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Are you like Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, or the newest heroine in 2002, Cream? For your answers, put in the letter you want.
Another DA fic. Story me and my sis write when we have time.
Sonic and the gang go to school with completely different personalities! Mainly follows Sonic and Shadow.
Another Sonic fanfic from DA.
Darkness is coming and only an ancient prophecy can save everyone.
(Barley update this now but I'll try to soon)
It's about how Sonic is faced with the desicion to send MElissa back to the reality world, or to let her stay.SOnic just wants to do what is best for her...but he's broken from the heart-wrenching desicion..
Title says it all. Most of these characters came from Sonic X, and the legal information... I think it was the Sonic Team. Anyways, some of the characters are made up, so yeah. If it cuts off, I'm not done.
the sonic ppls have a little chat.
Ladyluva: Grimly
Killin'u: Shade
Sonicspeeder: Sonic
sonamy4eva: Amy
2Tails: Tails
Tired of constantly being chased by Amy, Sonic is fed up. But when Tails mentions a possible solution, he's ready to try just about anything to get the pink stalker off his back. However, will the possible solution help, or just make the problem worse?
Hi, if you read this, plz comment.
Mind Im only 10...
A story to se how you know your stars.
my sister messed up my pic by putting it in the wrong CATAGORIE and cause she thought it was another pic wee funny
um.............hi its uh.......really funny
this is the curse of the tails doll
this story is a request from hyperstar90
um.......its funny
um.......ok i hate the descriptoin its funny
um........its also funny
um......its funny
A birthday present for my friend. One-Shot
O.O eek

I hope this one is as good as my other one.
This is a story that I made up in my head.....A bit weired huh?
But it turned out to be good so I wrote it out!
This is my first story!Hope you like it!!
I do not own any original  characters i only own the rest!
The title says it all, prepare for humor.
Conan O'Brien interviews all the characters in the Sonic series.