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Chapter 2 - 2

Patrick finally gets his chance to be different!

Chapter 2 - 2

Chapter 2 - 2
Chapter 2: How I'm Gonna Do It

Patrick ran as fast as he could, but Gary passed him up.

Gary: "Meow meow." (Hi Patrick.)

Patrick: "How many people will I see today?"

Spongebob then ran up, and started to walk.

SpongeBob: "Wait, Pat. I can tell you've been thinking. You usually don't show this much, um, fargileness."

Patrick: "Well, I want to make me look like a swirl. But, I don't know how. Nobody knows how."

SpongeBob: "Very untrue, my pink friend. The Flying Dutchman knows."

Then the Flying Ducthman flew in.

FD: "Ey, it'd be true. All you have to do is paint your dryer white, the inside me boy, and put yourself in there for 5 minutes."

Patrick: "Can I do it in any other color?"

FD: "It only works in white and red."

Patrick: "Can I do them all?"

FD: "It'd be hard. For you have to paint so small, smaller than ye eyeball."

Patrick: "Really?"

FD: "Ey, really."

SpongeBob: "Umm...but Bikini Bottom doesn't have white paint. Only Rock Bottom does."

FD: "Ye have to drive there then."

SpongeBob: "But, we have to deal with that scary, scary town!"

FD: "Oh well. Hope you don't get the no name bus driver."

SpongeBob: "Well, let's catch the bus."

Patrick: "Wait! I don't want to be white! I want to be red!"

SpongeBob: "Don't worry, Pat. I can paint smaller than an eyeball."

Patrick: "Are you sure?"

SpongeBob: "Remember the first art project of the year in 3rd grade?"

Patrick: "Yeah. You painted so small."

SpongeBob: "Well, let's get going!"


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