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Chapter 2 - syrup, blub, blub, blub...

Most likely the first of many 'Shadow goes to' stories. No, I have no idea how Cream got a drivers license.

Chapter 2 - syrup, blub, blub, blub...

Chapter 2 - syrup, blub, blub, blub...
"AAAAAHHHHHH!!" Shadow screamed but Cream still dragged him into the building. He let out a huge sigh of relief that the doors didn't swallow him, but still was prepared for an attack! By the time they got past the cashiers and to the frozen food section, Shadow was a lot more comfortable in the store. In fact, he even wanted to go off by himself. He came up with a devilish plot. "Look! Coupons!" he screamed, and when Cream looked he darted off to the baked goods section. After mugging an old lady for a cake, he ate it quickly. Then he found himself in the chocolate syrup section (yes, a whole section for chocolate syrup). He ripped chocolate syrup off the shelf and tasted some. "Yuk!" he said, throwing it on the floor. It spilled and the top popped off. Seeing it's dazzling shininess, he walked over to it, slipped, and fell face first. "Maybe if I can harness it's power, I can take over the WORLD!" He grabbed more syrup, screwed off the top and spread it out on the floor. He got a running start to leap over the giant and shiny mud-like puddle and fell face first into it. Then an old lady came along after he stood up and smacked him across the face with her purse. "Gimme ma cake you little punk!" she shouted. Then she slipped and drowned in the chocolate syrup, shouting something about her blood pressure. Shadow took a bottle thingy and ran to the front of the store. "Um, excuse me sir," Shadow said to a cashier who had just opened the cash register. Once the cashier turned around, he squeezed on the bottle and got the cashier (who's name tag said 'Hi I'm Bob ^.^') in the face. "Thanks Bob." Shadow said. He dumped the bottle into the cash register and ran back to the chocolate syrup isle. Forgetting about the fact that he'd dumped about six bottle thingies of chocolate syrup on the floor, he slipped and again fell face first. He grabbed more chocolate syrup and shoved it into the old lady whom he found on the floor's bag. He slung the bag over his shoulder. He grabbed one thing of the syrup and crawled into the next isle over: the vegetable isle.


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Mattkur on February 17, 2007, 10:14:41 PM

Mattkur on
Mattkurgood chapter chris even though i wrote some chris im going to complement my own work chris.

Phantom42 on February 14, 2007, 2:13:51 AM

Phantom42 on
Phantom42lol....ah, the classic bob! in comics,skits, ect used by comideans everywhere!

a whole isle full of chocolate syrup?! WHAT THE HELL WHERE THEY THINKING!! DIDN'T THEY KNOW SHADOW WAS COMING TODAY?!?.......they probably thought he whouldn't make it past the blood thirsty doors...

awsome chapter!