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Chapter 4 - 4

Friendalina's cool new babies!

Chapter 4 - 4

Chapter 4 - 4
Chapter 4: At the Diner

SpongeBob walked in to see some of his empoyees working hard.

Plankton: "Over here!"

SpongeBob: "Plankton? Is that you? Are you the one who wrote the letter?"

Plankton: "Yes I am. Come, come sit."

SpongeBob: "Okay. Now, tell me. What is wrong with Friendalina?"

Plankton: "Oh, it's not cancer, let me tell you. She's pregnant. She's pregnant."

SpongeBob: "She is? What's it going to be?"

Plankton: "See, she's part oyster. So this baby is an jellster. A jelly and an oyster mixed."

SpongeBob: "Why do you know she's pregnant?"

Plankton: "Pregnacy test. Now, trust me. It's a jellster."

SpongeBob: "Okay. I'm going to tell the family."

Plankton: "No! Don't!"

SpongeBob: "Why not?"

Plankton: "Well, don't you want it to be a suprise?"

SpongeBob: "Yeah, but can't I at least tell she's pregnant?"

Plankton: "Do it. But don't tell her it's news from me. Tell and show her the pregnacy test. Here."

SpongeBob: "Okay. Now, I'm going to tell the family."


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