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Chapter 2 - the new shale bio

just telling you everything about my fancharacter Shale

Chapter 2 - the new shale bio

Chapter 2 - the new shale bio
This format brought to you by, Link_the_hedgehog_magician


Gender: male

Age: 10 (though in stories I sometimes make him 18)

Who is he: Shale is a purple and white fox (take Tails' orange, turn it to purple and you basically have him, though he only has 1 tail) who Tails found abandoned while working on the Tornado. He has massive power but thankfully (well, always at 10 and sometimes at 18) he uses it for good. No one really knows his past, except him but he won't tell anybody.

Attire: He wears a purple and white, horizontally striped T- shirt, with a white long sleeved shirt underneath, no gloves, and gothic very, very dark purple jeans, black, white, and purple shoes, and a white wristband on each wrist.

10 year old Shale likes: Hanging out with Sonic and his friends. Target practice. Fighting. SUGAR!!!!!!

18 year old Shale likes: World domination. Causing chaos.

His personality: he acts tough and like he's on the dark side but he is good at heart

Weapons: his powers

Powers: pretty much anything

P.S. The real Shale is the 10 year old one. I just turn him evil and 18 to make some stories more interesting


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Phantom42 on January 5, 2007, 8:51:19 AM

Phantom42 on
Phantom42hi shale!! *pets shale*

great bio.

Link_the_hedgehog_magician on January 5, 2007, 7:05:16 AM

Link_the_hedgehog_magician on
Link_the_hedgehog_magicianawesooooooooooooooome. right?