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Chapter 6 - Fight For a Friend Part 1

Jaden and the gang are back! The third year kicks off with a long time friend transferring to Duel Academy and joins the gang for another adventure. The wrath of Pharoah and Empress' enemy resurrected and comes back for revenge on Empress' Aqua Deck duelist. Will Jaden and the Gang put an end to this Soul Nightmare once and for all?

Chapter 6 - Fight For a Friend Part 1

Chapter 6 - Fight For a Friend Part 1
Hello there you guys SnowyJeleciaHusky here,
And today is a lovely day to finish a chapter of Yugioh GX: The Wrath of Torrez!

I apologize for my laziness, I've been busy lately. :(

So let's continue

Here we go!

Melanie was sobbing heavily on her beloved sister, blaming herself for what Torrez did, "I'm so sorry little sis, it's all my fault I let my jealousy get in the way, you were always there for me when I needed you, someone I'm proud to call my little sister. I what did I do to repay for your love and generosity? Is leaving you for a damn psycho soul maniac for power and revenge."Melanie sobs deeply for her sister's soul, she sees her deck all over the floor, she picked them off one by one and sees Melody Cat Card. She holds it close to her heart, feeling the energy that came from it that was on Faline, then looks at the gang and has her head down in shame sobbing heavily. "I'm so sorry, you guys this is all my fault. I wanna make this right, I want my little sister back."
"Mel, you don't have to apologize, it wasn't your fault, Torrez was using, but don't worry we'll get Faline back," Matthew said hugging her.
"That's right, we're in this together." Patty agreed.
"We're friends mate, no matter what," Jim said.
"I won't rest until we have his head on a stick." Destiny snarled.
"Good because I won't rest until I get that son of a dog for what he did to my sister," Melanie said looking at Faline. "We will get you back, sis."
"The BSAA will take care of Faline, you guys go take down Torrez," Randy said holding Faline.
"Wait, what about Pattie?" Syrus asked. "We have to find her."
"I'm sure Pattie is taking care of herself, she'll find us but right now Torrez is our main target we need to put a stop to this madness at once!" Axel exclaimed.
"Right!" The gang agreed.
The BSAA agents left back to the base with Faline while Jaden and the gang went to go hunt down Torrez. Meanwhile, Pattie was in the city trying to hunt down her doppelganger, everywhere she goes, a group of mutants is ambushing her from every corner. Luckily, she uses her fighting skills to take them out, after taking them out she uses her grappling hook gun to zip on top of the buildings getting a better view of the city of Tokyo. Then she zips to the canal seeing the gang being surrounded by mutants on the bridge. "I feel like their guardian, ah well." She takes out her pistol and shoots them in the head one by one.
"Huh?" Jesse looked around.
"What the?" Melanie exclaimed.
The gang looked around to see who was shooting down the mutants, Pattie then shoots down the lock of the bridge for the gang to continue. Then a chainsaw zombie jumped out of the water and began to chase gang through the canal. "Ugh again with this dog, why can't things stay dead anymore?" Pattie complained. "Well, hopefully, I can assist my lovely friends." She began to shoot the zombie keeping it away from the gang while they run to the boat. She sees Melanie charging towards it with her claws and punches it to the electric fence, it then fell into the water. Pattie then shoots the fence don making it wall on the zombie. "There you go, loves."
"That was sweet Mel," Jaden smirked.
"Nice kitten," Alexis commented.
"Thanks," Melanie said smiling.
"Guys look the building is up ahead." Blair pointed out. The gang jumped out of the boat one by one, Syrus reached for Blair's hand. As Blair reached for Syrus' hand the chainsaw zombie came out of the water, leaving Blair stranded on the boat with him.
"Ah, Syrus help me!" Blair screamed running from the chainsaw.
"Blair!" The gang yelled. Blair was on the edge of the boat having a helicopter behind her and the chainsaw charging towards her. "Poor little Blair, how the monsters love to chase you," Pattie smirked. Pattie then used her grappling gun to swing down to grab Blair from getting killed by the zombie and helicopter blades and the she dropped her in Syrus' arms and swooped off to the rooftops. The gang looked at the female figure, Jesse looked at her closely as she was staring at him. "Catch you two later." Pattie then swings into the city to continue her search for 'Pattie'. She sees a motorcycle, "now that's a way to travel!" she rode off to the abandoned factory to find her doppelganger.
Meanwhile, Torrez was in his palace looking at the souls that were sealed in the walls, he looks at Faline and smirked, "Ah, the youngest daughter of Seto Kaiba showing her generosity to give her soul, I have to say she has a strong soul to unleash the mighty beast." He looked at the empress and glared with an evil smirk knowing that using her as bait Pattie will come for him, he looked into his glass wall seeing her heading for the abandoned factory looking for 'Pattie'. "I'm counting on you dear to bring Pattie's soul to me." Pattie made it to the factory and walks in and it pitches black inside, she turns on her night vision and looks around for her. As she was looking around, she walks into a room and sees a metal suitcase opens it and reads the files, her eyes widened seeing her sister and her friend, Sonny. Her mind was going in circles wondering if one of them was her doppelganger counterpart, she closely looked at the files seeing all the subjects that have been turned into mutants and in the hands of Torrez. It was all coming back to her now, "Now I get it." The female left the room and goes to the center of the factory and sees a necklace one the floor.
"Well hello, there Pattie, nice to see you drop in." The female said.
Pattie looked up and sees her doppelganger coming from the shadows, "So you're my evil twin, nice to finally make your acquaintance."
"I came to get what I need from you, is your soul and my revenge, Pattie. Remember back at the England Academy?"
"Sonny?" Pattie all shocked.
"Yup, it's me or should I say it was me, I have to say your body figure is much fun to be in don't you think?" Sonny smirked.
"Sonny you don't know what you're getting into, Torrez is just toying with you. He's using you like a puppet, to do his dirty work and once you serve your purpose he'll cut your strings." Pattie explained.
"I'm nobody's damn puppet and too bad I can't say the same to you, time to end this friendship." Sonny snarled.
"Sonny it doesn't have to be this way."
"Oh, I think it does, time for me to wipe you out of history!" Sonny exclaimed angrily taking out her duel disk .
"Fine then like Jaden would say, time to get my game on!" Pattie said.
"My move!" Sonny looked at her card and smirked. "I activate the field spell, the Orichalcos!"
"NO SONNY DON'T!" Pattie shouted.
The gang sees the light coming from the factory and ran towards the factory, as soon as they reached it they saw Pattie and Sonny about to duel. The power of the Orichalcos circles between the two females. "Girls knock it off, call off the duel!" Jaden pleaded. "Pattie, do you know what happens if one of you girls lose the duel?" Jesse asked all worried. Pattie looked at him and smirked, "Of course, I'm going to set Sonny here free from the hands of Torrez even if means to give up my soul."
"Hehe, so sweet of you Pattie dear!" Sonny smirked having two cards in her hand. "I place two cards face-down and end my turn!"
"My move I summon my Aqua Magician Girl, now I activate her special ability with every face down on the field her wand gains 500 attack points!" Aqua Magician Girl's life points from 2000 to 3000 attack points.
"Wow, Aqua Magician Girl is beautiful," Patty commented.
"I'm so jealous of her." Melanie pouted.
"NOW ATTACK MY MAGICIAN WITH FULL POWER!" Pattie pointed towards Sonny. Aqua Magician Girl charges towards her with wand ready to strike.
"Guess again, I reveal my trap card my Sunbeam Wall, it cuts off your attack."
"Hmmm…," Pattie smirked. "Not bad, for a rookie, I place a card down and end my turn."
"Now to summon my Sunset Beam Tiger, thanks to my kitty we can both draw a card from our hands."
"Thank Sonny, you really know how to entertain a friend," Pattie said.
"Oh, that's just the beginning, with every trap card and a monster on the opponent's field, It points decreases in half along with your life points!"
"What?!" Pattie all shocked.
"She did what?!" Hasselberry growled.
"Omg...Pattie." Mia said worriedly.
"Leaving you to attack directly, NOW POUNCE MY TIGER!" Sonny demanded. The tiger pounced on Pattie clawing her in the face, making her life points going from 4000 to 2000.
"Oooooh." Aster looking away.
"That's gotta hurt," Atticus said closing his eyes.
"Pattie, are you ok?" Blair asked.
Pattie glared at her and then takes a mini mirror out looking at herself, then cracks it growling, "This dog messed up my face, now I'm really mad!"
"Uh-oh." Alexis, Destiny, and Patty said.
"Looks like the little princess is mad now mate," Jim mumbled.
"Please, Pattie hates it when someone messes up her beauty." Adrian pointed. "And Sonny went over the line, she gonna get its big time."
"Pattie, you're still beautiful as always, knock that cat down," Syrus shouted out.
Pattie smiles and looks at Syrus, "Thanks, Syrus dear. Now my move, I use Aqua Diamond Pegasus and Aqua Harpy Lady and they combine into Aqua Diamond Harpy Pegasus!"
"Woah, sweet combination Pattie," Jaden said.
"I'll say." Jesse agreed.
"Oh it gets better Jaden dear, no I activate a spell card Diamond Hearts, with this spell I can help my beauties boost up their attack points by 1000!" Aqua Magician Girl's points increase from 1500 to 2500 and Aqua Diamond Harpy Pegasus 3000 to 4000 attack points.
"Oh my God!" Alexis exclaimed happily.
"Woah Aqua Diamond Harpy Pegasus got 4000 attack points." Aster eyes widened.
"It means Pattie can attack Sonny's Tiger," Zane said.
"You got that right Zane." Pattie agreed. "NOW ATTACK MY PEGASUS WITH YOUR DIAMOND HORN!" Aqua Diamond Harpy Pegasus charges up her horn and zaps Sun Beam Tiger out of the field.
"No, not my Tiger!" Sonny growled. "You'll pay for that!"
"She did it!" Patty smiled.
"Damn Pattie, you're on fire!" Destiny smirked.
"Brilliant Pattie," Jessie smiled giving her a thumbs up winking at her.
Pattie's eyes widened and blush a little, "Thanks, Jesse."
The girls began to giggle at Pattie's reaction to Jesse, Axel smiles and shakes his head. "I knew Pattie can't resist the charm."
"I place two cards faced down, your move Sonny," Pattie said.
"Hehe, so predictable eh little sis," Sonny smirked looking at her card.
"What is that girl up to?" Hassleberry asked.
"Beats me, I hope it's not a setup for Pattie," Jesse said worriedly.
"Don't worry Jesse, Pattie knows how to get pass Sonny." Jaden encouraged.
"Now for my Sunset Polymerization, with my Tiger in the graveyard, I can summon a monster that's has 2000 points or higher and I know what my monster you hate to see in your sights," Sunset smirked.
"No," Pattie said shockingly.
"That's right, I introduce you my Fire Volcanic Shimmer Dragon, come my beautiful beast!" The ground began to shake, and the sky went dark and ground cracked in half, Pattie's eyes widened as the mighty dragon appeared before her, the Fire Volcanic Shimmer Dragon had 7000 attack points.
"Oh my God…" Pattie said shaking.
"7000 attack points, oh no," Adrian exclaimed.
"Pattie's in trouble," Axel said looking at her.
"Pattie snap out of it!" Jesse snapped.
Pattie was looking at her nightmare, the nightmare that took Yami Pattie away, the nightmare that stole the Japanese God Cards...the nightmare that she feared. Pattie kneeled down in fear looking at it. "Not him, anything but him." Sunset noticed her reaction and shakes her head, "I'm tired of these games and the pain you left me, Pattie time to end this once and for all, say goodbye, Pattie."
"Sonny…" Pattie mumbled.
"MY DRAGON END THIS DUEL WITH YOUR VOLCANIC BREATH!" Sonny demanded pointedly towards Pattie. The mighty Volcanic Shimmer Dragon charges it breath heading towards Pattie.
"NO!" The gang shouted.
"PATTIE NO!" Axel's eyes widened.
"No...PATTIE!" Jesse shouted.
To be continued…
Woah, Pattie is in hell of a trouble, what will happen next?

Will Pattie be the next give up her soul?

Will she able to save Sonny from Torrez's control?

Stay tuned for more Yugioh GX: The Wrath of Torrez

Bye. :)


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