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Chapter 3 - 3

Patrick finally gets his chance to be different!

Chapter 3 - 3

Chapter 3 - 3
Chapter 3: Bus to Rock Bottom

SpongeBob: "You got 50 cents?"

Patrick: Yes."

SpongeBob: "Okay. I don't have to pay this time."

Patrick: "Heh heh."

Bus Manager: "Last call for Rock Bottom Patty Paint Store."

SpongeBob: "My pink friend and I are last."

The two walked in, but their change in when SpongeBob's pants inflated, hitting the bus driver.

Bus Manager: "No...inflatable...pants!"

SpongeBob: "Can I get a copy of the rules?"

Bus Manager: "No."

SpongeBob: "Well, can you tell me some of the rules?"

Bus Manager: "No."

SpongeBob: "Your mean!"

Patrick: "Listen here buddy! My best buddy can beat anyone, anything! So you better give him a copy of the rules!"

Bus Manager: "What will happen if I don't?"

Patrick: "He won't pay!"

Bus Manager: "Okay!"

The Bus Manager handed SpongeBob the list of rules. He read them silently.

SpongeBob: "Wow, Pat! That was amazing!"

Patrick: "Dig it!"

SpongeBob: "Huh?"

Patrick: "Huh?"

SpongeBob: "Okay, you said 'Dig it' and I said huh?"

Patrick: "Oh, is this my que? Huh?"

Spongebob: "Never mind Patrick."


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