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Chapter 9 - Return of the Japanese Gods Part 2

Jaden and the gang are back! The third year kicks off with a long time friend transferring to Duel Academy and joins the gang for another adventure. The wrath of Pharoah and Empress' enemy resurrected and comes back for revenge on Empress' Aqua Deck duelist. Will Jaden and the Gang put an end to this Soul Nightmare once and for all?

Chapter 9 - Return of the Japanese Gods Part 2

Chapter 9 - Return of the Japanese Gods Part 2
What's going on you Yugioh GX Fans? SnowyJeleciaHusky here!
Today is an AWESOME day to finish part 2

Man this is going to be epic

Here we go!

"Ladies first! First, I summon on the field Aqua Magician!" Pattie said.
"Now I summon to the field Cyber Blade to the field," Alexis said.
"I face one card face down and end my turn," Pattie said looking at Alexis and the gang.
"Your move, Torrez!" Alexis yelled.
"With pleasure, I activate the Orichalcos field!" The prince shouted as he looks at the gang.
"What already?!" Jaden exclaimed.
"Oh no." Aster sigh.
"Torrez NO!" Pattie shouted.
"HAHAHA THE POWER OF THE ORICHALCOS IS STRONGER THAN EVER!"Torrez shouted as the Orichalcos circled around the gang. "Time to meet your doom ever, Pattie Quilter!"
The ten duelists prepared for the battle of their life.
"My move I summon Beast of Talwar (Atk:2400, Def:2150) when I pay this card I could attack two of your monsters since Aqua Magician Girl was the first one on the field I'll eliminate her first!" Torrez smirked.
"Oh damn this psycho's monster has more attack points, Pattie you sure you got this?" Jaden asked.
"Don't worry I got this," Pattie answered giving him a thumbs up.
"Now slice her with Dark Sword!" Torrez commanded. The Beast charges towards the Magician with full power.
"Pattie, save me!" Aqua Magician Girl begged.
"I activate my trap, Tsunami Waves with it, I create a wall around her so my Magician Girl is safe," Pattie said. "Nice try, Torrez!"
"Go Pattie!" Destiny, Blair, Patty and Melanie cheered.
"Nice save," Syrus smiled.
"You sneaky bastard," Torrez growled. I place two cards face-down and end my turn.
"Allow me to shake things up," Aster smirked. "I summon Destiny Hero Diamond Dude, (Atk: 1400, Def: 1600) when this card is face-up on my side of the field, once per turn I can look at the top card of my Deck. If the card is a Normal Spell Card, I send it to the Graveyard and I can activate the Normal Spell Card during the Main Phase of my next turn. If the card is not a Normal Spell Card, place it on the bottom of my deck."
"Hmmm." Torrez glares.
Aster then draws a card from the top and sees it a normal spell card, "Well what do you know, it's my favorite of them all, Misfortune. Time for me to send this to my graveyard. Since you have no monsters on your field, maybe I should attack directly."
"Go on Aster dear." Destiny smirked.
"Now Diamond Dude go on and attack his Beast of Talwar with a full blast!" Aster commanded. The Diamond monster charges towards him with his fists charged up, attacking the Beast making Torrez's points go from 4000 to 3600.
"Grrrr damn you!" Torrez hissed angrily.
"Go Aster!" Jaden giving him a thumbs up.
"Nice combo Phoenix," Zane smirked.
"That was so awesome Aster dear." Destiny smiled and blows kisses at him.
"Hehe thank you, my princess," Aster smirked.
"Beautiful Aster, I love your skills maybe one day we should duel," Pattie smiled.
"I'm always available when you want to, gorgeous," Aster said and winks at her.
"That won't even happen, because this will be your last and final duel, you'll be first." Torrez hissed at them angrily. "My move I activate my Dark Spirit and Mind, with this special ability for each of you fools lose life points you slowly lose your memory and soul and brings back my Beast of Talwar, I place two cards face-down and end my turn."
"What?!" Chazz growled.
"This psycho is going nuts, mate," Jim said.
"Man, he's toying with us don't let him get to you guys," Axel said glaring at him.
"That's right we can take him," Atticus said looking at Alexis.
"Together." Pattie whispers. "Now let's focus, and free everyone's spirit from his evil hands."
"Right!" Everyone agreed.
"Now time to burn this bastard!" Axel said in a serious manner. "Now I bring out Volcanic Slicer, with every turn I can inflict 500 points of damage to my opponent."
"Hehe are you sure about that?" The prince questioned.
"Hmm, what are you up to Torrez?!" Zane demanded.
The male price chuckled at them and gives them an evil smirk, "Oh you'll find out soon enough."
Pattie looks at him all skeptically and then looks at his two face-down cards thinking to herself, "I too would like to know what tricks he has up his sleeves, I have to be extra careful since he activated his Dark Soul and Mind I can't risk of losing my friends to Torrez, man this is gonna be tough.
"Why are you doubting yourself, Pattie?" Aqua Diamond Pegasus asked.
Pattie' eyed widened as she sees all of her monsters appeared before her, "Oh my God, am I dreaming are we having a party?"
"Yes, my dear, and you're the special guest of honor." Aqua Mermaid Knight answered. "Now time to give you a little pep talk."
"Huh, a pep talk?" Pattie asked.
"Yes, you need to focus not doubting yourself." Aqua Mermaid Queen answered having a hand on her shoulder.
"You have a strong heart, Pattie and with your friends fighting alongside you, together will put an end to this nightmare and your loved ones especially your sister, Amber." Aqua Panther smiled and nuzzles her.
"I know, but I'm scared I'll fail everyone, I've failed to save Empress and my little sister, I can't forgive myself," Pattie said having her head down.
"Pattie, I've seen you fight tougher opponents, you even dueled the Pharaoh, you are a strong lady. You have the potential skills to do anything if anyone who could put this bastard in his place it's you." Aqua Harpy Lady raising her chin up smiling at her.
"You're right, he stole my sister away from me and everyone else I loved," Pattie said clenching her fists.
"You can do this, sweetheart." Aqua Magician Girl said pinching her cheek.
"We can do this, together," Pattie smiled at her monsters. "Thank you, girls."
It's a pleasure my dear, Pattie." Aqua penguin Soldier saluted.
Pattie smiled at them one last time before she came back to reality. "Time to put an end to this nightmare once for all!"
End daydream…
The gang looked at the Aqua duelist noticed that she spaced out during the turn, Jesse noticed her smiling and was a little curious and worried, "Hey there Pattie are you ok?" Pattie then looked at the brunette and smiled, "Never been better, my monsters and had a little pep talk with me."
"Huh?!" The gang all surprised and curious.
"Wait, you can talk to spirits as well?" Jesse asked.
"Well, of course, they sure know how to communicate." Pattie laughs.
"Well shoot, I guess Jaden and I are not the only ones." Jesse laughs as well.
"Haha Spirit buddies!" Jaden said giving them a thumbs up.
"Yeah!" Jesse and Pattie said.
"Oh God another one?" Chazz mumbled.
"I don't know what's worse, having a boyfriend that talks to spirits or a best friend that does it as well, oh God." Alexis sighs.
"Oh man." Destiny sighs and shakes her head.
Pattie smiled looking at her friends as she feels their strong energy, "We can do this you guys, together."
"Oh this is so touching now finish your move," Torrez snapped.
"With pleasure, I give up 500 life points in order to attack you now," Axel gives up his life points from 4000 to 3500. "Now let's show him what playing with fire is all about Slicer!" The Volcanic Slicer charged towards the price.
"Ha, you've stepped right into my trap!" Torrez smirked. I activate my trap, Dead Attack, I can send your monster straight to the graveyard."
"Say what?!" Axel's eyes widened.
"Here's the painful part my Dead Attack can't be removed from play, it caused you to lose 500 more of your life points."
Axel's life points went down from 3500 to 3000.
"Axel, are you ok?" Pattie asked.
"I'm fine it takes more of this to put me down," Axel grinned. "I place two cards face down and my turn."
"Now I summon Atlantic Queen and next I activate Monster Reborn, now I wish to return my Beast of Talwar, but I couldn't wait to summon my Dark Armed Dragon!" Torrez demanded. The Dark Dragon appeared with the attack points of 2800. "For each monster from my opponents graveyard my dragon gains 1000 life points." The Dark Armed Dragon's attack are now 3800 maximum.
"Oh boy." Syrus and Patty said.
"Uh Zane, Pattie...Atticus, you wanna summon your Dragons for your next turn?" Jaden asked.
"Don't worry his Dragon is no match once I unleash mine." Pattie winked at him.
"Now attack my Diamond Dude with dark breath!" Torrez commanded pointing towards the Diamond Dude.
Aster's monster was destroyed, and his life points went from 4000 to 3000.
"No, Aster!" Destiny exclaimed all worried.
"I'm fine," Aster smiled at her.
"I place one card face down, now make your move!" Torrez snapped.
"With pleasure, Jesse, Jaden you will help on this turn get ready." Pattie looking at her cards deciding.
"I bring out Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus!" Jesse said.
"Time for me to bring out Elemental Hero Sparkman!"
"I summon Aqua Mermaid Knight!" Pattie smirked. "Now to activate her special Sword of Forgiveness for each monster that on my side of the field she gains 300 more attack points." Aqua Mermaids sword gains up to 2800.
"Sweet!" Jaden encourage.
"Nice" Jesse smirks.
"Now my beautiful knight go and attack his dragon with full power!" Pattie commanded pointing towards the Dark Armed Dragon.
"I don't think so, Pattie my Dead Dimension can't be removed from play,y dragon is safe for that you pay up 600 of your life points." The prince smirked.
Pattie's life points went from 4000 to 3400. "Grrr.."
"You ok, Pattie?" Alexis asked.
"Yeah I'm fine Jaden, Jesse it's still your turn," Pattie said.
"Ok, now I summon Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus!" Jesse's monsters appear on the field.
"I summon Elemental Hero Sparkman!" Jaden's monster appears on the field
"Wanna Fuse them together?" Jaden asked.
"Alright let's do this!" Jesse smiled.
"Time to fuse them we give you Elemental Crystal Sapphire Sparkman!" The two combined monsters appeared to the field with the points of 3600 in attack mode. Pattie was impressed with their combination. "Now to time activate my spell Crystal Raigeki, with this I send one spell card to the graveyard for me to destroy one trap card from your field, so since your damn Dead Attack is in the way, it's destroyed."
"What?!" Torrez questioned. His Dead Attack trap card was destroyed. " bastard."
"Please, this is just the fun part." Jaden reminded. "Since your spell car is out of the field, time to take some damage.
"Now Elemental Crystal Sapphire Sparkman, use your Torpedo Spark!" Jaden and Jesse demanded. The Elemental Crystal monster charges towards him slicing him making his life points go from 3600 to 2800 remaining.
"Grrrr…" Torrez growled.
"Defuse!" Elemental Crystal Sapphire Sparkman, defuse back to their normal forms.
"I face one card face down and end my turn," Jesse smiled and winks at Pattie and Jaden.
"Nice combo, Jes," Patty smiled.
"Not bad," Chazz smirked.
"Grrr, you'll pay." Torrez's Orichalcos necklace and symbol on his head began to glow feeling the power flowing through his body. The clouds turning dark and the Behemoth Dragon was coming at its appearance. "I'm tired of playing games with you fools, time to have a sacrifice actually make that two I'm already looking at my two victims." Torrez glares at Alexis and Aster. "I activate the Orichalcos Execution Wall!"
"Why is he looking at me like that?" Alexis asked all suspicious
"Why the hell is this dude looking at me?" Aster asked.
"Oh, you'll see soon enough," Torrez smirked. "Next, I activate the Chains of the Souls, with this my opponents will begin the pain of losing their souls.
"What?!" The gang all surprised,
"You wouldn't dare!" Pattie exclaimed.
"I would, NOW GO FOR ALEXIS AND ASTER!" Torrez demanded. The Chains lashed at Alexis and Aster chaining their arms and legs pinning them to the Orichalcos Execution Walls.
"No Alexis, Aster!" Pattie reaching for them.
"Aah, help me, Atticus!" Alexis screaming for help.
"Hey let me go, Torrez!" Aster demanded.
"Lexi, nooo!" Atticus reaching for her.
"Aster, I'm coming!" Destiny cried running towards him.
"Hahahaha, oh this is just the beginning, for my two victims thanks to them my Dark Armed Dragon gains 1000 points each, which he's twice as the power to wipe out the rest of their life points." Torrez gives them the evil smirk.
"Oh no!" Pattie, Axel, and Jaden eye's widened of shock.
"Oh yes!" Torrez smirked. "Time to end this, DARK ARMED DRAGON PUT THEM TWO OUT OF THEIR MISERY!" The Dark Dragon charges up its dark breath ready to end them painfully. Axel then jumps in front of them shielding them, "Don't worry I got you guys if it takes it has to get through me first!" Pattie having tears in her eyes reaching out to her three friends, "Axel, Aster, Alexis."
"Don't worry Pattie," Axel smiled.
The Dark Dragon hit him from behind and went through to Aster and Alexis, the three of them began to scream in pain the darkness was draining out their energy. Poor Pattie was traumatized seeing her friends being drained out and collapsed on the floor, their life points reach to zero. The circle of the Orichalcos was closing in. Atticus holding Alexis, Destiny sobbing on Aster, Pattie hugging Axel.
"Aster, oh plz don't leave me." Destiny sobbed.
Aster smiled and cups her face with his hand, "Don't worry Desy, I'm always with you no matter what...I love you."
"Oh Alexis, why did I let you join this duel!" Atticus clenching his fists in anger having a tear in his eyes.
"Atticus, I"m not a kid anymore...I can take care of myself." Alexis smiled weakly.
"Lexi…"Patty and Blair sobbed.
"Axel why did you do this, now you're going to be-"
"Pattie you conquer your fear, do are much braver than that," Axel said weakly. "Promise me you'll defeat Torrez and you'll take.. and free all those who got their souls captured."
"Axel…" Pattie cries softly.
Axel grabs her chin making her giving him eye contact,"Pattie if anyone can take down Torrez it's you, you're like a little sister to me... now promise you'll do it."
Pattie snaps out of it and nods, "Ok Axel, I promise."
He smiled before the Orichalcos was coming in and the Orichalcos stole his, Alexis and Aster's souls out of their body.
"Hahaha, I have three I just need yours, Princess Pattie, I'll reunite you with your sister!" Torrez glaring at her with a smirk.
Pattie clenched her fists and glaring at the Atlantic Prince filled with anger, her blood was boiling in rage wanting to put an end to this nightmare. "Torrez, your days of stealing people's soul is over, I'll make to that!"
"Uh oh, the Princess is mad," Jim mumbled,
"Jim, Chazz, take care of them three. Jaden, Jesse,Atticus, Adrian and Zane we're gonna finish this!
To be continued
Oh no, poor Aster Axel and Alexis losing their souls during the battle. :(

The worst is, Torrez just unleashed The Atlantic Behemoth Dragon, now this is gonna be tough for Pattie and the gang.

Will she put an end of this?

Will she be able to save her friends?

Will she ever reunite with her sister?

Stay tuned for more.

See ya later. :)


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