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Chapter 8 - 8

Patrick finally gets his chance to be different!

Chapter 8 - 8

Chapter 8 - 8
Chapter 8: On the Can

Patrick walked out and SpongeBob looked like he was about to cry.

SpongeBob: "Well, I've heard all that you guys were talking about, but I have some bad news. The Flying Dutchman moved to Jacque Bottom."

Patrick: "Your serious?"'

SpongeBob: "Sorry buddy, but I'm afraid I am."

Patrick: "Well, then how are we going to figure out how to get the paint off?"

SpongeBob: "Well, I do have an idea, but we have to look on the can for something."

Patrick: "Well, what's your idea?"

SpongeBob: "Umm....if the paint's washable, we put you in the washing machine then in the dryer."

Patrick: "Yeah, that sounds like a pretty good idea to me."

SpongeBob: "C'mon! Let's go back to my house and check that paint!"

Patrick and SpongeBob walked all the way home, and found the paint can.

SpongeBob: "Only use on walls. Toxic. Keep away from children. Will cause skin to dissolve. Not-washable. Humph! You think they would put that in bigger print!"

Patrick: "Toxic?"

SpongeBob: "It means poisonous."

Patrick: "Your not kidding?"

SpongeBob: "I swear to god."

Patrick: "Oh, man! Hey! Why don't we have the Patty Wagon bring us to Jacque Bottom?"

SpongeBob: "Hey, that's a good idea!"

Patrick: "Do you still have the Patty Wagon?"

SpongeBob: "Well, actually, I bought it from Mr. Krabs."

Patrick: "And where is it?"

SpongeBob: "In my garage."

Patrick: "Well then, let's go!"


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