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Chapter 1 - Leaving

 A one shot that might turn into more chapters later.  Robin and Beast Boy share some sweet and awkward moments.

Chapter 1 - Leaving

Chapter 1 - Leaving
"Won't you reconsider? There are still some test we have to complete before-""No go Ricky." Zipping up the last suitcase the hero formerly known as Beast Boy packed the rest of his gear. He looked around the room...empty. All of his belongs, any evidence he'd ever lived in the Titans Tower, had been removed from the room leaving nothing behind but a bunk bed and bare green walls. Gar knew his friends were all sad at his leaving and under normal circumstances he would be too. But the circumstances weren't normal and he felt nothing but relief."But, where will you go? Back to Africa?"Gar slung his last pack over his shoulder and turned to face his friend. He gave Robin a broad grin and pointed to his hair. "Look at this Ricky...what do ya see?""Beast Boy-""Blond. But a-nah...not just any blond! Natural blond.""BB we-""And take a look at these babys!" Gar slide the tip of his finger over the top curve of his ear. "No points...round!" Robin took a deep breath and tried to collect his thoughts. Ever since the acident last week Beast Boy had spoken of nothing else but leaving the Tower and starting his new life as a normal teenager. Gar walked past Robin and out the door into the hall. Robin followed Beast Boy as they made their way down to the elevators. "And check this," Gar raised his hands slightly above his head for Robin to see. "Whats missing? Hm? Notice anything different?" Robin rolled his eyes behind his black mask while Gar continued on his self-satisfying dailogue."No green." Gar grinned as he and Robin entered the metal cubicle. He thumbed the button for the bottom floor and leaned causually against the far wall of the elevator. "Not one fracking solitary green spot!! heheh....pale pasty white perfection!" Gar gazed at his long fingers with awe and admiration. To Robin...Beast boy wasn't being himself. Sure the changes he'd gone thru, the return to being quote unquote normal, gave Gar every right to no longer wish to be a super hero. Beast Boy had been granted a gift...the gift of a second chance at a life with everyday responsbilitys that didn't include saving the world or living with the knowledge that your enemies were everywhere ready to attack. Still, something was off. Robin played at watching the numbers blink across the top of the door when really his eyes were studying Beast Boy. He was just standing there as if he could've been any random Joe waiting for the doors of an elevator in a nameless building to open. Leaning, slouching, hands stuffed into his pockets, stupid half-grin plastered on his lips...too nonchalaunt. Gar was forcing himself to seem unaffected and happy about his new situation. Robin wasn't fooled. Something was very very wrong. As the doors finally slid open Gar sauntered out into the parking deck of the Titan's Tower leaving Robin to loiter behind at the elevator doors. Robin watched as Beast Boy made his way to other Titans gathered at the end of the room near the exit. He's really doing it...really leaving.Robin closed his eyes for a moment and focused his breathing. It was obivious now that no amount of talking would stop the once-shapeshifting Titan from leaving. As his friend, his leader, and the leader of all other Titans present Robin had to remain stoic and strong; he had to be glad for his commrade and give him his complete support. Still, as Robin watched BB handing out hugs to his friends and stealing kisses from any girl who stood still long enough the dark titan couldn't help but wish he wasn't leaving. Beast Boy's booming laughter brought Robin out of his wondering thoughts. With the flowing agility from years of matrial arts training Robin crossed the room with measured steps until he was lost in the thick of the party. Well wishes, tearing goodbyes, heartfelt urges to write often and forever flooded the room. Everything started to blur togather once the music and laughter of all the new Teen Titans reached its high point. Beast Boy had taken his farewells in groups between three and four . For the last two hours it had felt like he'd been spun around a million times. Kisses, hugs, hardy pats on the back everything was spinning into one giant send off. Robin had been in much the same boat only instead of goodbyes his conversations had been mostly focused on battle tactics and mission assignments. With the den raising it seemed impossible for the guest of honor to not be the center of attention. Yet, as Gar came to the middle of the room he turned just as Robin was also coming about. They barely brushed each other and both seemed startled at seeing the other again. Beast Boy tried to come up with something witty to say but he found himself momentarily speechless. How was he supposed to say goodbye to his greatest friend?Robin felt he should be the one to break their awkward silence and properly show BB his support."Beast Boy I--" "Don't call me that." Robin was transfixed by the intensity in Gar's eyes. "Ricky...Robin....just call me Gar." Now the silence was doubly awkward and both Robin and Gar didn't seem to know how to change that. Finally Robin stuck out his hand. "Good luck...Garfield Logan." Beast Boy looked down at the hand offered to him as if he'd never seen one before. With deliberate slowness he took hold of Robin's gloved fist and pumped it up and down once. "You too...Dick Grayson."They stood still clutching each others palm for several minutes and miraculously no one bothered them. Neither one knew who moved in first. Yet after the intial motion they both just fell into it. Quick. Soft. The brush of a lip. They parted from each other slowly, as if time was standing still. After that moment neither one could meet the others eyes. Time started to move forward again and they were back with the party...back to reality. Turning away they headed for seperate sides of the room. Ooo00000oooO"Dudes...awsome party." The five core members of the Teen Titans collective walked side by side into the open lot infornt of the Tower. Dusk was just settling on the horizine and across the bridge connecting the titan's island to the city lightposts and neon signs were just starting to flicker on. Gar was in the middle of the tiny group with Cyborg and Raven on his left and Starfire and Robin on his right. It was a habit for the five teens to walk in formation always aware of each other; always supporting each other; always dependant on each other. More then a team...a family unit.Beast Boy looked around the vacant lot for his trusty "T-ped" moped. "Hey guys wheres my ride? Gots ta leave this shin-dig with some style ya know!" He looked up at Cyborg questioningly and when the half-human half-robot just grinned back at him Gar knew that something was off. Robin cleared his throat and tapped in a few commands on his communicator. From around the far side of the Tower came a roar of an engine and the squeel of tires burning out. Gar looked back behind him just in time to see a slick green blur revving its way toward their group at break neck speed. He started to back up but a reassuring hand from Robin on the small of his back stopped him. Gar watched in fascination as the green blur slowed down and screeched to a dead stop not more then a foot away from them. It was a motorcycle. A beautiful motorcycle. Dark green and painted to look like it was covered in scales. Built for speed with a low seat and tight body frame it had 'wild thing' written on either side with a sexy looking green cat-girl in a bikini lounging on the words and winking. Beast Boy's breath caught in his throat and could hardly believe how gorgous everything looked. After a few minutes Cyborg walked up to the machine and ran a hand over the black leather seat. "She's all yours." He smirked at his friend and Gar finally found his tongue."No way..." He murmured taking a step closer to the bike. "Yes way." Raven's lips quirked up into a small smile as she too went over to stand next to the motorcycle. "Hope you liked the paint job..." she blushed slightly, "I did that." "Yeah," Cyborg added. "And I've got this baby all supped up and ready for anything you could want! Hell, this thing might just fly if you ask it nicely." Starfire came to Gar's side and slipped her hands around his arm urging him forward toward his new treasure. "Do you like it my friend? It is much more desirable then your moped." Gar was once again speachless. This beautiful thing was for him. His friends had made him a gift that he didn't even know how to express his gratitude for. He ran his hands over the top of his new 'green machine'. He looked down at the perfect shine on the body and saw his own reflection in its glowing surface. His face looked green reflected off mirror coating of the bike and for a moment he thought he'd lost his new found normality. Then he caught a glimpse of his pale hand resting on the metalic frame and smiled with true joy. He was doubly blessed. Triplely blessed in fact. He was once again his normal self with a solid unchanging DNA or unstable shape and form. He had a brand new sweet ride that could carry him anywhere his heart desired. And most of all, most importantly of all, he had four of the greatest friends anyone could ever have. Gar looked around at all their faces smiling at him and began to chuckle. "Damn...guys this is...damn...." He shook his head to try and keep from crying and got himself under control. He turned from the wonderous motorbike and motioned his friends to form a circle before him. "First off," he begain looking each one in the eyes. " This...this...wonderful..." he indicated the bike and they all gave each other secret smiles and mental pats on the back for effecting him so. A wide grin spread over Gar's face as he continued. "Thank you all so much for everything you've done for me... Now that I'm leaving there are a few things I wanna tell you guys...get 'em off of my chest and stuff." He turned to face Raven and she tried to seem impassive like nothing was really effecting her. A sly look came over Gar's face. "Raven...take the stick out of your @$$." There was a pause (as would be expected) where no body moved or even breathed. Before she could send him into a flaming pit of hell Beast Boy continued. "You're a beautiful person Ray, inside and out. You've got a strong heart, a brilliant mind, and," Gar let his eyes roam up and down Raven's leotard clad figure, "a body that could stop traffic." Raven's cheeks turned bright red and off to the side a pile of rocks exploded. Beast Boy laughed and grabbed up his dark friend into a tight bear hug. "Theres nothing bad or evil about you girl...lighten up and have some frackin' fun for a change." He released her and she pulled up her hood in order to had the dorky grin spreading across her face.Beside Raven stood Starfire. Gar placed a hand on her shoulder and cocked his head to the side. "Starfire, girlfriend, you gotta get some street smarts. You don't do it soon and some badguy is gonna come with a contract saying you'll give out free hummers that you'll probablly sign thinking he's talking about a car." Starfire blinked several times then asked. "Well, if they are not free sports utility vehicles then what are they?" Cyborg leaned over and whispered something into the tamarian's ear. After thinking it over for a moment Starfire nodded and hugged her departing friend. "Fear not Gar of the Field! I shall never take the posistion of a 'job blower'! My road smarts will prevent me!!" She squeezed her friend pressing her ample bust firmly against him (an old Tamarian traditon started by Bob and Earl). Gar was trying not to laugh too hard so he hugged her back and shook his head. "Forget what I said Star. Never change. Ever."Cyborg moved forward and snatched up his tiny friend in a noggy. "Ah man! I can't believe you're actually going! I can't believe I'm not going to have anybody to play 'stank ball' with or beat at Ultra Race Car 3000! And I really can't believe you're a blonde!" Gar laughed and hollared with Cy about the old times for five minutes before he detached himself from his metal friend and chuckled. "I don't really have any insites for you buddy. Just take care of my girls and treat Sarah right. She's a good woman man keep her close." Finally it was Robin's turn. The brief moment in the party seemed to return and wrap itself around them. Once again no words could be said, no sound could be heard, no movment could be made by either of the two teens. After a long pause Beast Boy locked his eyes with Robin. Robin wished more then anything something amazing would be said. Either from him or Beast Boy he didn't care which. A gesture. Robin thought, that's what I need to show him...something he can always remember something like...even as he thought about Robin knew the one thing that would be a sort of proof to Beast Boy. It wasn't just a gesture it was a matter of trust and caring. It was something honest and special that Robin could give his friend. Not just Gar but to all of his friends. They had earned it all of them. With careful slowness Robin moved his hands up to his eyes and slid off his ever present black mask. Beast Boy felt glued to the spot and he knew everyone around him was feeling the same way. Blue...He thought as, for the first time, he gazed into Robin's...Dick's...eyes. Gar had an overwhelming feeling of being honored and given a grade gift even greater then the motorcycle. He also felt complied to offer up his own gesture to his leader and friend. This time it was obviously Gar who moved first. The kiss lasted a bit longer then before and there was a moment they both took to just enjoy the pressure of each others lips. Once again the world came to a shattering halt where nothing moved. When the kiss ended and Gar pulled back Robin leaned after his retreating lips to draw out the wonderous feeling for a second longer. Gar turned from Robin to face his friends. They all seemed stunned. He met their shocked expressions with a mischivious grin and walked up to Starfire. " long darlin'!" and planted a wet kiss firmly on her lips. Starfire was startled but not nearly as startled as Raven when Gar whirrled around and grabbed her by the waist as well. "Tell Madam Rouge I don't give a damn!" He mocked the old movie and dipped Raven for thick kiss. When he'd pulled her up he turned to Cyborg looked him up and down and said. "Sorry dude your too damn tall. You'll just have to ask the rest of them what it was like." He winked at his friend and hopped onto his new bike. He quickly revved the engine and let the machine purr beneath him before he looked over his shoulder at his friends.My family.He gave them all a big cheeky grin and waved before yelling out. "Now that...was FUN!!" Beast Boy kick started his green machine and sped off into the city across the bridge. Behind him standing underneath the giant tower he'd called home for five years stood his little family. They watched him until his license plate reading "its not easy" was unreadable. They watched him until the sound of his engine was long since slienced. They watched him leave with the hopes that he knew...he could always come home.


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TuffytArghhhh!!!  Man it all glued itself togather!!  Now it looks like I failed english!!  Doh!  Please read anyway...its not that bad...just mished togather.  For a better version go to  and search for Tuffyt.