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Our hero's find themselfs in the future with very little memory of how they got there. they meet they're kids and go up against every villian they've fought.
the Titans meet an interesting girl.... find out what happens!
*note: if you like teen titans, are a fan of mine or both, this is a must read!
Read and be hyper! There will probably be a chappy for each character, but I haven't decided yet... look, just leave it, okay? See how it turns out. Try to get along with people.
After the Beastboy surrendered himself to the Blood Reaper to let his friends go he dissapears to a place called the abyss were he meets a familier face. Meanwile at Titans tower a new foe appears and Raven must deal with the fact she loves beastboy.
When the newly formed Titan South,are on their first mission in Smallville, they meet Superboy. The problem is that he does not want to become a Teen Titan. But he's going to need their help to stop evil robots who are intent on stealing his powers.
Following the success of my first Teen Titans story, I decided to write my own season! And this my friends is episode 2!
A random story about me (yess!) and the Titans. It's a sort of replay of the Brotherhood of Evil stuff. Read only if you like random stuff.
The Titans are back from their war with the Brotherhood of Evil, but nothing in Jump City is like how they remembered it. And whom is the mysterious girl who's always wearing her brown hat? What could she possibly be hiding? Even though they've just met her, why does Robin think he's seen her before?
Raven is gifted with great power. Throughout her life as a Teen Titan member, she has done great deeds with them. But now that they have faced the Scarecrow, something has gone awry with Raven. Something so terrible she could destroy the entire city... along with the Titans.
this is a teentitans chat room they just start tlking when somthing happens they switch places. FUNNY READ PLEASE comment please
well. this is my first story
so i hope you like it
be ready for.
well. the ranting is not exactly the correct one, but in the others chapter you will see that is the right ranting..
see ya ¡
So yeah, it updated to tha max!... Forget i said that
This is the Teen Titans high school musical it has no relation to High School musical and I worte all original songs so enjoy!
Love: This is what Starfire and Robin has together, a gold heart. But there is so many things in the way.
Slade is back and he's after Lilly, while Cyborg finds Sarah is not what she seems and Red X was evil all along. This is the sequel of Concert
Raven's powers render her unable to show emotion. Thus leaving her alone in the shadows. But when they arrest an Azerathian teenage boy for committing a ghastly crime she feels things she never has before. Is Raven... in love? Find out.
When Starfire is forced to leave Earth to go to war with Tamaran, Robin is heartbroken. Raven tries to comfort him, but her own emotions get in the way.

Contains some Robin x Starfire and Robin x Raven. Enjoy!
One day while the Titans are engaged in a fight with Plasmus, they are mysteriously saved by a new hero...
Chapter 1 of many others featuring the first new titan of 2
This is a fanfic I wrote for terry_titanqueen's pic. Enjoy!
Richard Grayson never got along with his partners, until now, when a tall red- headed girl comes along.