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Chapter 5 - 5

Friendalina's cool new babies!

Chapter 5 - 5

Chapter 5 - 5
Chapter 5: The Attempt to Steal

After staring at the baby for a long time, SpongeBob heard a knock on the door. He opened it.

Plankton: "Where's the jellster? It'll make me rich!"

SpongeBob: "Sorry, Plankton. Can't do!"

Plankton: "Why not?"

SpongeBob: "The babies not mine."

Plankton: "Where are the stinkin parents?"

SpongeBob: "Towards the back of the house inside the room with the gold door."

Plankton: "Thanks you little square cube."

SpongeBob: "Your welcome, Stubby!"

Plankton ran as fast as he could to the room. He wlaked inside and took the baby.

SpongeBob: "Plankton, what are you doing? You didn't even ask!"

Plankton: "So!"

SpongeBob: "Plankton!"

Plankton: "No, no! I'm going to suceed!"

SpongeBob: "Not as long as I'm on the case!"

Plankton: " cheese!"

SpongeBob: "Ha! You're getting weaker!"

Plankton: "So..what-"

SpongeBob: "And stay out!"

Friend: "Buzz." (Thanks.)

SpongeBob: "No problem."

The End.


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