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Chapter 7 - Fight For a Friend Part 2

Jaden and the gang are back! The third year kicks off with a long time friend transferring to Duel Academy and joins the gang for another adventure. The wrath of Pharoah and Empress' enemy resurrected and comes back for revenge on Empress' Aqua Deck duelist. Will Jaden and the Gang put an end to this Soul Nightmare once and for all?

Chapter 7 - Fight For a Friend Part 2

Chapter 7 - Fight For a Friend Part 2
Hello, my sweetie pies! SnowyJeleciaHusky here!

Today is a wonderful day to continue on with the story of Yugioh GX: The Wrath of Torrez. XD

*clears throat* ok time to get this show on the road!

Here we go!

Pattie was looking at her nightmare, the nightmare that took Yami Pattie away, the nightmare that stole the Japanese God Cards...the nightmare that she feared. Pattie kneeled down in fear looking at it. "Not him, anything but him." Sunset noticed her reaction and shakes her head, "I'm tired of these games and the pain you left me, Pattie time to end this once and for all, say goodbye, Pattie."

"Sonny…" Pattie mumbled.

"MY DRAGON END THIS DUEL WITH YOUR VOLCANIC BREATH!" Sonny demanded pointedly towards Pattie. The mighty Volcanic Shimmer Dragon charges it breath heading towards Pattie.

"NO!" The gang shouted.

"PATTIE NO!" Axel's eyes widened.

"No...PATTIE!" Jesse shouted. The Volcanic Shimmer Dragon builds up her mighty flaming breath, aiming towards the terrified Pattie. The female duelist just stood there frozen, looked as the flaming fire was coming her way, she closed her eyes accepting her defeat, but as it was getting closer Axel jumped in front of her blocking the attack hugging her tightly. "Don't worry I got you, Pattie!"

"Axel, no!" Pattie yelled.

"AXEL!" The gang shouted.

"Haha! Aww, how sweet of the 'big brother' to save the day. I'll destroy the both of you quicker than I expected!" Sonny smirked.

"That's where you're wrong I'll protect Pattie from your wicked ways Sonny, you won't get away with this!" Axel said in a serious weak voice.


"No Axel!" Jaden yelled.

The Dragon kept draining out his energy as he was still shelling Pattie from harm; the fire beast stopped, Axel then passes out on the ground. Pattie holds him, putting him on her lap and begins to sob on him. Jaden and the gang ran towards them and sees an unconscious Axel."Axel why did you do this, now you're going to be-"

"Pattie you conquer your fear, do are much braver than that," Axel said weakly. "Promise me you'll defeat Sonny and you'll take...Torrez and free all those who got their souls captured."

"Axel…" Pattie cries softly.

Axel grabs her chin making her giving him eye contact,"Pattie if anyone can take down Torrez it's you, you're like a little sister to me... now promise you'll do it."

Pattie snaps out of it and nods, "Ok Axel, I'll do it."

"So will I," Jesse smiled having his hand on her shoulder.

"Count me in," Jaden added.

"So will I," Zane said.

"Got that right, mate," Jim said.

Pattie smiled hugged them all, and got up glaring at Sonny, "Take Axel aside, I have a duel to finish."

"You got it, Pattie!" Jesse nodded. Jim, Hassleberry and Jaden helped him up and dragged him to the corner for him to rest. Pattie's millennium aqua necklace glows, showing an aqua symbol on her head, Sonny's eyes widened as she activated her Millennium necklace, "What how are you still able to activate it, Empress is not with you." Pattie let out a chuckle and smirk, "That's true even though she's not with me, her spirit is still with me and with the help of my friends, now time to end this!"

She looks at her cards and smiled, "Now I summon Aqua Mermaid Knight, now to activate her special ability, Diamond Sword of Forgiveness. With every monster and trap card on the field, her attack points increase by 600." Aqua Mermaid Knight's increases from 1900 to 3700 attack points.

"Alright, Pattie!" Destiny smiled.

"Go Pattie!" Patty and Blair cheered.

"She did it!" Aster smiled.

"I have a feeling that Pattie has a plan," Jesse smirked.

"I'm sure she does," Adrien smiled.

"Oh I sure do, Jesse and Adrien, with Diamond Sword of Forgiveness activated I can take down her Dragon!"

"You wouldn't dare!" Sonny snapped.

"Oh I would, NOW MY BEAUTIFUL AQUA MERMAID KNIGHT TAKE DOWN THAT DRAGON WITH YOUR MIGHTY SWORD!" Pattie points towards Sonny. The Mermaid Knight uses her sword to slay the dragon in the chest, knocking it out of the field making Sonny's life point's 4000 2800.

"Awesome!" Jaden said.

"Nice job Pattie!" Atticus smirked.

"I sure hope Pattie, can pull this off," Adrian said to himself.

"I place a card face down and your move," Pattie said to Sunny.

"With pleasure." Sunny snarled. Sunny looked at cards and sees her Sun Rebirth. "If I play this card, I have to sacrifice two of my monsters on the field, in order to bring back my Shimmer Dragon damn it….I can't!"

"I have to snap Sonny out of Torrez's control, I don't want her soul to get stolen, I know what I got to do, time to use my super weapon, Aqua the Sparkling Dragon. I have to play my cards right in order to play her." Pattie said to herself.

"Why is Sonny is stuttering so much?" Alexis asked Jaden.

"Beats me, she's never like this," Jaden answered.

"I know why if I know any better she's going play her Sun Rebirth in order to bring back her Shimmer Dragon, but she doesn't want to because she doesn't want to hurt Pattie," Zane explained.

"What!" Jaden, Syrus, Alexis, and Jesse all surprised.

"So that means Sunset is trying to break free from Torrez's control!" Patty said to herself.

"I summon my Sun Beam Trojan and Fiery Piranha, now combine to Sun Trojan Piranha!" Sonny said. "Now aim for Aqua Magician girl, my Pirahna!" The Fiery Piranha charges towards Aqua Magician with fireball coming out of his mouth.

"Pattie save me." Aqua Magician Girl pleased.

"I got you love, now to activate my trap card, Tsunami Wave! It can take your little Piranha and send it straight to the graveyard!" Pattie smirked. "So Magician Girl is safe."

"What?!" Sonny said surprised. "My Piranha!"

"Alright, Pattie!" Chazz said.

"She's good," Atticus smiled,

"Oh now to Activate my Aqua Reborn, in order play this card I have to sacrifice four of my monsters in order to summon…" Pattie stops.

"Is that I what I think who she's going to summon?" Syrus asked.

"Yup." Aster and Zane answered.

"I sacrifice, Aqua Diamond, Aqua Magician, Aqua Mermaid Knight and Aqua Mermaid Queen, to summon, AQUA THE SPARKLING DRAGON!" Pattie said pointing to the sky as her dragon appeared to the field with the attack points of 4000.

"Oh my God, Pattie...!" Sunny stutters.

"Man things are about to get head up in here," Jesse commented.

"I'll say," Adrian added.

"Oh, it does you two," Pattie said.

"Huh?" the two guys said.

"With the monsters I sacrificed, my Dragon points increases by 600!" Aqua the Sparkling Dragon's points increase from 4000 to 6400.

"Holy shoot," Blair exclaimed.

"Woah, I wouldn't want to compete with her," Atticus mumbled.

"I know right." Jim agreed.

"Now time to end this and free Sonny-" Pattie pointed towards her direction. Aqua uses her water beam to blasts all of Sonny's life points, having them reached to Zero. Sonny's was wobbling, the power of the Orichalcos was broken from her mind, she looks up at Pattie and smiled weakly, "Thank you...Pattie looks like my time is done."

"Sunny no!" Pattie yelled. She ran towards her and caught her holding her up, "You're wrong, you didn't lose we're in this together."

"Pattie, I'm sorry for everything, I was just looking out for you, I guess I wasn't doing it the perfect way like a friend would," Sunny said weakly.

"Ssssh, you are the best sweetie, we're going to get through with this." Pattie cries.

"Pattie, Amber is being captive with Torrez, save your little sister. He took her soul away using her to reel you in." Sunset warned.

"I knew it." Pattie snarled. "I will avenge you, Amber, Faline and the Empress I promise."

"I know you will," Sonny smiled before she closed her eyes. The Orichalcos was coming in and the Orichalcos stole her soul out of her body.

"Sonny." Pattie holds her tightly and began to sob on her heavily, "I'm so sorry, you will not be in vain. I will avenge my little sister...TORREZ I'M COMING FOR YOU!"

"I'm sorry about Sonny, Pattie." Jesse apologized.

"It's ok, Jesse she and our friends we lost, this ends now!" Patti said in a serious voice. She gets contact with the BSAA agents for them to get Sonny, "Guys I'm going to need extra room for someone...Sonny, she's gone."

"Her too?" Natalie asked.

"Yeah," Pattie answered.

"Understood," Randy responded.

Pattie looks at her and then at Jaden and the crew, "Jaden, you and the gang go on ahead I'm going to take Sonny to safety!"

"What about you, we can't let you go by yourself," Jaden complained.

"Yeah, Pattie we don't want you to get hurt, I don't want you to get hurt," Jesse confessed.

Pattie's eyes widened, blushing and looks away from him as she has Sonny on her back, "Thanks for your concern Jesse but I need to get Sonny to safety, I'll catch up with you guys, I promise."

"Well, ok." Jesse sighs.

"The castle is not too far from here, it's on the other side of Tokyo," Pattie said.

"Ok, then we'll hunt down Torrez, be careful," Jaden said.

"I will," Pattie smiled and sprints off to the base.

"Hmmm…" Jesse sighed.

"Don't worry, Jes, Pattie will be fine, she can take care of herself." Jaden encouraged.

"Ok, let's go," Jesse smiled.

"Now let's go get this surge," Hassleberry said.

"Right!" The gang agreed.

The gang went to go track down Torrez.

Meanwhile, at the castle, Torrez was in the throne room as he sensed another soul that approaches the chamber, "Hmmm another soul who's the unlucky person." Torrez smirked and sees Sonny's in the chamber, "Aah my fellow servant, I knew she wasn't up for the challenge, now I just have to wait for Jaden and his crew to come to me along with will suffer my wrath of the Power of the Orichalcos!"

Holy Crap!

Sonny was the next victim to get her soul taken away, Poor Sonny. :(

Now Jaden and the gang are going up against, the Prince of Orichalcos will they put an end to this nightmare before more souls get taken away?

Stay tuned for more of Yugioh GX: The Wrath of Torrez!



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