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Chapter 2 - 2

Friendalina's cool new babies!

Chapter 2 - 2

Chapter 2 - 2
Chapter 2: Once We Find Out

SpongeBob activated the tumbler, thus opening the door. He and Patrick walked in.

Patrick: "So, where's the room?"

SpongeBob: "To the back of the house. But be quiet just in case they're sleeping."

The two sneaked through the house, tip-toeing as quietly as possible.

Spongebob: "Here we are!"

He opened a golden, steel door. It lead to a 16x30 room.

Patrick: "Hey guys! Remeber me? Uncle Patrick!"

SpongeBob: "Don't worry. Every morning they ask if your coming to see them."

Patrick: "Aww! Friendalinalina is so cute!"

Friend: "Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz." (Friendalina is pregnant with triplets.)

SpongeBob: "Your serious? Your dead serious? Oh my god!! This is so awesome!"

Patrick: "Congrats buddy! Congrats!"

Friend (frowning): "Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz." (But she has cancer.)

SpongeBob: "What? Your serious? Dead serious? Oh my god!! Oh my god this is so not awesome!"

Patrick: "No congratulations there buddy."

SpongeBob: "I can't believe she has cancer! I can't believe jellyfish get cancer!"

Patrick: "I can't believe she has cancer! I can't believe jellyfish get cancer!"

SpongeBob: "Don't Pat."

Patrick: "Don't Pat. Oh, sorry."

SpongeBob: "I guess if they're all girls we'll name them Friendalinalinalina, Friendalinalinalinalina, and Friendalinalinalinalinalina. If they're boys, we'll name them Friendrick, Friendrickrick, and Friendrickrickrick."

Patrick: "Wow, long names."

SpongeBob: "Yeah long names. And if she happens to have a 15th child the boy will be Friendrickrickrickrickrickrickrickrickrickrickrick-"

Patrick: "K, Pat. I get it."

SpongeBob: "Sorry. This is just so awesome and so sad."


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