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Chapter 10 - 10

Patrick finally gets his chance to be different!

Chapter 10 - 10

Chapter 10 - 10
Chapter 10: 301 Pints

SpongeBob: "Lloyd, Floyd!"

Floyd: "Huh? It's the Monsters!"

Lloyd: "Please, don't hurt us!"

SpongeBob: "What are you talking about?"

Lloyd: "Out here in the country, your known as the Monsters!"

SpongeBob: "Look, all I'm worried about is getting the tank full before Pat's skin starts peeling!"

Lloyd: "Okay, umm.."

Floyd: "Here's yer ketchup!"

Patrick: "Thank you, kind, kind gentlemen."

SpongeBob: "Yes, thank you."

Lloyd: "Umm...your driving buisness away!"

SpongeBob: "Fine! We'll drive away!"

Floyd: "Well, it's about time!"

SpongeBob tried to start the engine, but it didn't start. He tried again, and again.

SpongeBob: "Well, what the heck's wrong with this?"

Patrick: "Hey! They only gave us..a pint of ketchup! We need a full tank!"

Floyd: "Well, how many pints is that?"

Lloyd: "50, 100, 200, 300?"

SpongeBob: "600, 000 pints."

Lloyd: "Really?"

Floyd: "Holy cow!"

SpongeBob: "Ha! Just playing a little joke. I need 301."

Floyd: "Your not joking?"

SpongeBob: "I swear!"

Floyd: "Okay. Here's your 301 pints of ketchup."

SpongeBob filled up the tank. He gunned the engine, and this time it started.

SpongeBob: "Thank you!"

Patrick: "Bye!"


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