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Chapter 7 - 7

Patrick finally gets his chance to be different!

Chapter 7 - 7

Chapter 7 - 7
Chapter 7: Mr. Krabs Tells Them Straight

SpongeBob: "C'mon! Why is everyone laughing? Maybe Mr. Krabs knows!"

Patrick: "Yeah!"

SpongeBob: "He might not answer me though because I have my own resturaunt now."

Patrick: "Well, then I'll ask him all by myself!"

SpongeBob: "I guess that'll have to work!"

Patrick and SpongeBob were later standing in front of the Krusty Krab.

Patrick: "I'm going in!"

SpongeBob: "Good luck buddy."

Patrick walked into the door then inside the door. He looked at all the cob webs and such. Then he heard someone laughing. He turned to the register and saw Mr. Krabs laughing.

Mr. Krabs: "What happened to you boy?"

Patrick: "Well, you see, I wanted to be noticed, so I painted myself, but now everyone laughs at me and I want to know why they do that!"

Mr. Krabs: "Probably because they're too bust telling them self you belong in a yogurt case! Ha, ha, ha!"

Patrick: "Why do I look like a Philadelphia Swirl yogurt case?"

Mr. Krabs: "Yeah. Except triple the size!"

Patrick: "So, I look like yogurt and a freak?"

Mr. Krabs: "Son, why yes you do!"

Patrick: "But the Flying Dutchman said it would be a nice look!"

Mr. Krabs: "Patrick! Think, the Flying Dutchman has been living for 5,000 years!"

Patrick: "Well, I guess your right."

Mr. Krabs: "Yer darn right I'm right!"

Patrick: "Now, I want the Flying Dutchman to tell me how to get this paint off!"

Mr. Krabs: "Hurry! You don't want to stay a freak forever, no do ye? Argh, argh, argh!"

Patrick: "Bye Mr. Krabs!"

Mr. Krabs: "Bye, me boy!"


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