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Chapter 5 - 5

SpongeBob opens his own resturaunt.

Chapter 5 - 5

Chapter 5 - 5
Chaptetr 5: Expect the Un-Expected

SpongeBob sat happily in some place that smelled fresh and new.The Jellyfish Diner! It's completed! The menu was up, some teens were hired and Mr. Krabs burst through the door.

Mr. Krabs: "I'll have a jelly patty."

SpongeBob suddenly handed him a patty. Mr. Krabs took a bite. He smiled and nodded "awesome!"

Mr. Krabs: "I'll tell everyone!"

Soon the place was filled to capacity.

Squilliam pooped up scanning the menu.

Squilliam: "I'll have a-"

SpongeBob: "Squilliam? What are you doing here? This isn't a 5 star resturaunt."

Squilliam: "I heard this place was great. Anyway, I'll have a....Jelly Deluxe Meal."

SpongeBob: "That'll be $8.00."

Squilliam: "Wow! Your a lot better than that cheapskate Krabs!"

SpongeBob: "Well, sir, if you do have comments, we have a comment box just by the men's bathroom."

Squilliam: "You can really run a resturaunt, SquarePants!"

SpongeBob: "Why thank you, Mr. Unibrow."

Squilliam: "That's not my last name."

SpongeBob: "Oh. Well, here's your meal."

Squilliam walked away, sat at table 6, and enjoyed his meal.

Then, the Flying Dutchman appeared!

Customor 1: "AHHH!"

Customor 2: "Double AHHHH!"

Flying Dutchman: "I'll have 3 Jelly Deluxes and 2 Seaa-Nut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches."

SpongeBob: "Flying Dutchman? Your...your here?"

Flying Dutchman: "Yeah, yeah. The news spreads fast. So how much will this cost?"

SpongeBob: "That'll be $54.00, please."

Flying Ducthman: "Let me try the things first!"

The Flying Dutchman tried them and nodded.

Flying Dutchman: "Yummy! This is the best!"

Then evil came through the doors...Plankton!


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