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Chapter 5 - 5

Patrick finally gets his chance to be different!

Chapter 5 - 5

Chapter 5 - 5
Chapter 5: Painting the Dryer
SpongeBob and Patrick got on the bus at the last minute, again making the bus manager mad. For now the reason is unknown. It may never be revealed. Anyway, he and Pat were the only ones on the bus.
SpongeBob: "I got the red paint too."
Patrick: "Why?"
SpongeBob: "Just in case you wanted it."
Patrick: "What makes you think that? Do you think I can't make a decision?"
SpongeBob: "No!"
Patrick: "Wait, let me guess what root beer is made give up."
Patrick: "Well, sorry, SpongeBob CrankPants!"
SpongeBob: "Don't start!"
Patrick: "That's it! I'm not painting your washing machine!"
SpongeBob: "Patrick. Why don't you go to sleep?"
Patrick: ''Ok-zzzzzzzzzzz!"
SpongeBob: "Finally."
Later, SpongeBob and Patrick started painting Pat's washing machine.
SpongeBob: "Okay, I'll paint it white, you paint it red."
Patrick: "Okay."
Patrick started painting the outside.
SpongeBob: "Patrick, what are you doing?"
Patrick: "Painting."
Patrick moved in to the walls.
SpongeBob: "Your walls do need a new color, but can we do that later?"
Patrick: "Sure buddy."
Finally, Patrick caught the right spot. Inside the dryer.
They painted, painted and painted. It took them almost 6 1/2 hours.
SpongeBob: "Okay, Pat get in."
Patrick climbed in and SpongeBob started the dryer.
Find out in the next chapter, what is going to happen!


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