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Chapter 3 - 3

Friendalina's cool new babies!

Chapter 3 - 3

Chapter 3 - 3
Chapter 3: After Labor

SpongeBob looked at the three baby jellies in front of him. Two boys and one girl. Friendrick, Friendll and Frienday. All different names. Not what SpongeBob had suggested.

SpongeBob: "I can't believe I have the first mix breed, white and black jellies!"

Patrick came through the door. "Hey SopngeBob! How's Friendalina?"

SpongeBob: "She delivered early!"

Patrick: "How's her cancer?"

SpongeBob: "Well, it's still as small as before but the vet says she actually might die. Unless, something is causing her to be sick. Like poison. But who in the right mind would want to harm one of nature's most delicate creatures!?"

Patrick: "Huh?"

SpongeBob: "Never mind."

Then a soda bottle came through the window.

SpongeBob: "Huh? What's this? It says... Meet Me at the Jellyfish Diner in 5 minutes And I will Tell You What's Wrong."

Patrick: "Wow! A deep dark and mysterious letter. Odd"

SpongeBob: "Oh, I have a bad feeling about this."

Patrick: "Don't worry SpongeBob, it'll be all fine. I'm sure the person will just say she's still pregnant."

SpongeBob: "What color would it be?"

Patrick: "I don't know."

SpongeBob: "Well, don't- Wait! I'm over reacting. I got to calm my self down."

Patrick: "Yeah. Boy, I've always wanted to say yeah to you."

SpongeBob: "Yeah, Pat. Okay."

Patrick: "SpongeBob. Are you having a mood swing?"

SpongeBob: "Yes, Pat. Your making it worse."

Patrick: "I am? Sorry."

SpongeBob: "Come on. Let's go."


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