got ready before Faline did." Des said.
"Hey we're girls and we do take long to get ready." Patty giggled.
"Faline hurry up we're going to be late!" Alexis yelled.
"Ok, I'm ready!" Faline yelled back, she came out of the bathroom in her uniform, her sports bra was showing and wore black leggings under skirt. "Well, girls how do I look?"
"You look adorable." Patty answered and hugged her.
"Now you one of us." Des smirked.
"We head to the auditorium and meet the others there." Alexis said.
The girls nodded and made their way to the auditorium to meet the others for the opening ceremony. All of the friends were there except for Jaden, the gang looked around to see where he was.
"Where is that goofball?" Blair asked.
"I thought came with you guys." Faline said looking at her curiously.
"The soldier was gone when I woke up." Hassleberry said.
Patty then sees Jaden running inside the auditorium, "Oh there he is."
"Hey guys, did I miss it?" Jaden sitting between Syrus and Alexis.
"No you just came just in time." Faline smiled.
The principal then came up on the stage and students got quiet, "Now settle down as you know it;s a start of a brand new year,does anyone remember their summer break cause I sure don't. With a new beginning of a new year there will be a new modification and improvement here at duel academy we strive for perfection so to keep each of you on top of your games we invited a few new students to join you. In fact, they represent the top students from each of our four duel academy branch."
"Wow, this is awesome I got to get my game on." Jaden said all excited.
"I hope they're cute." Faline pouted having her arms folded.
"You and boys already, I thought you have thing for Zane?" Patty teasing her.
"Ugh, did you have to mention him?!" Faline growled.
"Now for introductions, visiting us from East Academy, Adrian Gecko!" The principal introducing."Coming from West Academy please welcome, Axel Brodie! Next coming from the South it's Jim Crocodile Crook! Last leaving the North Academy it's Jesse Anderson!"
"Haha hey y'all!" Jesse smiled and waved.
"Hey, I recognize that voice." Jaden said getting out of his seat.
"Hey, Jaden." He said waving at him.
"So you must be Jesse, right?" Jaden asked.
"Yup that's me, sorry I guess I didn't properly introduce myself, I totally forgot." Jesse smiled and scratching his nervously.
"Eh, I get that a lot." Jaden smiled.
"Last but not least, this beautiful student is from England Academy and she also controls the legendary Aqua Deck give her a warm welcome, Pattie Quilter!"
"Pattie!" Faline, Syrus and Patty yelled happily.
"Alright, Pattie!" Jaden and Alexis cheered.
The crowd cheered loudly, after it die down he was nowhere in sight, the Principal looked behind he wasn't there, the gang got curious and worried looking around.
"Well this awkward." Crowler said.
"No, that's just plain rude." Bonaparte all annoyed.
"Where is she?" Syrus asked,
"She better not stood us up!" Chazz said.
Pattie then came through the back door and looked around seeing the students and the principal, "Hello I'm Pattie is this the Rally?"
"Why yes it is but who are you?" The Principal asked her.
"I'm Pattie Quilter, I'm a transferred student." Pattie answered. "Sorry for being late this is big as my old one."
"Well my dear, you are the last one to appear now come down here on stage."
Pattie walked down the aisle wearing jean shorts, with a black sports bra wearing a black leather jacket with black vans. The guys just stared at her appearance as she walked passed them, she noticed and winked at them. Some of them passed out, some of them had a nose and some whistled at her, Pattie sees the gang and smiled at them and winked. She walked up on stage and stand next to Jesse.
"Hi Pattie!" Faline and Patty shouted.
"I see you have friendly fans Ms. Quilter." The Principal smiled.
"My long-time fans." She smiled and looks at them. "My family…"
The Principal smiled and closes the ceremony, "Now enjoy the rest of your day, and let's make this new year the best."
The ceremony finished, the gang smiled and rushed towards Jesse and Pattie, attacking her with hugs she couldn't help but laugh feeling her the love. Faline smiled and jumping up and down, Pattie hugging Alexis tightly.
"Hey Jaden, let's a welcome duel." Jesse said having his duel.
"You're on!" Jaden said.
"Pattie you're finally here." Alexis smiled happily.
"I know, I missed you so much." She said hugging her, "My God, we haven't seen each other since we graduated from middle school."
"Pattie!" Patty hugging her from behind.
"Patty and I've missed you, Des, Syrus, Jaden all of you…" She said looking at her.
"Pattie, we have a surprise for you." Syrus said blushing.
"A surprise for me?"
"As matter of fact, Adrian, Jim, Axel, and Jesse come tag along, you deserve the welcome party as well." Faline smirked and winked at Adrian.
"Well then than mate, let's get going." Jim smiled.
"Alright then." Adrian smirked.
"I accept your offer, Faline Kaiba." Axel said.
"That's mighty kind of you, Faline." Jesse said and looks at Pattie.
The gang nodded and took her to the red dorm, she looked inside the dorm and sees the cafe decorated in her favorite color. Pattie couldn't help but smile and sees the statue that represent her Aqua the Sparkling Dragon.
"This is so beautiful." Pattie said she gazed at the statue of her Sparking Dragon.
Faline then turned on the disco ball and music up loud, "LET'S PARTY!"
"YEAH!" The gang cheered and began to dance to the music.
So here's the first chapter, looks like Pattie is meeting some new friends and old friends on her day. Stay tune for more…. ;)


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Firiel on April 8, 2016, 7:08:19 PM

Firiel on (Chapter: index)
Firiel(Chapter 0)
Nice setting of the scene, with friends getting together for the start of the new school year, and a welcoming party for the new arrival. I wonder what these Top Students coming in are going to be like, personality-wise?

I think your story might be improved if you got your verb-tenses to match more - the words that say if it's happening now, or in the past. Having them shift around so much feels a little bit like time-travel! ;) And while I know customizing colors on font is fun, the color of blue you have here is so light, that it can be a little hard to read against the medium-gray background of the FAC site. Maybe you could pick a darker shade of blue next time?

That's my advice, take it or leave it - but you've got a nice start here, and it's good to have you sharing your story. :)

SnowyJeleciaHusky on April 8, 2016, 7:32:58 PM

SnowyJeleciaHusky on (Chapter: index)
SnowyJeleciaHuskyThank you so much for the advice I do need to work on my grammar.. I'll be more careful about my story. Sorry if the story is bright I'll try to make it more darker. 
Thanks *hugs*

Firiel on April 8, 2016, 7:36:10 PM

Firiel on (Chapter: index)
FirielThanks for listening. :)

SnowyJeleciaHusky on April 8, 2016, 7:42:24 PM

SnowyJeleciaHusky on (Chapter: index)
SnowyJeleciaHuskyThank you, for the lovely advice. XD 

Firiel on April 8, 2016, 7:18:03 PM

Firiel on (Chapter: index)
Firiel(Chapter 1)
Black font is a lot easier to read, that's handy.

Dragon powers, cool. :)

Wow, Jesse's laying it on kind of thick with Pattie, isn't he? ;)

How old are these kids? I'm just wondering because of the alchohol at the party.

Flirting with the statue? I bet that would be funny to watch in person!

Faline's crush has heart damage? That's... some pretty high-stakes dueling. >.< I hope duelists get good medical treatment.

And the villain appears. Evil Atlanteans - that shall be interesting.

(Psst - these damn goofball should be these damn goofballs, since there's more than one of 'em!)

SnowyJeleciaHusky on April 8, 2016, 7:29:24 PM

SnowyJeleciaHusky on (Chapter: index)
SnowyJeleciaHusky(chapter 1)

Yeah three Japanese Gods. 
Jesse has feelings for Pattie.
They're like in high school and some are 18.
Lol, I can picture Jaden doing that, haha! XD 
Well, Faline is in love with Zane and understand about him and the underground dueling. She wants to break him out of that. Yup, Torrez is the son of Dartz. 

(well Jaden was the only one that Blair was asking about.) 

Firiel on April 8, 2016, 7:35:48 PM

Firiel on (Chapter: index)
FirielIt will be interesting to watch Faline/Zane over time, I think. :)

(This damn goofball, then? "These"=more than one.)

SnowyJeleciaHusky on April 8, 2016, 7:41:39 PM

SnowyJeleciaHusky on (Chapter: index)
SnowyJeleciaHuskyLol my Faline loves him so much.. ;
Zane x Faline= CyberMelody shippings.