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Chapter 1 - Under the Rubble

What hapend befor Sly 4..... well find out what Evil plan Dr.M has planed in Under the Rubble

Chapter 1 - Under the Rubble

Chapter 1 - Under the Rubble
 I could'nt Feel my legs,arms, or any other part of my body for that Mater and all could see was Rock.I could not deside what hurt more the rocks crushing my insides or looseing the Cooper Fortionen to that stupid raccoon's son!For a Minute i thought i was dead,but then i head sirens from what might be police boats. i then saw some light. i reached up and tumbeled a rock out of my way and climed out. i crawled tword the edge of the pile of rocks that i was under and rolled down.I know knew how strong the new Cooper was and i needed an alli,a Friend,some kind of aprentis if i was going to beat "Sly" Cooper and his little gang. But first i had to get out befor the cave fully inploded.I couden't walk, or even move. so what did i do, something stupid!"HELP!!!!!" i cried. i thought no one would come but then i saw one of my Mutent henchman came and grabed me by the back of my coat and draged me to a boat where we saild away from the island.


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