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Chapter 1 - You know you're obbsessed with Shaman King when...

This contains lists of obbsessions alot of people seem to have with certain Anime/Mangas.

Chapter 1 - You know you're obbsessed with Shaman King when...

Chapter 1 - You know you're obbsessed with Shaman King when...

You know you have been addicted to SK when….

You spend 9 hours trying to get your hair to stand up like Ren's.

You actually do get your hair to stand up like Ren's.

You dress up like you favorite character and go to the mall/school.

You dye your hair the color of your favorite character.

You talk in a British accent and claim you're from China.

You try to Hyoi Gattai with Amidamaru, Bason, the Spirit of Fire, and ect.

You try to make and Over Soul with your key chain version of Harusame.

You wait around in the cemetery, expecting spirits to contact you.

You tell everyone you see that you can see ghost.

Whenever someone annoys you/ makes you mad, you whip out a Kwan Dao.

Whenever you see a midget or a dictionary, you think of Manta.

You most likely don't live in Japan or China.

You try to find the Patch Tribe's village.

You think your married to Hao/Ren or Jun/Anna

You wish you could be married to Hao/Ren or Jun/Anna.

Every time you get slapped or see someone get slapped, you think of Anna,

Every time you see beads, you think of Anna.

Every time you see a sword, you think of Harusame/Amidamaru.

Sorry, but that Shaman Fight you paid to get into? Well, their goes your colleges fund.

Yoh have every SK item in the Universe stuffed into your closet.

Every time you see Fire/Ice, you think of Hao/HoroHoro.

You sue 4Kids TV for no apparent reason.

You can imamate your favorite character perfectly.

You can't make your zombie do amazing kung fu just because you told him to.

You duck every time you see an exorcist.

You train all day and hope that it will awaken you “6th sense”.

Every time you see a plane, you think of the Patch Jumbo Plane.

No, you can't make the plane disappear.

No, if that plane does disappear, it's not because of you, Indians, or shamanic forces of any kind, it just because while you were daydreaming, someone pushed you out of the burning plane.

Praying to the “Great Spirit” will not have any effect on you or your friends.

You finale relies that when you go into a trance, it's probably not Hyoi Gattai taking place.

You jump off of a building with a snowboard and fail miserably to summon Kororo.

You try to find a bear, when you do, you name him Apollo, you give him a drink, see him get shot, get mad and expect to have ice on the inside of you when those dang hunters shoot you for running at them.

No, if you jump out the airplane your in, your Over Soul wont save you.

Just because that guy says he can give you a discount on Momentary Tablets, doesn't mean it's true.


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FinallyOnFAC on February 26, 2006, 5:49:34 AM

FinallyOnFAC on
FinallyOnFACThats crazy those symptoms dont mean anything *straps himself into his snowboard and trys to fly away* ...What im just out of mana thats all

sis on February 18, 2006, 9:24:28 AM

sis on
sisI love it such i's very funny!Faves!X)

Wolf_Queen on June 25, 2005, 7:12:43 AM

Wolf_Queen on
Wolf_Queeno.o; OH......Yeah,thats me!

jura on June 16, 2005, 1:32:22 AM

jura on
juraWow (Looks over it again) thans for the guide.can you mack a how to stop bing obbsessed with blank guide. My friend needs it!