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Chapter 1 - The incident

Sonic has never felt anything towards Amy before , until she acts differently.....

Chapter 1 - The incident

Chapter 1 - The incident

“I wonder where everyone has gone” sonic thought to himself as he sat upon the Thordyke home roof, he lay thoughtfully until a voice broke the silence. “Sonic” said a voice as Sonic looked over to see a orange and white fox running towards the house. Tails had been Sonics best friend for years and he had no intention of

running away from him, unlike Amy he often ran away from her, on a daily basis actually. Amy was a pink hedgehog who had chased sonic ever since he rescued her from metal years ago.

“Sonic” shouted the voice again “Where are you??” Sonic peeked over the edge of the roof, the twin tailed fox seemed some what distressed.

“What's wrong tails??” Sonic yelled at the top of his voice because Tails was on his toes and wouldn't stop muttering under his breath.

“ Oh, sonic thank goodness ive found you !!” The fox flew to the rooftop and began to speak so fast that Sonic couldn't understand him. “Whoa, tails slow down little buddy, what's happened?” Sonic put a hand on each of his shoulders to stop him fidgeting around. “ Its Amy , all of us were in the park and this robot

attacked everybody, I ran here to get the X-Tornado and when I looked back , no Amy” Tails began to panic again and he quickly jumped from the roof and ran towards the hangar where the

X-Tornado was waiting.

“Get there as soon as you can tails, I may need your help”

Sonic sped off but lingered long enough to hear tails shout “be careful Sonic” Then before he knew it he was on his way to the park.


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nextguardian on February 9, 2006, 9:08:54 AM

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nextguardiankeep it coming

tikalxxx134 on September 4, 2005, 4:49:51 AM

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tikalxxx134@_@ must have more...-has the urge to attack-