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Chapter 11 - Epilogue

Jaden and the gang are back! The third year kicks off with a long time friend transferring to Duel Academy and joins the gang for another adventure. The wrath of Pharoah and Empress' enemy resurrected and comes back for revenge on Empress' Aqua Deck duelist. Will Jaden and the Gang put an end to this Soul Nightmare once and for all?

Chapter 11 - Epilogue

Chapter 11 - Epilogue
Hello, my Yugioh Fans SnowyJeleciaHusky here!

Today is a wonderful time of the month again to finish this last and final moment of Yugioh GX: The Wrath of Torrez!


Here we go.

The gang made it back to the Duel Academy, along with Amber seeing the students and the professors at the piers waiting for their arrival. Principal Chancellor and Ms. Topes smiled as the boat parked, "Hello Jaden, Pattie you made it back safely." they greeted the gang back.
"Hehe, thanks, man that was some adventure to start of the year," Jaden said with a smile. "Well at least Torrez is back where he belongs, Pattie and Amber are finally reunited and we finally have Yami Pattie with us." Jesse pointed out looking at her.
Yami Pattie walked towards the Principal and the Professors, the student's eyes widened and gasps as they saw the first Queen of Duelists, "Hello Principal Chancellor, Ms. Topes." Yami Pattie smiled.
"Oh my, goodness, the Queen of Duelists, in our school, who also controls the Japanese God Cards!" Crowler said excitedly. "This must be a dream."
"We control the Japanese God Cards." Yami Pattie corrected, hugging Pattie from behind.
The students began to crowd around the Japanese princess and Pattie, wanting their autographs, asking them questions and wanting some advice etc. "Yami Pattie, how did you and Pattie met?" A student asked. "How did you control the Japanese God Cards?" Another student asked. "May I have your autograph?" another asked. "Can I duel you?" "Pattie, are you single?" All these questions were coming to them, but then Axel and Crowler stepped in and stops them all. "Ok students these young ladies needs their space now," Crowler said.
"I have an idea let's have a party my treat!" Faline smiled jumping up and down.
"That's a beautiful idea, besides we could have some entertainment like Pattie and Jaden dueling." Ms. Topes smirked.
"Ugh, no way, I just wanna party right now," Jaden said.
"Seriously, I dueled enough for one day." Pattie sighed all exhausted.
"Weeeee, Party Time!" Faline yelled.
"YEAAAAAH!" Everyone cheered.
The Gang and the students went to the Obelisk Diner Hall they looked inside the ballroom and sees the everything already decorated in her favorite color. Yami Pattie couldn't help but smile and sees the statue that represents her Aqua the Sparkling Dragon. "This is so beautiful." Yami Pattie smiled as she gazed at the statue of her Sparking Dragon. "I really love it so much you guys."
"We wanted to make you feel welcome, Princess." Syrus blushed.
"Awww you're so sweet, all of you." Yami Pattie smiled and then winks at Syrus, "Oh and call me Empress."
"Ehhhhhh…" Syrus stutters blushing real hard.
"Hehehe." The guys laughed.
"Go Syrus," Jaden smirked.
Faline then turned on the disco ball and music up loud, "LET'S PARTY!"
"YEAH!" The gang cheered and began to dance to the music. As the party was going as plan, Jaden was eating with Syrus and Atticus. Hassleberry challenging Adrien to an arm wrestling match while Axel was sitting by the window watching the whole party and the gang. Yami Pattie smiled and dances with Alexis, Faline, Amber and Blair, the guys on the other hand, seeing the view of the pretty Empress Jaden choked on his burrito blushing, Jim was looking at Jaden and laughed, Jesse just started at her the whole noticed and sat next to him and smirked.
Pattie's Pov…
Later on,I sneak out from the party to walk by the ocean thinking about our adventure we had in the past. I let out a sad sigh "Damn it went so fast, too bad I have to go back to the academy tomorrow." I start to play with my water powers, blowing bubbles from my hands and shoots fireworks in the sky. Then sees a shooting star passing by and makes a wish, "I wish I could make things right, and find the love of my life." Empress came from behind and hugs me, "You know Pattie, you already did find a special someone."
"Who?" I asked.
"Think sweetie, who was there for you when Torrez knocked you unconscious and blocked the attack of the Behemoth Dragon?"
"Jesse," I answered. "But then you got in the way?"
"Not the point!" Yami Pattie snarled. "Who comfort you when you thought your sister 'died'?
"Jesse," I answered.
"And who showed his feelings to you more?"
"...Jesse." I smiled. "But how we hardly even know each other?"
"Love always come at first sight and besides I know you care for him as well Pattie." Yami Emp. But that Jesse, man I love the way he looks and I love his accent, although he could be a real goofball and but a real sweetheart. I'll never forget the day we met at the party and the tournament.
"And the winner of the 2012 Duel Tournament, Pattie Quilter!" The coach announced.
The crowd went crazy and people threw roses and flowers at the female duelist. Pattie smiled and waves at the crowd blowing kisses at them and walks off the platform. She went in her limo and went to the party that Pegasus was holding after the tournament, Pattie comes out and the photographies began to take pictures of her as she walks on the red carpet to Pegasus' mansion. The female walks inside and people began to applaud for her, Pegasus approached her. "Well hello my 2012 Champion, I must say your skills keeps getting better and better with your legendary Aqua Deck."
"Thank you Mr. Pegasus, I'm happy for my Aqua Deck to bond with me, I really enjoyed being here today," Pattie smiled shaking his hands.
"Well, of course, with you having all three Japanese God cards, you are unstoppable," Pegasus smiled as he sees Jesse approaching them both.
"Hello, there Mr. Pegasus," Jesse smiled.
"Jesse Anderson, my favorite duelist that was a great show out there my boy. " Pegasus smiled shaking his hand and then looks at me. "I'm sure you heard of our Queen of Duelists, Pattie Quilter?"
"I sure have, I'm sure she could talk to spirits and have Japanese history," Jesse answered as he looks down at me.
"Uh yes I do, the princess is a part of me and I'm a part of her, were like sisters," I smiled.
"You are more beautiful in person," Jesse said as he planted a kiss on my hand
"Oh um, thank you." I blushed.
End of Flashback…
I was sitting by the ocean thinking about Jesse, but I was feeling sad and depressed because I feel that I'm not Jesse's type."But how, I mean I was so rude to him, and took my anger out on him, I didn't mean to. I just wanted my little sister back, I guess I owe him an apology, but I'm not his type Empress besides he won't have feelings for me as the same way as I do. I do care about him since I did meet him at that tournament...I love him."
Jesse then came from behind and hugs me, "Do you really mean everything you just said, Pattie?" I jumped and began to shake as my heart began pounding feeling his arms around her, I began to stutter and blushing madly as she turned around looking into his emerald eyes, "Well I said some things I didn't mean to say to you, I was just mad and alone. When Torrez took my sister away from me, I was just mad at the world, Amber is the only one I have."
The brunette noticed a tear in my eye and whips it away using his sleeves, "Hey you're not alone, I'm here for you and so is everyone else."
"I know that now, thank you," I smiled.
"Now that's true love." The Empress smiled. The two shared a cute moment looking into each other's' eyes as they were about to kiss they got interrupted by hearing someone sneezing in the bushes. Yami Pattie noticed that the gang was hiding in the bushes spying on Jesse and Pattie.
"Do you guys mind?" Jesse asked in a serious manner.
"Go ahead, we don't mind," Hassleberry smiled.
Jesse whispers in her ear, "Sheesh are they always this noisy?"
"Mostly Faline," Pattie whispers back.
"Now where were we?" Jesse smirked.
"I think I know." Pattie giggles.
"I pronounce you Luigi and Daisy, you may kiss the bride." Faline teased.
"Hahahaha." The gang laughed.
"Good one Faline." Aster laughed.
"Haha very funny," Pattie said sarcastically.
Jesse then pulled her in for a kiss, Pattie's eyes widened as she felt her lips pressed against his she felt like she was in heaven, she finally has someone that truly love her for her. The gang smiled at this happy moment and cheered for them, mostly Amber and Faline. Pattie then broke the kiss and looks away. "Are you gonna stay here with us... with me?" Jesse asked looking into her eyes.
Pattie looks at him and the gang then turns her back, then answers, "I can't."
"What?" Jesse asked.
"Huh?" The gang gasped.
"Why not, don't you want to be with your friends?" Yami Pattie asked sadly.
"I do, but….my tournaments it's-" Pattie said.
"Not important, Empress needs you, your friends and sister need you...I need you." Jesse interrupted holding her close.
"Jesse I-"
Jesse interrupted by kissing her, "I want you to stay, I love you, Pattie, since I first met you at the tournament, I knew you were the one."
Pattie's eyes widened and cries of happiness and pressed her lips against his, "I love you too, as my Luigi."
"Awwwww." The girls said.
"So are you staying, Pattie?" Jaden asked.
"You better say yes," Chazz warned.
"Yeah, the guys will definitely have a meltdown," Alexis said having her arms folded.
"Mostly Syrus," Aster said.
"And Jesse," Adrian mumbled.
"Hey! Pattie is like a big sister to me!" Syrus pouted.
"I heard that Adrian!" Jesse said glaring.
"Well?" Zane said.
Pattie smiled as she looks at her friends and then at Jesse, "Ah what the hell, I'm staying." Jesse smiled happily and spins her around as the gang cheered as they come to her hugging her.
"Hey sis now would be a good time for some water fireworks," Amber smiled.
"Yeah." The gang agreed.
"Show us the power of water, hon," Jesse said.
"Well ok," Pattie said. She uses her water ball and shoots multiple in the sky and explodes and creates bubbles from her hand. Some of the gang were popping the bubbles and Pattie created a special firework for her friends and Empress. As it shoots in the sky it says, Pattie and Friends 4ever.
"Pattie, that's so sweet." Destiny smiled.
"I love you guys, you guys are like family to me, I mean it," Pattie said emotionally.
"Oh God, the tears," Hassleberry said looking away.
"Pattie, I'm so happy you are with us, again," Alexis said hugging her.
"Me too," Syrus said crying on her.
"Yay, family hug!" Patty smiled hugging them. "I love you, Pattie.
"I too love you all, thank you for saving me from the hands of Torrez, I really appreciate it so much." The Empress smiled hugging them. "Even though we don't know each other as much, but like Pattie said we're a family in good or bad times."
"Yes," Pattie said.
The End...
Syrus Narrating…
After the Torrez nightmare, Sonny went back to the England Duel Academy to make things right with the other students and continues her education. She then later joined the BSAA with Pattie's comrades.
Amber Quilter, decided to be with all of us along with her sister, Pattie. She befriends with Blair and Faline as a freshman of the Obelisk Blue. Some guys tend to flirt with her...when Pattie's not around. She also attends musical with a few people such as Atticus Rhodes (who she has a crush on).
Jesse, Adrian, Axel and Jim decided to stay for the year along with the rest of us, it's good for us the more the merrier. I guess it's good to make new friends every year...when don't try to take over the world.
Chris becomes an ally of the gang but decides to reunite with her father in the spirit realm and promises to guide Pattie and Yami Pattie throughout their adventures.
Ms. Topes decides to become our teacher at the Academy, to be with Pattie and Amber. A lot of students took the liking of her and enjoys her sense of humor, but always tend to pick on Jaden and Jesse when they sleep or slack off, hehe.
Yami Pattie remains in Pattie's spirit, she remains in the present to join Pattie on her adventure along with us. Although she does miss the Yami Yugi, but decides to visit him one of these days.
Last but not least, Pattie, she remains here at Duel Academy along with us and decided to be with Jesse, the two became a cute couple and have things catch up on. She now controls all three Japanese God Cards; Aqua the Sparkling Dragon,Aqua Sapphire Princess, and Aqua Silvermist Witch. She's also visiting her family during the breaks, and working with the BSAA as the rookie captain.
Something tells me we're gonna be friends for a very long time….

I've finally finished the story!

Jesse and Pattie are officially a couple!

Jesse x Pattie = Jettie = CrystalWater Shippings. :D

Pattie finally had all Japanese God cards and reunites with her sister and Yami Pattie.

Thank you so much for reading!



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