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Chapter 10 - The Final Chapter

Amy tries to get Sonic to love her by zapping him with a love ray gun that Tails invented.

Chapter 10 - The Final Chapter

Chapter 10 - The Final Chapter
Last time in Amy's Love Trouble, Sonic and gang got past Eggman's shields in his flying fortress and made it past all of the dangers on the surface. When Sonic finally got inside the Egg Fort 2, he was in a big and dark room, when all of a sudden, the lights came on and something grab Shadow's emerald from him and they found Eggman at the other end of the large room with Amy beside him. When Sonic tried to get her back, Sonic got knocked out the way by his long time rival, Metal Sonic. When Eggman was gonna challenge Sonic to fight with Metal, he revealed that he had all of the seven chaos emeralds and the Master Emerald! Metal Sonic absorb the emeralds' power including the Master Emerald's power as well and became Hyper Metal Sonic. Sonic is about to face the ultimate challenge of his life!

Hyper Metal Sonic: I will finally prove to you Sonic that I am the real Sonic!
Sonic: Go ahead Metal, I don't care how strong or fast you are, I WILL STOP YOU!
Amy: (thinking to herself) Please be careful Sonic, please be careful.

Just like that, Sonic and Hyper Metal Sonic went at it and started throwing out some full blown hits at each other, and Sonic was losing already. Sonic was in horrible pain and there was nothing anyone can do about it.

Hyper Metal Sonic: Ha! Are you finally ready to die Sonic. There is no way you can beat me now. Just go ahead and forfeit already, or you shall be DESTROYED!!!
Sonic: (in a really wounded voice) no... I will never... lose to you.

Hyper Metal Sonic got angry at Sonic and aim his cannon at Sonic and was about to shoot at him.

Hyper Metal Sonic: Fine then, if that will be the case, then prepare to be wipe from EXISTANCE!
Amy: NOOOOO!!!

Hyper Metal Sonic shot his cannon at Sonic and then out of nowhere, Amy jumped in the way of the blast of Hyper Metal Sonic's cannon. Amy took the shot for the hero who has always save her from many dangers, and now she can finally pay him back for all of the things that he has done for her. Amy's body was now laying lifelessly on the ground and all Sonic can do now is watch her fade away.

Sonic: Amy... why did you do it...why Amy?

Then Hyper Metal Sonic just stood in the background laughing at Sonic.

Hyper Metal Sonic: HAHAHA, oops, I guess I sorta miss ya. Now ain't I a lousy shot, HAHAHA.

Sonic had a enough energy to crawl over to Amy's body and look at how badly Amy was wounded, pick up her head, and all he can do is cry.

Sonic: Amy, why did you do it, why did you have to give your life for me? Just because you thought I didn't love you, doesn't mean I didn't. I always loved you, with all of my heart. I never had a chance to tell you that, and now it looks like I can never tell you the truth. That is what I was trying to tell you a few days ago( chapter 1 ), I was trying to ask you to marry me, but I didn't have the guts. I'm sorry, I'm sorry for everything, please forgive me.

Sonic kissed Amy on her cold cheeks and gently laid down her head. Now Sonic was filled with rage in his eyes and full of revenge. Then Sonic asked Tails and Knuckles something important to do for him.

Sonic: Tails, Knuckles, can ya'll carry Amy out of here.
Tails and Knuckles: Okay Sonic, we will.

Then while Tails and Knuckles carried Amy out of there, Sonic asked Shadow something to do for him.

Sonic: Shadow,
Shadow: Yea Sonic?
Sonic: Get all of the Chaos Emeralds and bring them to me.
Shadow: What?
Sonic: DO IT!
Shadow: Okay, Okay I will.

While Shadow was gathering the chaos emeralds, Sonic was talking to Metal Sonic about what he had done.

Sonic: Alright Metal, this is your last straw. Over the years, you have tried to hurt many people, including my friends, and like always, I always destroyed you. But you never quit, then today you reached a new level of evil, by killing my only true love, Amy Rose. I was going to ask her to marry me, but now I can never have the chance to tell her that, because of YOU! Now prepare yourself Metal, you are about to pay, ONCE AND FOR ALL!

Shadow finally gathered all of the Seven Chaos Emeralds and gave them all to Sonic.

Shadow: Here ya go, buddy.
Sonic: Thanks Shadow, now Metal, prepare to be wipe out of YOUR existance.
Hyper Metal Sonic: Huh?

Sonic held on to the Chaos Emeralds,which started to glow out of control, then after that, Sonic started to float in the air with the Chaos Emeralds circuling around him. Then Sonic started turning to gold instead of blue, and Sonic was now SUPER SONIC!

Hyper Metal Sonic: Hrmgh, doesn't matter how strong you are now, I can still DESTROY YOU!
Super Sonic: I wouldn't say that if I were you, Fakes like you doesn't even know the true power of the Chaos Emeralds.
Hyper Metal Sonic: You dare talk to me about POWER! That's IT! You better make your final wish Sonic, because NOW YOU MUST D...

Metal Sonic didn't even have enough time to say what he was going to say to Sonic because Sonic, now in his super form and with the power of the Chaos Emeralds, got to Metal Sonic with his incredible speed and grab a hold of Metal's arm and broke it off!


Super Sonic chuckled at Metal and answered him.

Super Sonic: You only absorb the neutral power of the emeralds. You were using it for evil. When I used the power, I absorb the positive power of the chaos emeralds, which is used for good. And GOOD RULES ALL!

Metal Sonic got scared at Sonic and took off flying like the coward fake he is, and right when he was about to make his escape, Super Sonic came out of nowhere and was right in front of him.

Super Sonic: Take this Metal.
Hyper Metal Sonic: No...NOOOOO!!!

Sonic aimed his hands at Metal and shot a huge energy ball at Metal and was blown up, and then he was finally destroyed once and for all.

Super Sonic: That one was for you, Amy.

Sonic, while still in Super form, went over to where Tails, Shadow, Knuckles, and Amy was and bend down on one knee to check how Amy is.

Tails: Well, is she...alive?
Super Sonic: She's still breathing.

Sonic placed his hand on Amy's forehead and started to heal her. Then they all started to notice that all of her wounds started to disappear,she was gaining life in her, and that she also started to move.

Amy: Son...Sonic?
Super Sonic: Hi Amy, glad to know your back with us, Amy.
Tails, Shadow, Knuckles: YA! SHE'S ALIVE!

Amy had a enough energy in her to get up on her feet and walk over to Sonic, and when she tried to hug him, he pulled away from her.

Amy: Sonic, what's wrong?
Super Sonic: Amy, I'm sorry, for everything. It is my fault you got captured and almost died, because of me. You don't deserve me.
Amy: How come, it's because of you that I'm even alive right now. You always saved me a million times, and you were always my hero. And today was the greatest of all.
Super Sonic: I know, but you didn't have to use a ray gun on me just to get me to love you. I always loved you Amy, and I always will.

Amy started to cry again and this time Sonic allowed her to hug him this time, and she hugged him for a long time, and Sonic didn't care, because now Amy knows the truth.

Tails: Awww, that's so sweet. Good for you Sonic.
Shadow: I think I'm going to be sick.
Knuckles: Blah! Me Too.

Then in the background, they can see Eggman tiptoeing out of there thinking they weren't going to see them.

Shadow: Hey! Eggman's getting away!
Knuckles: Let's get him!
Dr. Eggman: Oh boy.

Eggman started to take off with them hot on his trails, and Sonic started to talk to Amy again.

Super Sonic: Ha! I guess Egghead got what he deserves.
Amy: Yea.
Super Sonic: Now, where was I. Oh ya, now to finally tell you something important.
Amy: What Sonic?

Sonic got down on one knee and pulled out a beautiful diamond ring, shaped like a rose, just like the one he showed Amy in Paris.

Super Sonic: Amy.
Amy: Yes Sonic.
Super Sonic: I loved you ever since the day I met you, and ever since then Eggman was keeping us a part. And now thanks to Shadow and them, I don't think we'll see him for a while, and I can finally ask you this.
Amy: What?

Right when he was about to say it, Sonic finally changed back to his blue and normal form and asked her.

Sonic: Will you marry me? ( That one is for Amyfan2004 )
Amy: Oh yes Sonic, I will. I thought this would never happen. I'm so happy.
Sonic: Glad to hear it Amy.
Amy: I love you Sonic.

Now with the truth finally coming out, Sonic was not ashamed of telling the same back to her.

Sonic: I love you too, Amy.

Then right there over the ruins of Metal Sonic's body, they shared a kiss, and this time, it was the real Sonic.


Sonic and Amy were about to have their wedding at the church of Station Square. Knuckles as a priest, and Shadow as Sonic's best man, surprise surprise.

Knuckles: Sonic, do you take this hedgehog, to be your beautiful wife. To hold, and to care, for as long as you both shall live?
Sonic: I do.
Knuckles:And you, Amy, take this hedgehog, to be your husband.
Amy: I do.
Knuckles:Then now, I shall pronouce you, hedgehog and wife, you may now kiss the bride.

Sonic placed his hands on her cheeks and pulled her in for a kiss, and Sonic and Amy shared the most wonderful kiss they ever had in her dreams. They all were about to leave the church and Amy asked Sonic something.

Amy: Sonic, is this a dream?

Sonic smiled at Amy.

Sonic: No Amy, it's for real this time.
Amy: Thank you for making my dreams coming to life, Sonic.
Sonic: Your welcome, my bride.

When they were outside of the church, Sonic and Amy were about to leave and then Tails asked them something.

Tails: Hey Sonic, now that you are married, what are you going to do now?

Sonic looked at Amy, smiled, and looked back at Tails.

Sonic: Well, I guess I'll always like to do, run. But this time, I have someone special that will always be with me.
Amy: Oh Sonic.

Then Sonic swept Amy off her feet and speeded of to the sunset with his true love with him.

                                        ~THE END~


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WickedSpeedDemon on August 31, 2008, 2:54:03 AM

WickedSpeedDemon on
WickedSpeedDemonyay finally a happy ending!

bentheechidna1 on January 12, 2007, 12:22:13 PM

bentheechidna1 on
bentheechidna1I read this b4 I was a memebr but this was a truly heartwarming story. This is better than any old sonamy story. It's something that would make sonamy fans die in joy for.

Serini on November 10, 2006, 2:22:51 AM

Serini on
Serinime: this story is the greatest ever 
serini (my fan char ): i thought it happened 2 years ago
me: did it?
serini: *+* looks like shes about to explode *+*
me: *+* runs away screaming being chased by serini *+* please help me someone my one fan char is trying to kill me!!!!!!!!!!

SonicLovesAmy on September 17, 2006, 4:01:25 AM

SonicLovesAmy on
SonicLovesAmyi cried!! *still sobbing* and this is my 4th time reading it! as you know your on my favs + so you know I LOOOVE YOUR STORY!!

amylaine500 on June 10, 2006, 10:57:21 AM

amylaine500 on
amylaine500*sobbing with joy* loooooooooooved it this is so going to my favorites

DaWolff on January 18, 2006, 2:41:48 AM

DaWolff on
DaWolffMan... I almost started to cry... This is what i always wanted to happen with Sonic and Amy... They are so cute couple! Man i'm crying...

milesprowler on December 26, 2005, 1:49:19 AM

milesprowler on
milesprowlerGreat story but tails would defenentaily(SP) be sonics bet man

Animegirl1994 on August 3, 2005, 9:41:09 AM

Animegirl1994 on
Animegirl1994Awwwwwwww! That's so sweet 4 Sonic. I always get this funny feeling when Sonic tells Amy that he loves her. Really. Ah, who cares. At least this story is so cute!

sonicfangirl on July 4, 2005, 2:56:28 AM

sonicfangirl on
sonicfangirloh what a cute storie write more...

Amy_Rose_25 on June 20, 2005, 12:22:21 PM

Amy_Rose_25 on
Amy_Rose_25That was best!My favorite part is when Soinc and Amy got marred! Plese write more storys about them