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Chapter 3 - Mission 1: No love for Donald

Different missions and endings to GTA3, all involving Claude

Chapter 3 - Mission 1: No love for Donald

Chapter 3 - Mission 1: No love for Donald
Staunton Island
Love Media Building

As the gang war between the Yakuza and the Cartel stated getting out of control and once it was clear that the Japanese were winning, Donald Love began packing his belongings for a permanent vacation. Getting a call from his secretary he answered his phone, "Yes?" "Uh... Mr. Love... there's a Mr. Claude here to see you..." Donald could tell that she was acting a little nervous, but he simply thought that the hit man he had hired did that to almost everyone who wasn't use to him. "Send him in." "Alright... Phutt!" Hearing a strange noise through the phone, Donald's secretary went completely silent.

At that moment the door to his office kicked open, the only thing Love had time to see was Claude in is usually outfit, carrying in his right hand a semi-auto Remington 11-87 shotgun with a huge sound-suppresser on it. Claude simply walked right up to Donald and excused him, hitting him in the chest and knocking him a few feet across the room. Even with the silencer on the weapon, the blast was still heard throughout the building. But he had taken care of that by killing a few guards, several employees, his secretary and the old oriental gentleman.

Killing Donald Love was not to prevent him from talking if he was caught by the Yakuza. It was for another competitor in Donald's type of business that simply wanted him dead and would take over Love Media.


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