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Chapter 2 - Part II

A Fairly Oddparents/Danny Phantom crossover story. Crocker rounds up all of Danny's enemies and uses them to take over Fairy World. It's up to Timmy Turner and Danny Phantom to save Fairy World!

Chapter 2 - Part II

Chapter 2 - Part II

TheFairly Odd Phantom – Chapter 2

Crocker walkedover to the Fenton Portal’s controls. He wondered how it worked so he juststarted hitting buttons stupidly until it opened. A green ectoplasmicenergy emitted from the gate. Crocker gazed at the hypnotic colors. Jack Fentonhad just happened to be walking down at that very moment.

“Who are youand how’d you get down here?” Jack asked. Crocker turned around and shifted hiseyes side to side, as if he thought Jack was talking to someone else. “I am Mr.Crocker!” Crocker yelled. “And once I use your portal to capture ghosts, I willtake over the world using FAIRY GOD PARENTS!” Jack started blankly at him asCrocker ran around the room grabbing ghost hunting junk. “Good-bye Jack FentonHa hahahahaha!!!!” Crocker yelled as he jumped intothe portal. Maddie walked downstairs. “Jack, who wasthat?” she asked. “Oh, some psychopath broke into the lab again.” Jack replied.

Crocker flewthrough the Ghost-Zone as real ghosts flew by. Crocker continued to look atthem until he smacked into the side of the Ghost-Zone Prison. Warden peekedoutside. “Who’re you?” he asked. “I have come from the human world to capturesome ghosts and using them to take over FAIRY WORLD!!” Crocker exclaimed.Warden looked at Crocker. “C’mon in.”

Warden tookCrocker to the Cafeteria. “Take your pick.” Warden told him. Crocker was amazedat all the ghosts. “Hmm.” Crocker said. He started torun around grabbing ghosts. About 10 minutes later he had ended up with Skulker, The Ghost Lunch Lady, Plasmius,Diseree and Technus. “Come my ghost minions!” Crocker yelled as he started to rundown the hall. The ghosts trudged behind.

“Ok, I thinkthat’s all I’ll need for my report.” Timmy said. “No problem.” Danny said,“Well, see ya.” Danny got up to leave. “Hey Danny, ifyou need any help, you can call me.” Timmy offered. “I’ll do that.” Just asDanny said that, a blast came from Fenton Works. The Specter Speeder flew by,followed by all the ghosts Crocker had rounded up. Jack and Maddiecame running towards Danny and Timmy so Cosmo and Wanda changed into alleycats. “Danny, did you see a crazy guy and a bunch of ghosts fly by?!” Jackasked.

“Wait, whatcrazy guy?” Timmy asked. “Well, he was tall, wore glasses, screamed about FairyGod Parents and was creepy beyond all reason.” Maddieexplained. “Crocker!” Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda yelled. “Hey!” Jack yelled, “Thosecats can talk.” Timmy started to sweat. “They must be ghosts!” Jack exclaimed.“Um, yeah, let’s go with that!” Timmy said. Jack and Maddiekept running. “Let’s go.” Danny said.

Crocker turnedto Diseree. “I wish we had a portal to Fairy World!” Diseree shot a blast ahead and made it so. Crocker lookedin the rear-view mirror and saw Timmy and Danny (in ghost mode) running afterhim. Crocker turned back to Diseree. “I wish theywere somewhere else!” Diseree shot Danny and Timmyand they disappeared. Crocker and the ghosts sped into the portal anddisappeared.

Timmy andDanny ended up in front of Timmy’s house. “Hey! We’re at my house.” Timmy said.“Yeah, the guy writing this just said that,” Danny remarked. Timmy looked atthe writing on your screen. “Oh yeah.” He said, “C’monyou can stay here until we figure out how to stop Crocker.” Timmy and Dannywalked inside. “Who’s your new friend?” Mom asked. “This is Danny, he’s aghost.” Timmy explained. “And where did you get a ghost?” Dad asked. “Um, Internet?” Timmy said. His parents looked at himblankly. “We’re going to my room. Timmy said.

“Ok.” Timmysaid as he pulled the bag of Magical Items (as seen in Abra-Catastrophe),“We can use these to fight Crocker.” Cosmo and Wanda poofed in. “Oh! Can we use the Magic Remote from ChannelChasers?” Cosmo asked. “I thought we got rid of those.” Timmy said. “I gotrid of mine.” Wanda said. Everyone stared at Cosmo. “Cosmo!”Cosmo sighed and tossed the Green Remote into the bag. “Cool.” Danny said, “Nowwe can go stop that crazy teacher of ours.” Timmy looked at Danny. “Wait! Youhad Crocker as a teacher too?” Danny looked surprised. “Do you know how longhe’s been there?” Danny asked. “Good point.” Timmy replied.

Timmy turnedto his fairies. “Ok, I wish we were in Fairy World!” Timmy yelled. Cosmo andWanda swished their wands and POOF they were in Fairy World.


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DannyPhantomLover on December 29, 2005, 9:11:41 AM

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DannyPhantomLoverlmao this story is great!!!! "Internet" dats da quote rii thurr!!!lmao...ok nexx chapter!!!!!

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ouija-phantom-wolf*falls over laughing* "can this get any better!"

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