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Chapter 1 - Part I

A Fairly Oddparents/Danny Phantom crossover story. Crocker rounds up all of Danny's enemies and uses them to take over Fairy World. It's up to Timmy Turner and Danny Phantom to save Fairy World!

Chapter 1 - Part I

Chapter 1 - Part I

TheFairly Odd Phantom
Acrossover between Fairly Oddparents and Danny Phantom
Timmysat in school, watching Mr. Crocker pace in front of the class. “Ok class!”Crocker yelled. “We’re going to write a paper!” The class groaned. “We’re goingto write a report on mythological and or paranormal creatures!” The classcheered. For once, Mr. Crocker had thought of something fun. The bellrang and everyone ran out of school. Crocker started cracking up as soon aseveryone left. “If Turner does a report on fairies, it’ll be all the proof Ineed.” He snickered. Principal Waxaplax peeked herhead in. “FAIRIES!!!” Crocker screamed manically, running out the door.
“SoTimmy, what are you going to do for your report?” Wanda asked. “Oh, oh!” Cosmo yelled, “Let me help!” Timmy sighed. “No way Cosmo. Remember what happened last time?” “I feel aflashback coming on.” Cosmo said. “Ok Cosmo, I wish for a life-size dragonreplica!” Timmy said. Cosmo’s wand lit up and poof a real-life dragon appeared.“Ahhh!!!” Timmy screamed asthe dragon chased him 10 miles down the street. “Um, no I don’t rememberthat.” Cosmo said. “Well, I do and I’m going to do something safe.” Timmy said,“I’ve decided I’m going to do ghosts.” Wanda smiled. “Ok Wanda. I wish I couldsee a real ghost!” Timmy yelled. POOF!
Bam!Danny Phantom slammed into a brick wall. “Ok, I should get serious.” Dannysaid. “Ya think.” Sam replied. A giant ghost monkeywas bashing Danny up pretty good. Danny ghosted through it and punched it inthe back of the head. POOF! Timmy, Wanda and Cosmo appeared across the street.“Cool!” Timmy said, “A real-life ghost!” Danny shot the Fenton-Thermos as theghost-monkey and it disappeared into it. “Go ahead guys. I’ll catch up.” Dannysaid. Sam and Tucker nodded and walked off.
Wandaand Cosmo turned into pigeons and sat on the side of a building while Timmytalked to Danny. “Hey! You stole my ghost!” Timmy yelled. Danny looked down.“Um, dude. That ghost was evil so it needed to be locked up.” Danny explained. “In a thermos?” Timmy asked. “One of mydad’s inventions.” Cosmo and Wanda appeared next to Timmy. “Guys! What are you doing?!” Timmy yelled, “If he knowsyou’re my godparents, you’ll go away forever.” “Relax Timmy, Danny’s half-humanso it’s not against the rules.” Wanda said. Timmy sighed. “So you’re half-ghost?”Timmy asked Danny, “How?” Danny sighed. “Freak lab accident.”
“Well,since you’re technically a ghost, I guess I can get facts on you instead.”Timmy said. Danny looked lost. “A school report.” Timmy explained. “Oh.” Dannysaid, “Listen, kid. I really need to get home.” Timmy down at the ground andsighed. Danny looked sympathetically at Timmy. “Ok, I can answer a couplequestions.” Danny said. Timmy extended his hand. “Timmy Turner.” Danny morphedback to normal. “Danny Fenton.” They shook hands. Then, both sat down on thesidewalk. “So, what’s it like being a ghost?”
Crockersat down on his bed and picked up the newspaper. He flipped through the paper,trying to find anything interesting. Then, a headline caught his eye. It read: ParanormalResearcher, Jack Fenton claims to have found portal to the Land of the Dead.Crocker spat out his coffee which bounced off the paper and hit him in theface. After a couple minutes of running around in circles and screaming inexcruciating pain, he looked back at the paper and laughed. “This might be mychance to finally capture a fairy.” Crocker said, “But first I’ll have to getsome help.” Crocker slinked back outside.
Crockerended up in front of Fenton Works. He peered into the window and saw Jazzwriting in a book. Crocker decided to slip through the basement window. He felland hit himself on a table. “Stupid table.” Hemumbled. Then, he found it. The Fenton Portal. It wasopen (just like it usually is). “Finally!” Crockeryelled, “I’ll prove to the world fairies exist and possibly even the existenceof ghosts.” Crocker looked blankly. “Ah who am I kidding, I’m going withfairies!” Crocker started laughing evilly again.
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shapeshifterwolf on March 10, 2007, 4:37:01 AM

shapeshifterwolf on
shapeshifterwolfThis is really cool!

DannyPhantomLover on December 29, 2005, 9:05:39 AM

DannyPhantomLover on
DannyPhantomLoverlmao this is really good crocker is hilarious and im glad uuu made a story with The Fairly Odd Parents and Danny Phantom...da two greatest shows frm Butch Hartman..n e ways...let me get bak tew da story..NEXX CHAPTER!!!!!!!

ouija-phantom-wolf on August 2, 2005, 12:34:38 PM

ouija-phantom-wolf on
ouija-phantom-wolfvery good! but crocker must be pretty stupid to think that he will find fairys here!

ROKER45 on April 22, 2005, 10:39:00 PM

ROKER45 on