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Chapter 8 - Return of the Japanese Gods Part 1

Jaden and the gang are back! The third year kicks off with a long time friend transferring to Duel Academy and joins the gang for another adventure. The wrath of Pharoah and Empress' enemy resurrected and comes back for revenge on Empress' Aqua Deck duelist. Will Jaden and the Gang put an end to this Soul Nightmare once and for all?

Chapter 8 - Return of the Japanese Gods Part 1

Chapter 8 - Return of the Japanese Gods Part 1
Hello, my Yugioh fans, SnowyJeleciaHusky here!
So on the previous episode, Pattie defeated Sonny and took her to safety. Now Jaden and the gang are on their way to the palace to confront Torrez.

Ok, time for me to shut up and get this episode on the road.

Here we go!

Pattie's POV….
I'm sprinting on the rooftop, having Sonny on my back. I start to cry because not only Torrez was stealing people's but the ones that I love and care for. To be honest I really don't know how I'm going defeat Torrez but I I know I'm not alone in this situation, with my friends by my side we can do anything. I made to the BSAA base and I see my comrades approaching me.
"Pattie...did Sonny?" Natalie asked all sadly.
"Yeah...she got her soul taking away, she did it for me, but this ends now," I answered clenching my sees me and hugs me from behind as I cry looking at Sonny being taking away to a room to a room. My spirit felt depressed as I lost my best friend also known as my big sister. Sure we fought a lot, and she always interfere in my love life, and hurt me but I forgive her for what she was done, I am the Element of Forgiveness. But deep inside I can't forgive myself for what I've put her through if only I could go back in time and change everything then we wouldn't be in this mess right now. Now it's not the time for me to feel sorry for myself, it's time for me end this nightmare and put Torrez in his place once and for all.
"Pattie, we're here for you no matter what," Mia said as she hugs me.
"That's right, if anyone could defeat Torrez, it's you," Randy said with a smile.
"You are Yami Pattie, the Queen of Duel," Mikey said.
I couldn't help but smile as my comrades comfort me as I build up my confident. "Thank you guys, I have a Soul Maniac to hunt down." I then got on my motorcycle and drives into the city to go catch up with Jaden and the gang.
Meanwhile, Jaden and the gang were halfway to the palace until they saw, a female lying on a bench, Aster's eyes widened as he recognized the female. "It's Chris, Torrez's sister, what's she doing here?"
"Are you sure, pal?" Jaden asked.
"Yes, and it appears that Torrez took her soul away as well." He said all disappointed.
"Oh no, not her too." Patty sighs.
"I guess we have to bring her along as well." Destiny suggested.
"I'll carry her, soldiers," Hassleberry said as he picks her up bridal style.
"What about Pattie?" Syrus asked.
"Pattie said she'll meet us there at the palace right now we need to focus," Alexis said.
"That's right we need to confront Torrez," Jaden said.
"Let's move," Axel exclaimed
Meanwhile at the Atlantis Castle, Torrez was sitting on his throne looking at his glass mirror watching Jaden and his crew are on their way to his palace along with the soulless Chris. "So Jaden and his crew dare to interfere with my plans and free Empress, and try to free the rest of innocents souls well, I got a special surprise for them and a for Pattie as well." An hour later the gang made it to the castle and sees the place being guarded, Jaden spots them charging towards them.
Jaden has his duel disk ready , "Ok gang, time to get your game on."
"My favorite time of the day," Atticus smirked.
"Let's do this," Syrus said having his duel disk ready.
"I summon Crystal Beast, Amethyst Cat, now pounce on them," Jesse commanded.
"Come on out Lunar Beast Platinum Swan!" Patty commanded.
"Cyber Blade, time to shine!" Alexis exclaimed.
"Red Eyes Black Dragon!" Attics exclaimed.
"Ojamas, come out you freaks!" Chazz yelled!
"Destiny Hero -Plasma let's go!" Aster commanded.
"Storm Dragon, let roll," Adrien commanded.
"Cyber Dragon appear!" Zane commanded.
"Elemental Hero Avian, let's do this!" Jaden commanded, "Now let's take these mutants out!"
All of the monsters attack the mutants making a path for the gang to get to the castle. The monsters went back to their owner's deck so Jaden and gang walk to the door and it opened automatically, they looked around for him. The gang reached the throne room and sees Torrez sitting on his throne. "Welcome Jaden Yuki, you finally made it I've been expecting you."
"Torrez, your days of stealing people's soul is over!" Jaden said in a serious voice.
"You son of a dog you stole my sister from." Melanie hissed.
"Melanie Kaiba, so nice to see you weak again as usual. Torrez smirked at her. "I have to say your sister has a stronger soul than you, so generous enough sell it to me."
"You damn-" Melanie growled.
"Woah easy, kitten." Alexis and Patty holding her back.
"No need Melanie, I'll make sure you'll reunite with her very soon as I get a hold of your soul." Torrez glared.
"What did you do to your sister, Torrez?!" Aster demanded.
"Oh don't worry about her she's in a happy place along with the empress," Torrez smirked looking at his sister in Hasselberry's arms.
"What you took her soul as well?!" Aster growled. "You bastard!"
"Why your own sister?!" Destiny demanded.
"You think I'll let my own sister betray me and Orichalcos for assisting my enemy, but don't worry I'll be stealing your souls as well to unleash the Behemoth Dragon!" Torrez answered smirked and laughs.
"That's enough Torrez!" Pattie yelled. The gang turned around and sees Pattie at the entrance with her Millennium necklace glowing showing her Aqua Dolphin symbol on her forehead. "I will put an end to this nightmare and return the souls you stole even Empress!"
"Well then if you want her so badly, then let us duel to for this pathetic world!" Torrez snarled having his duel disk out!"
"You're on!" Pattie yelled having her duel disk ready.
"Wait, if want to fight, I'm fighting as well!" Jaden has his duel disk ready.
"Same here!" Jesse added.
"Me too!" Alexis said having her duel disk ready.
"So will we, we got you, Pattie." Atticus and Chazz added.
"I will fight alongside you, Pattie," Aster said.
"So will I." Zane having his duel disk ready.
"We're friends 'til the end, mate." Jim winked.
"Pattie, you're like a little sister to me and I refuse for you to fight Torrez, we're fighting with you whether you like it or not," Axel grinned having a hand on her shoulder.
"Thank you, together we'll defeat him," Pattie smiled at all of them, she then glared at Torrez. "You hear that Torrez, with friends fighting alongside me you are no match for us"
"Very well then let us have a last before I take your souls," Torrez said having his disk ready.
"Ok then like what Jaden says, its time you get your game on!" Pattie smirked.
"She sound's hotter when she says it," Jaden smirked.
"Ladies first! First, I summon on the field Aqua Magician!" Pattie said.
"Now I summon to the field Cyber Blade to the field," Alexis said.
"I face one card face down and end my turn," Pattie said looking at Alexis and the gang.
"Your move, Torrez!" Alexis yelled.
"With pleasure, I activate the Orichalcos field!" The prince shouted as he looks at the gang.
"What already?!" Jaden exclaimed.
"Oh no." Aster sigh.
"Torrez NO!" Pattie shouted.
"HAHAHA THE POWER OF THE ORICHALCOS IS STRONGER THAN EVER!"Torrez shouted as the Orichalcos circled around the gang. "Time to meet your doom ever, Pattie Quilter!"
To be continued…
Woah wee!

Looks like Pattie and the gang are about to have a fight of their lives.

What will happen exit during the battle?

Stay tuned for more of Yugioh GX: The Wrath of Torrez

See you later. :)


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