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Chapter 4 - Ending 3: Yakuza

Different missions and endings to GTA3, all involving Claude

Chapter 4 - Ending 3: Yakuza

Chapter 4 - Ending 3: Yakuza
Callahan Bridge
Flashback 95.6
"Remember the music? Remember the cloths? Just forget about the morning after, Flashback FM." Stated the station's announcer. "I'm Toni on Flashback FM. Here's one for people who were so hip, if you know what I mean… it hurt."
"Don't be mistaken by the first impression
And watch out for that innocent expression

She's not what she seems
Don't wait in her dreams
Coz when she breaks away from the child
And the woman is wild
So wild

She's on fire
And she burns through the night at the speed of light
She's on fire
With the heat of the beat right beneath her feet
She's on fire
And the name of the game is to fuel her flame
She's on fire...

And so the dance with danger's your decision
But understand she's not quite like her vision

I'm warning you now
You sure you know how?
Coz she can take your heart
And the child and the woman is wild
So wild

She's on fire
And she burns through the night at the speed of light
She's on fire
With the heat of the beat right beneath her feet
She's on fire
And the name of the game is to fuel her flame
She's on fire...

She's on fire
And she burns through the night at the speed of light
She's on fire
With the heat of the beat right beneath her feet
She's on fire
And the name of the game is to fuel her flame
She's on fire...

She's on fire... and she's burning"

Toni came back on as the song ended, "Oh, she's on fire! But thankfully I've never have been... I mean I've done a lot of crazy things, I can tell you that. But I've never been on fire... at least not to my knowledge." The station’s announcer came back on, "Your dial is in the 90s but your head is stuck in the 80's--"

Staunton Island

Turning off the radio, Claude made it back to the construction site. Just as he got to the floor where Asuka Kasen was, he could see one of Catalina’s men coming up behind her. Firing his Colt 1911A1 pistol as rapidly as he could, he blew the back of his head off. Spotting a few more hiding behind cover, Claude ran to Asuka and tossed his IMI Micro Uzi to her.

Once they were dealt with, she turned to Claude, “Thank you, you came just in time… but some got away with Maria.” Looking down at a dead Cartel, he could see a white piece of paper in his left hand. Picking it up and reading it, he then handed it to Asuka, “… I see… well, take whatever you need and finish this once and for all.” Just before Claude took the elevator down, she had one last thing to add, “When you’re done… come back to my place… I have an offer for you.”

Taking a Yakuza Stinger vehicle, he drove to the meeting place.
Head Radio
Just before the next song started to play, the DJ came on, “Here’s a song you’re not going to find anywhere else... except on one of the 800 stations owned by Love Media, are sister station, rock & roll! It’s Head Radio!”
“Fade away, Fade away, Fade away
She looks out of her window
Only seeing her own reflection
Silent eyes that stare back to the distance

Put it on the window pane
Distorts her pretty face
She feels that’s what she looks like everyday

Looking down towards the floor
Back up through the window
She sighs a misty breath
The ghost without a haunted end

Streetlight fills her empty room,
Dark clouds are only seen,
She goes back to her bed
To try to sleep her nightmares away

Fade away, Fade away
She's gonna fade away, fade away

Nightmares they are recurring
One stare she could turn and face
Screaming down with all her might
To see everyone die

One day she'll have the courage,
To do what she wants to do,
End the life of misery,
And for once be happy

Fade away, Fade away
She's gonna fade away, fade away”

After the song ended, the DJ came back on, “Yeah, the rock of Liberty City. I'm DJ Michael Hunt. Last week when we were broadcasting live from that food court at the mall. A fan said to me "Mike, why do you always use cheesy clichés? Can't you say something original for once?" Hey! I'm not here to be original; I'm here to rock! Rock around the clock. 24/7 dudes! Non stop rock here on Head Radio!”

35 minutes later
Asuka’s Condo

Entering her place, Claude could see that Asuka was waiting for him. When she saw that he was alone she asked, “… Maria?” When Claude shook his head no, Asuka nodded, “Too bad…” walking up to him she began to talk business, “Now that Catalina is dead and her Cartels have been all wiped out… there’s no reason for you to be in Liberty City. Accept for an offer I have for you… you have already proven yourself to us… to me… and I want you to become one of us, a Yakuza… my special handyman,” Asuka walked right up to him, placed her hands on his chest and deepened her voice, “and something more…”

Looking into her piercing eyes, Claude put his arms around her. Pulling her closer he leaned into her, there lips were only a few inches away when she stopped and pulled back, “As much as I would love to continue this… first things first… do you agree, we’ll you join us?” It only took a few seconds for Claude to nod yes, but not simply because he could have sex with her. They were the only ones in the entire city that would have him and there was no place for him to go. She went and grabbed come clothes. “If you’re going to be a Yakuza, you need to dress like one. No offense… but the black jacket, green pants and the sneakers need to go.”

A few minutes later

Taking off his old clothes, he now wore sunglasses, a black suit, a white button shirt, black pants and black shoes. Walking up to him once again, Asuka commented on his new look, “There, you look very professional… very handsome.” Once again, Claude put his arms around her, pulling her close to him. Asuka smiled, “Once you’ve had a Yakuza woman, something that is quite rare in our organization, you’ll never want another woman.” She then whispered into his ear, “For the next several hours… I’m ours… do whatever you want to me.” Claude kissed her pouty red lips. Grabbing her @$$ with both hands, she jumped and wrapped her legs around his waist. Making there way to Asuka’s bedroom, the two took off each other’s clothes and spent the entire night exploring every inch of each other.


Since both were sleeping on the opposite sides of the bed when they were done, to his right Asuka was turned over, Claude could see a detailed tattoo, or irezumi, that covered the back of her neck, shoulders, back, arms and waist. He couldn’t quite see it when he was busy with other things with her, but getting a good look at it now, it was a Japanese dragon. Just as he was going back to sleep, the phone in there room ringed. When Asuka answered it, he didn’t know what she was talking about since she was speaking in Japanese. After a few minutes of conversion, she hung up the phone and fell back asleep. Whatever it was, if he needed to know, she would probably tell him in the morning, or in the afternoon, or at midnight, or whenever.

The sound of rushing water woke him up. Looking to his right at the digital clock in the room, it was 7:58am. Asuka had just stepped into the shower. Getting up, Claude decided it was time to leave. Getting dressed he left and headed towards his hideout. After parking the Yakuza Stinger in the garage next to the bulletproof Patriot vehicle and taking the elevator up to his room, Claude rinsed himself off.

After drying himself off he got a phone call from Asuka, “I wish you had stayed… I could have used some help in the shower… but we’ll save that for next time. I need you to come back here as soon as you can. My associates tell me that Toni Cipriani wants a meeting with us, seeing as we’re the only powerful players left in Liberty City… but he doesn’t want you there… as far as they know, I have agreed to that… but you will be there.”

To be continued

Another’s Notes: “At first I wanted this to a one-shot story like the rest but it just ended up being too long and taking to long to finish. So it will be a 2 or 3 chapter story.”


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