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Chapter 0 - The Turok Lineage

Joshua Fireseed learns the truth of his Turok lineage and will bear the burden that comes with it.

Chapter 0 - The Turok Lineage

Chapter 0 - The Turok Lineage
May 18, 1998

Joshua Fireseed always had an interest in his family's long history, which went back all the way to the pre-Columbian area, the Fireseed bloodline had been on this Earth long before recorded history. Not everyone came from a family of hunters and warriors, those who had faced incredibly odds, from fighting other fierce tribes, the arrival of the Europeans, the diseases they carried with them, the Mexicans and the Americans. Several of his family members served during wartimes from the first two world wars, Korean, Vietnam and Desert Storm.

Joshua never attend public government run schools, he was self taught and had a better education than most. For most of his life, Joshua was also taught to be active, eat healthy, exercise, trained in martial arts such as Okichitaw, how to fire and field strip weapons, and how to survive in the wilderness. At the age of 23, he had a pretty good build, had won a few metals and trophies from fighting and shooting competitions.

But there was one thing that Joshua noticed when he researched his family's history, there were cretin members of his tribe that disappeared. "Archaeologist could find no evidence to their disappearance and historians could only speculate what happen to them." Joshua thought to himself, however this wasn't just ancient history, this seemed to be happening in his time, his grandfather, great grandfather, a cousin, and one of his uncle's just simply vanished.

There was something else he found odd, "When it came to Indian stories and legends from my tribe, of warriors fighting strange beats and monsters, the way they described them, some of them sounded like... dinosaurs." He knew that his ancestors were not around during the Cretaceous period or any age before man, but these descriptions go back before anyone even knew that dinosaurs existed. "Again, archaeologist and historians think that's it's only a coincidence, since American Indian tales were never written down, only told out loud and such stories from any culture gets changed every time it's retold from generation to generation."

June 1, 1998

Over the course of several weeks, Joshua had dreams from a mysterious voice who answered the many questions he had about his family's long history, why many of them disappeared, where they went, how they were able to know about dinosaurs, why he was trained in weaponry, survival and self-educated. "In the dream I'm not shocked or angry... everything is clam, I feel at pace, as if I'm having a normal conversion, but what we talked about was far from normal. When I awoke it was hard for me to believe that the dream was even real, but the voice told me to look for certain things that were hidden all around my house, things I never knew that were there. I also learned that this had been going on for 10,000 years, starting with Pal'Seg'Na'Saquin, The Founding Father."

Then one day, the voice told him to prepare himself, his time to become the next Son of Stone was coming. That he had to leave his past life behind forever, although for Joshua, he wasn't attached to anything or anyone at this point in his life. Now he had a purpose, a legacy to live up to, he knew it would be hard fighting creatures that he only read about and from what he was told about them, they were no pushovers. But he knew that past Turok's had faced similar challenges, Joshua was ready for it. "As it turned out, the voice belong to Adon, a female humanoid alien."

After the Events of Turok 2

"When it was finally over, I didn't know it at the time, but when I defeated the Primagen, it turned out that no other Turok had ever face such a powerful being before. Even the most famous, Tal'Set, The Valiant One, had never beaten such a creature. I wasn't looking to make my mark as Turok be legendry, I was simply doing the best I could. As Adon explained, had I not tried to do everything in my power to stop him, the power of his mind could have had lasting effects."

"The Primagen has been destroyed, Turok! The combined energy from the totems has shattered his body and destroyed the last traces of his telepathic powers. The Omniverse is in your debt."

"After battling Dinosoid Armies, Bio-Bots, the Purr-Linn, the Deadkin, Mantids, the Blind Ones and so on for several hours, nearly non-stop... to say that I was exhausted would have been an understatement. But from what Adon later told me, it wasn't quite over, during my time battling the Primagen's army, I had encountered a being that didn't identified itself, but it made sure that it's presents was known to me and according to Adon, past Turok's had encountered it."

"I have been unable to identify the force which conspired against you during your battle with the Primagen. Its form eluded me. While I searched, a feeling of dread washed over me, a feeling unlike any that I have ever experienced. There is a natural balance in the cosmos between that which we define as good and that we which know as evil, light and dark, order and chaos. Although I have been unable to gain any specific knowledge of this being, its energy signature feels as if it exists beyond either fundamental force. And one other thing, Joshua: each time I scanned this entity's signature I also detected the energies of the Turok lineage as well. Whatever it is, your ancestors have dealt with it before."

"One thing I knew for sure... I was different now. The things I saw, such as the Port of Adia Guards who had been hacked and blown to pieces and left to riot as their city burned all around them. What I had face, such as the Primagen, who was true evil in every sense of the word, a being with no conscience. He may have been powerful, intelligent... but for all his abilities, technologically advances, and bravado... he was no commander, no general. His minions were tough and fast, but they lacked leadership, no plan of attack, they simply came right at me in the open. They were pretty much cannon fodder to the Primagen."

Adon offered Joshua a place to rest on the inverted pyramid-like structure, "As I closed my eyes, the image of the Primagen filled my thoughts and dreams, his emotionless dark yellow glowing eyes piercing into my soul. These thoughts and images would stay with me for a very long time... but I wasn't afraid... whatever was to come... I would be ready."

The End... For Now

Notes from the Author: When it comes to Joshua's character in the books and comic books, which are non-canon since characters and events are never seen or mention in the games, he came across as a douchebag. He's was more worried about his baseball game than a family member who was dying and he just instantly becomes a Turok warrior, in the game we know nothing about his past. So I wanted to write him being more human, he may not have actual combat experience but at least he's been trained to fight and survive.


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