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Chapter 1 - 1

Friend has a family!

Chapter 1 - 1

Chapter 1 - 1
Friend Has a Family

SpongeBob by Patrick's door.

SpongeBob: "Patrick?"

Patrick: "I'm ready!"

SpongeBob: "Great! Let's go!"

SpongeBob and Patrick went along to Jellyfish Fields.

SpongeBob: "Patrick look! It's Friend (the only blue jellyfish) and a female jellyfish!"

Patrick: "Oooohhhh! They have a kid too! It's purple, and it produces sea-nut butter!"

SpongeBob: "They looking for a home. Hmm... I have an extra room at my house, they can stay with me!"

Suddenly, the family was in SpongeBob's net.

SpongeBob sings:
I support a family
a family
a family
I support a family of jellyfish
One's blue
One's red
One's purple and produces sea-nut butter
Dum dum da dum!
His name his Friend!
Her name is Friendalina
Her name is Friendalinalina
Yeah, yeah, yeah!


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