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Chapter 1 - 1

Friendalina's cool new babies!

Chapter 1 - 1

Chapter 1 - 1
Chapter 1: The News to You

SpongeBob and Patrick ran around jellyfish fields, waving, waving their jellyfish nets.

Patrick: "So, how's Friend, Friendalina, and Friendalinalina?"

SpongeBob: "I had built a new room to the pineapple so they could have their own house."

Patrick: "Friendalina pregnant yet?"

SpongeBob: "No way."

They laughed their usual laughs, and ran around.

SpongeBob: "But I think I'll be letting the family go if Friendalina doesn't get pregnant."

Patrick: "Well,. can I come and visit later?"

SpongeBob: "Ha, ha, ha! Sure Pat!"

Patrick: "Thanks SpongeBob!"

SpongeBob: "But you know, if Friendalina gets pregnant, we'd have a great jellyfish on our hands."

Patrick: "Yeah. What color would it be? What if it was black? Or white? Or a mix? You know there's never been one of those before. Neither of the three."

SpongeBob: "Yeah, your right. I have a book with every jellyfish recorded and lived."

Patrick: "You'll be a star if you have all of those three. A big celeb!"

SpongeBob: "Yeah, but I don't need anymore fame. I already got enough from frycooking. I mean managering my job!"

Patrick: "Don't forget me Mr. Cashier!"

SpongeBob: "I will never forget you Pat!"

Patrick: "Oh yeah, can we talk about a raise?"

SpongeBob: "Pat! It's only been a week!"

Patrick: "Sorry. I need to get more roast beef. The three hundred pound kind."

SpongeBob: "Don't worry you'll get enough. Anyway, what if Friendalina is pregnant and I don't know it?"

Patrick: "What if she has twins? Or triplets?"

SpongeBob: "We'll just have to wait!"


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