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Chapter 10 - Return of the Japanese Gods Part 3

Jaden and the gang are back! The third year kicks off with a long time friend transferring to Duel Academy and joins the gang for another adventure. The wrath of Pharoah and Empress' enemy resurrected and comes back for revenge on Empress' Aqua Deck duelist. Will Jaden and the Gang put an end to this Soul Nightmare once and for all?

Chapter 10 - Return of the Japanese Gods Part 3

Chapter 10 - Return of the Japanese Gods Part 3
Hey, there or I should say Yugioh Geeks SnowyJeleciaHusky here!
So lasts episode it was a disaster Torrez made a setup for Aster and Alexis by using his Orichalcos Execution Walls to sacrifice them in order to release the Behemoth Dragon.

But in order for him to do so, he needs the strongest soul, and that's Pattie.

Ok time for me to be quiet and get this episode started

Here we go!

Pattie clenched her fists and glaring at the Atlantic Prince filled with anger, her blood was boiling in rage wanting to put an end to this nightmare that he caused. "Torrez, your days of stealing people's soul is over, I'll make sure of that!"
"Uh oh, the Princess is mad now mate," Jim mumbled.
"Jim, Chazz, take care of them three. Jaden, Jesse,Atticus, Adrian and Zane we're gonna finish this!
"Grrr enough Torrez, time for me to put you in your place, my move!" Zane growled as he looks at his cards and smirked. "I summon Cyber Dragon when I don't have any monsters on my side I can call out another Cyber Dragon to the field!
"Is that what I think you're doing Zane?" Pattie asked with a smirk.
"Oh yes, next I activate Polymerization to use my dragons to Cyber Twin Dragon!" Zane shouted as his twin dragon appeared to the field with the attack points of 2800.
Pattie's eyes widened as the Dragon stand before her, "Wow, you're Dragon is awesome and powerful Zane!"
"Big deal his dragon is no match to mine, his attack points are lower than mine!" Torrez pointed out.
"You sure about that?" Zane questioned with a smirk.
"Huh?" Torrez looked at him skeptically.
"I activate Creature Swap, with this Each player selects 1 monster you control and switches control of those monsters with each other. Our monsters cannot change their battle positions for the rest of this turn. So I'm taking your Dark Armed Dragon and you're taking my Cyber Twin Dragon." Zane and Torrez's dragons swap places with each other going to the opposite side of the field. "Now I can use your dragon to attack you directly, Torrez!"
"What you wouldn't!" Torrez glared in shock.
"Try me! Now Dark Armed Dragon attack his life points directly!" Torrez's Dark Armed Dragon charges up and blow his life points from 2800 to 2000.
"Go, big brother!" Syrus cheered.
"Go Zane!" Jaden smiled.
"That was awesome their mate." Jim giving him a thumbs up.
"Grrr don't celebrate just yet," Torrez growled in a warning. "Cause now I activate Snatch Steal with this I can steal a monster from your control I take control of the equipped monster during each of my opponent's turn, so I gain 1000 life points!" Torrez's life points raised up from 2000 to 3000. "So hand over my Dark Armed Dragon!" The Dark Armed Dragon warped back to his side of the field.
"Hmph, so my dragon comes back on the field," Zane smirked. "I face a card face down and end my turn."
"Now I summon Opticlops! Nowattack Jesse's life points directly!" Torrez commanded pointed at Jesse. The one-eyed giants charge his horns and charges towards the Crystal Duelist.
"Not a chance, I activate Mirror Force! With this, it cancels out your attack and my life points are safe, Torrez!" Jesse smirked.
"Hehe, but Pattie gonna be safe?" The prince asked with an evil laugh smirk.
"What?" Pattie glared at him.
"But your monster can't attack twice until your next turn!" Atticus pointed out.
"Guess again, now my Opticlops, attack Pattie's life points directly!" The one-eyed monster attacked Patte structuring her in the chest directly making her fall on her knees having her life points going from 3400 to 2000.
"Pattie!" Syrus and Destiny looking at her worriedly.
"Pattie, are you alright?" Zane asked.
"Y-yeah, I'm ok, that was a cheap shot," Pattie said getting up back on her feet.
"I place a card face down and my turn, I'll spare you, this time, Princess!" Torrez smirked.
"Now time for me to shine!" Atticus exclaimed. "I summon Red Eyes Baby Chick, then I sacrifice it to bring out Red Eyes Black Dragon come on out!" The Red Eye Dragon appeared to the field with (at 2400, def: 2000)."
"Woah, I remember Joey had that card, sweet," Pattie smiled.
"Oh, it gets sweeter, with every monster my team has on the field it boasts up by 500," Atticus smirked as his Red Eyes life points went up from 2800 to 4800.
"Woah 4800 attack points neat," Jaden smirked.
"Now attack his Dark Armed Dragon!" Atticus commanded. The Red Eyes Black Dragon uses it's fire breath towards the Dark Dragon.
"Not so fast I activate my trap, Death Dimension, you lose 600 life points. Hahaha, I"ll put you out of your misery, Pattie Quilter!" The Prince evilly laughs.
"Not when I'm here brother!" Chris said glaring at her brother.
The five duelists turned around and saw Chris standing before them. Torrez's eyes widened in shock looking at her all confused, "What how did your soul break free, I made you suffer!" Chris just laughed mocking him, "You fool, I have the power of the Orichalcos have you forgotten?" Pattie's eyes began to have tears of happiness of seeing her friend and guide safe from her brother's control. "Chris, you're ok." The female noticed and floated towards and having something in her hand. "Yes, take it." The Aqua duelists look down at her hand and sees the other two Japanese God cards. Pattie's eyes widened seeing them, but looks at Chris all confused, "Chris how did you get the other two Japanese God cards?"
"Wha?" Jesse and Jaden looked all clueless.
"Yami Pattie told me to keep it safe for you, I think it's time for you use them," Chris said with a smile.
"Wow, Aqua Silvermist Witch and Aqua Sapphire Princess, my deck is finally complete!" Pattie smiled raising them in the air. "Haha I did it, the three Japanese Gods are finally with me!"
"Ok, are you done yelling at the sky over their?" Destiny asked all annoyed.
"Yeah," Pattie smiled. "Now let's end this!"
"Chris how can you betray me, do you have an idea what you just were done?" Torrez asked.
"Yes, helping Pattie to put an end of what you and father started," Chris answered in a serious tone.
"That's right, Torrez your days of stealing people souls are over!" Pattie said.
"Over?! I was just getting started!" Torrez said as his Orichalcos necklace glowing and the ground began to shake the ground began to crack in half. "Ah yes, the Behemoth Dragon awakens!" The Dark Behemoth Dragon rises from the ground, letting out a loud screech Torrez then floats and connects himself to the dragon. "Yes, the power of the Behemoth and Orichalcos is mine!"
"Oh my God." Destiny said.
"That dragon is huge," Patty said shaking.
"I hope Pattie, can defeat it and Torrez," Blair said looking at her.
"Man, that dragon is huge, Pattie," Jaden said in shock.
"Pfft plz, I've seen better," Zane said all sarcastically.
"We can do this together, Patty, Destiny, Syrus, and everyone else I need you guys," Pattie said looking at them. "Time to put our skills to the test, you know what to do!"
"Hehe, the Chazz love how you think, time to put this bastard in his place." He said with a smirk.
"I've had enough of this shoot, time to put an end to this." Destiny growled.
"Yeah, for the world, for the citizens, for our friends," Syrus added.
"For the Empress and my sister," Pattie added as well. "Time to finish this duel, my move in order for to summon all three Japanese Gods on the field I need discard half of my cards from my hand and sacrifice three of my Monsters; Aqua Magician Girl, Aqua Mermaid Knight and Aqua Penguin Soldier now I summon on the field, Aqua Silvermist Witch, Aqua Sapphire Princess and Aqua Sparkling Dragon!" The three Japanese Gods summons on the field, Aqua Silvermist Witch with (Atk: 2500, Def: 1500), Aqua Sapphire Princess with (Atk: 2900, Def: 2000), and Aqua Sparkling Dragon with (?) points.
"What, how come Aqua Sparkling Dragon has zero Pattie?" Syrus asked,
"Oh don't worry Syrus dear, I can fix that!" Pattie smirked. "Now for every monster I sacrificed my girl here gains 1000 life points." Aqua Sparkling Dragon gains 3000 attack points.
"Haha pathetic, your dragon is weaker than mine!" Torrez mocked.
"Did I say I was finished? For every card I discard from my hand she gets a bonus of 200 points as well as my other Japanese Gods!" Pattie smirked at him. Aqua Sparkling Dragon gains up from 3000 to 5000, Aqua Silvermist Witch gains up 2500 to 4500, and Aqua Sapphire Princess gains up from 2900 to 4900.
"What how can this be?!" Torrez questioned all shocked.
"You see Torrez, with the help of my friends supporting me when you try to break us apart we grow stronger," Pattie said in a serious tone.
"Grrr Dark Behemoth Dragon eliminate her at once!" Torrez commanded pointing towards the female duelist, the Dark Behemoth Dragon uses its dark breath towards her.
"Now my Japanese beauties time to shine!" Pattie commanded. The three Japanese monsters combined their powers and zap it towards his.
"Need a hand?" Zane smirked. "Cyber Twin Dragon strike him!"
"I got you gorgeous!" Chazz said. "XYZ-Dragon Cannon!"
"Don't worry sarge, Super Conductor Tyranno!" Hassleberry commanded.
"Fossil Warrior Skull King come on out!" Jim commanded.
"Let's finish this Red Eyes Black Dragon!" Atticus commanded.
"Go Super Vehicroid Stealth Union!" Syrus commanded.
"Sapphire Pegasus, give it all you got!" Jesse commanded
"Go Lunar Beast Dragon!" Patty smirked at her
"Let's go Angel Queen, time to help out a sister!" Destiny smiled and winked at Pattie
"Sparkman time to put some shock into him!" Jaden commanded
"Greek Queen assist my friend and sister," Chris said looking at her Aqua friend. "Pattie, let's put an end to this Nightmare."
Pattie nodded and smiled. "Yes let's do this. C'mon gang give it all you got!"
The monsters combined their powers together and blast it towards the Behemoth Dragon and Torrez, sealing it back to the Orichalcos Realm. The prince was on his knees in defeat looking down at the floor, "This can't be I wanted to avenge father for what they did to"
Pattie walks towards him, "Torrez, Pharoah, and Empress are the enemies, it was your father that caused this whole world to fall into chaos taking advantage of his powers for evil."
"Grrr...he used it to defeat Pharoah and Empress now I'll use it on you!" Torrez growled as he charges up his energy towards the female duelists. Chris' Greek Queen steps in front of her blocking her attack with her sword.
"Brother this has got to stop, release the souls that you stole, and return Amber to Pattie!" Chris demanded.
"You have no authority over me, sister!" Torrez hissed and glares at Pattie. "You're mine, Princess!" The Prince used his staff charges towards Pattie, but Jesse step in front of her and the two of them tumbled down at the edge of the entrance of the Orichalcos Realm.
"No Jesse!" Jaden goes after them.
"Jesse!" Pattie exclaimed running after them.
The two males were at the cliff, Jesse was hanging on the steep but Torrez was hanging on his staff, trying to climb up, Jesse offered his hand to him. "Torrez let me help you up" The prince rudely smacked his hand away growling, "I don't need you help, you pathetic fool!" The brunette offered his hand again, "C'mon man don't be like the portal is gonna and if you fall that's it." The Prince looked down at the portal and closed his eyes, "I rather am buried in the Realm." he started to slip further into it, he tried to get a full grip, his staff broke and he fell into the Orichalcos Realm and closed behind him. Chris just looked at her falling brother falling for his fate and looked away. Pattie and Jaden made it and to him and pulled him up.
"Jesse are you ok?" Jaden asked.
"I'm sorry you, I tried," Jesse said sadly.
"It's ok, Jess it's over," Pattie smiled and hugs him.
All of a sudden the walls that held the souls broke freely and the souls scattered around the place returning to their bodies. Aster, Alexis, and Axel's souls returned back their bodies, the three of them woke up. Aster looked up at Destiny with a smiled, Atticus smiled and spins Alexis around, Pattie and Adrian helps Axel up.
"You did it, Pattie," Axel smiled and hugs her.
"We did it." Pattie corrected as she looks at her three Japanese Gods.
"I don't believe it you have all three Japanese God Cards?" Aster asked in shock.
"I know I'm just surprised as you are, Aster hell yeah! Hahaha, I completed my Aqua Deck I"m unbeatable!" Pattie shouted.
"Oh God, not this again -_-." Destiny, Patty, and Blair mumbled.
"Oh hell." Chazz sighed in annoyance.
A walls opened to a chamber, Pattie and the gang walks in and sees her sister, Amber lying on the stone unconscious. "Amber!" Pattie cried as she ran towards her sister holding her tightly in her arms. "Amber, wake up can you hear me?" Pattie shaking her awake, then the sleeping female slowly opens her eyes and sees her sister. "Pattie, is that you?" Pattie cried heavily and hugs her, Amber smiled and hugs her more. "Oh little sis, I'm so sorry, it's my fault, I should've been there for you more, when Torrez took you away I-" Amber cut her off with a hug, "Sis, you did the right thing, you save me you saved the people and you even saved the Empress."
"You are very strong my dear." A familiar female voice said. The gang turned around and sees Yami Pattie walking towards them, walking up to the sisters. "Pattie, I'm proud of you, the reason I kept the other two Japanese God Cards is because I was testing you to see how much of a strong duelist you are and you proved to me that you are you defeated Torrez with the help of your friends that shows some true friendship." Pattie smiled and hugs her in tears, "I know that Empress."
"Pattie, now that we're together again, let's just drop this and be a family again, ok?" Amber smiled.
"Ok, sis," Pattie smiled and cries on her.
The gang smiled at this happy moment, the dark clouds disappeared and the moon shines brightly and the shooting stars were in the sky. The gang left the castle and made their way to the city, just then Faline and the BSAA agents running towards the gang.
"Hey there, guess who's back!" Faline smiled running towards the gang.
"Faline baby sister!" Melanie smiled and ran towards her.
"Faline!" The gang smiled and cheered.
"Pattie, you're ok!" Randy said.
"Hey, you even got your sister, hey gorgeous," Mikey smirked and winked at her.
"Oh um hehe." Amber blushes.
"Mikey!" Pattie growled having her fist in his face.
"Sis, don't start," Amber said to pull her back.
The gang couldn't help but laugh, the boat was waiting for them at the pier for the head back home to duel academy.
"Shall we go home, guys?" Pattie suggested.
"With pleasure, I'm sick of this place." Chazz snarled.
"Seriously." Destiny agreed.
"Fine, I dibs on the waterbed," Pattie smirked
The sighs and groaning of frustration from the gang made the Empress laugh. The gang went on the ship and head back home.
Wow hooray!

The gang defeated Torrez and Pattie and her sister is finally reunited. ^^

I guess happy endings always beautiful and touching.

Bye. :D


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