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Chapter 6 - Renegade Nobody

Told from the view of Demyx, number Nine of Organization XIII. A story of friendship ripped apart at the seams. A story of lost love, and a little angst. it's also an experiment. ShounenAi warning! Will be updated daily!

Chapter 6 - Renegade Nobody

Chapter 6 - Renegade Nobody
DISCLAIMER: I don’t own any Kingdom Hearts characters.

I turned my Xanga into a little journal revolving around this story, my thoughts, and other things. You can find me at Xanga(dot)com(slash)Velika, But please, any comments you have reguarding the story, please post here and not there. Thank you.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Finally!! Sorry this took so long. I didn’t work on it at all during my winter break (which was probably the worst winter break in this history of winter breaks.) But yeah. Now the story’s starting to pick up. Look for chapter 7 coming soon. This is the first of the spoiler chapters. If you haven’t started the second game, or haven’t beaten the first game, this chapter might ruin some things for you. Please, if you’re worried about spoilers, but want to keep reading, then PLAY THE GAMES! IT’S TOTALLY WORTH IT!



'Renegade Nobody'

I wanted to know who this Key Bearer was. The suspense was killing me! Just a few hours ago Xemnas met the guy. He even fought him! He was our only hope. I was trying to imagine the Keyblade we were told about; a long key-shaped sword. Amazing. I’d kill to see one. Everyone was talking about it; the monsters, the Key Bearer, and Xemnas’ encounter with him. Gossiping was fun, I guess. We rarely cared about the outside world, but the truth was, we never really knew much about it. Zexion and I were chatting about it when Saïx came running from Xemnas’ bedroom.

“Everyone, listen up!” Saïx exclaimed. “Master Xemnas just received a vision of a renegade Nobody acting on his own. We certainly didn’t create him. He’s in the abandoned city below. Your assignment; bring him to the castle. Go, now!” He then sped back into the room.

The rest of us huddled together and tried to come up with a plan. The plan was that we would split up in teams of three and four and search all areas of the city. The teams were Team Blaze, which consisted of Axel, Zexion and myself, Team Gale, Xaldin, Larxene and Xigbar, and Team Floret, Marluxia, Lexaeus, Luxord, and Vexen. We hurried down the stairs and corridors out the main entrance. The entrance led us to a cliff just beyond the abandoned city. We hurried down the mountain trail into the city. Large rocks and stone turned to high buildings, and flashing lights. There was a huge tower in the center of the square, and there were other large buildings surrounding it. The tall tower had a screen at the top, placed in the side of the building, and it was flashing white noise.

To our surprise, as we walked through the square, about to split up, huge hoards of large Heartless rose from the ground, and circled us in.

“Marly and I will handle them,” Luxord called. “The rest of you start searching!” We started to run as we left Marluxia and Luxord to face the giant shadows. We then split into our groups and went our separate ways. We ran down a dark alley way. It seemed to go on forever! We just ran, and ran, and ran…

A scream. It came from the other side of our alley, where we entered. We had come too far to go back.

“I’ll go,” Zexion volunteered, and before I could protest, he ran back.

“Damn it, we have to stick together,” Axel cursed.

“Don’t worry about him,” I said back. “Let’s just continue. We need to find this guy!” We started to run again.

“It’s so weird” Axel mentioned. “If we didn’t search him out, how did he become a Nobody?”

“I guess we’ll find out when we-”

“Stop!” Axel stopped short, pushing me into a corner, and hid himself.

“Why are we hiding?” I whispered.

“Shh! Look!” I looked up. We had come to a larger opening between buildings. There was someone there, but it was hard to see him. He looked like just a little kid. He was wearing a trash bag as an outfit. He had blonde hair that looked even more uncontrollable than Axel’s.

“Someone actually lives here?” I asked. Before Axel could answer, the boy shot around, glaring at us. He had heard me, and now he saw us. His eyes were bright blue, and he had a boyish, round face. Axel stood up, out of the shadows.

“Kid, what are you doing here?” he asked. He began to walk toward him. “you shouldn’t be out here all alone. Where’s your family?”

“Who are you?” The boy asked. “Answer me!”

“It’s best you keep your voice down,” Axel scowled. “The others might hear you and they’re not as kind as we are.”

“My name.. Is.. I can’t remember my name,” the boy cried. He clenched his fists. His hands began to glow, and then out of nowhere, two large swords appeared in each hand. He slashed them down, and pointed one at Axel.

“Stay away from me!” He shouted. It was then I got a better look at the swords. They were each different, yet the same. One was white, one was black. The only similarities they had were the shape. The swords extended to about the same length, and at the end, a design shot up from the blade much like the teeth of a key…

“Keyblades!” I shouted. Axel looked at me in horror.

“The Key Bearer?!” Axel cried, looking back at the boy.

“No, there’s something different about him. I can’t feel his heart.”

“The Nobody! Demyx, come here and help me!” I started to stand, and then the last thing I remember was a Keyblade to the face. I think it was thrown, but I really don’t remember.

I woke up who knows how much later to the sounds of clanging metal. I opened my eyes to a dark sky, and a pounding headache. I sat up to see Axel and the boy fighting. I guess I wasn’t out too long. And then I saw everyone else. Everyone had heard the noises, and was now watching them fight. Xaldin, being as impatient as he was, stepped behind the key-wielding child and hit him in the back of his head with a spear, knocking him out cold.

“I coulda had ‘im” Axel said softly, panting.

“Of course, Axel. Let’s bring him back to the castle.” Larxene laughed. I tried to get up too, but I couldn’t move. I was in so much pain. I just lied there. Axel had picked up the kid and already left. Xigbar found me in the corner.

“What’re you doin’, kid?” He chuckled.

“I think I’m just going to stay here for a while. I hurt. Bad.” I managed a smile. He shook his head, then bent down.

“I’m gonna regret this…” He sighed. He grabbed me by my shoulders, and placed a hand under my knees. Next thing I knew, he was carrying me. He carried me all the way through the city, up to the castle, and to my bedroom. He placed me on my bed.

“You’ll be fine in the morning. I’ll keep ya posted on the Keyblade kid.” I thanked him, and he left. Now, that I was alone, and resting, my mind began to wander. Who was that kid? Was he really the Key Bearer? But he was a Nobody. Does that mean he can’t help us get our hearts back? This kid seemed like a jerk though. He couldn’t have been the same kid Xemnas fought. My thoughts were interrupted by voices outside my door.

“Team Floret hasn’t returned yet.” The first voice said.

“Do you think they know we found the Nobody?” The second voice said.

“Who knows? Maybe the found something else.”

“I guess we’ll find out.” And they were gone. Then I heard shouting. I guess the team returned. More voices.

“…Another Nobody? Xemnas said there was only one!”

“This one’s a girl too!”

“Just what we need. I think Larxene’s enough estrogen for one castle.”

“She’s just a little girl though. Xemnas is with the two kids now.”

“Where did they come from?”

“I don’t know. And the one kid has two Keyblades.”

“But he’s not the kid Xemnas tested. I’m so confused…”

“Me too, buddy.” I wanted so badly to see what was going on, but I was tired, and in pain. I passed out instead.
I awakened to the sound of my own screaming. It had been a while since I had either nightmare, and this time, they were connected. One nightmare. First, some kid with a Keyblade comes and takes Axel away, then another kid with a Keyblade comes and kills me. I knew it was two different kids because one was a blonde, and one was a brunet. Then it hit me. The blonde Keyblade kid. The kid we found. They’re the same! Why would I dream for months about a person who I had never even met until yesterday?

I sat up on my bed. I looked to my small table to find a glass of water, and a letter. I took the envelope, and ripped it open. It read:

Dear Demyx,

I do hope you are feeling better.(Who could this be?) You don’t know what kind of hell I went through after bringing you up here. (Oh, Xigbar.) Axel sure let me have it. But the weird thing is, ever since we brought that new kid here, Axel refuses to leave his side until he wakes up. It’s... Odd. He says he doesn’t know why. What a nice guy, eh? Hope you wake up soon!



Now, what the hell? He wrote me a letter? It’s dated for...Tomorrow? Wait, how long have I been out? Frustrated as all hell, I got up, and walked to my window. My head was still pounding, but maybe the fresh air would do me some good. I summoned my sitar, and began to pluck at the thin strings. I wasn’t even paying attention to what I was playing. Soon, a haunting, yet soothing melody came from the instrument. It flowed so beautifully. The water in the cup began to swirl and soon, was flying around my room. It took the form of a man, dancing. It was small, but it made me smile. I knew I had to write this down. This melodious tune had to be saved. But what would I call it? I’ll figure that out later. I put the sitar down, then decided to leave my room.

I was still in my coat, pants and boots, and my hair was a mess, but I didn’t care at this point. I was out for days, and I needed to catch up on what was going on. I left my room and quickly walked to the infirmary. I looked through the glass to see Axel and Xemnas. I then opened the large steel door. The blonde children were lying on a small medical bed. The boy, they had given him a black coat, but the girl wore a white dress. It was strange, but I could feel strong emotion coming from them both, although they were unconscious, and were, in fact, Nobodies. I didn’t like the fact that my nightmare involved the blonde boy. I hated it. Xemnas always told me to never believe in my dreams. He told me they were just images, and thoughts all jumbled up inside my head. I believed him until I started having nightmares. How could I dream about this kid without meeting him first?

I walked to the bed to get a closer look. Axel and Xemnas turned to me after hearing the door shut.

“Good morning,” Axel smiled.

“Glad to see you have awakened.” Xemnas greeted me.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“We’ve been running tests on the children,” Xemnas stated, flipping through his notes. “They are the youngest Nobodies I have seen. And the young girl is showing intense mental activity.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means,” Axel cut in. “We could potentially use these kids to help us achieve our goal. Look at this.” He snatched the notebook from Xemnas and opened up to a page about the boy. “Although we all remember what it was like to have a heart, this boy shows signs of still having his!”

“Wouldn’t that mean he’s not a Nobody?”

“That’s just it. We’ve run a bunch of tests. He has no heart, but his heart is still alive somewhere.”

“…You’ve lost me.”

“I shall explain it then.” Xemnas said, pushing Axel aside. “Nobodies are created when the heart leaves the body and becomes a Heartless, correct?” I nodded my head. “Although this boy’s heart has been lost, it did not become a heartless, at least, not for very long. Somehow, the heart is still inside a body somewhere. It’s hard to explain, but I plan on finding out what happened.”

“I don’t get it…”

“I shall explain more when I know more, Demyx. I believe this boy to be somehow connected with the current events of the Key Bearer at Radiant Garden.” He extended his hand to Axel, who gave him back the notebook. “I will not be gone for very long. Keep the children here until I return.” Extending his palm, he opened a dark door, entered it, and was gone. Now it was just me, and Axel. This was the first time we were really alone since before Xigbar blew up the labs. I inched toward him and hugged him tight, wrapping my arms around his shoulders. I could feel him curve into my grasp, and it seemed we melted into each other.

“I was kind of worried about you,” Axel whispered into my ear. “I didn’t realize how badly you were hurt until I saw Xigbar carrying you. Are you sure you’re all right?”

“I think so,” I grinned, pulling away. “Then again, this could all be a dream, and I have a concussion.” I saw him flourish into laugher. I chuckled some too until I felt his grip tighten and pull me close once more. Puzzled, I gazed into his emerald eyes.


“Shh.” He whispered. “You’ll wake the children.” He leaned in close. A frozen shock came over me as I was unable to move. Before I knew it, my eyes were closed, and I felt the soft touch of his lips against mine. I became constricted by this feeling of excitement, surprise, and that pulling at my chest where my heart should be. My mind shouted “don’t stop!” as we held tighter, pulled closer, and embraced a much deeper kiss.

“I told you to watch the children, not ‘make-out’ for them,” Xemnas said, returning. We quickly split, startled, and flushed. I was too shaken to say anything.

“Xemnas-er sir!” Axel stammered.

“Spare me the details.” Xemnas smirked. “We have more pressing matters at hand.”
At Radiant Garden

Xemnas plowed through the dark door to the run-down castle at Radiant Garden. He quickly pulled his hood up to mask his identity. He began to venture into the castle when he heard shouts and yells. He quickly hid himself. Whizzing past him came two children, a dog, and a duck. They sped quickly out of the castle, and into their small ship. Xemnas recognized the boy.

“The Key Bearer!” He looked back at the castle. When the ship had taken off, Xemnas quickly ran to the castle, dodging the hoards of Heartless. He entered the castle, climbed the stairs, all the way up to the center room. There were large containment chambers lined against the wall, a huge Heartless emblem on the floor. He quickly climbed the stairs to see a tall man with long, white hair, and tanned skin. The man quickly looked at Xemnas.

“And who might you be?” He laughed.

“You may not know me, but I know you.” Xemnas smiled, pulling down his hood.

“You… You look familiar.”

“Don’t worry yourself about it. Tell me. What happened to the Key Bearer?” The white haired man smiled.

“I don’t have anything to hide,” he grinned, his golden eyes glaring. “I had created a marvelous weapon,” he began. “I called it a Dark Keyblade. It had the power to release the heart from within a person. I had been searching for seven princesses. That was the only way, I thought, to bring me to Kingdom Hearts, and the door to Darkness. One princess had hid her heart within the Key Bearer. Then, things took a strange twist. The boy, Sora, used my Dark Keyblade to release both his and her hearts. And the boy was gone. The rest escaped.” Xemnas thought about this. If the Key Bearer had disappeared, why was he running with the rest of them? Was he brought back? Then it hit him. The blonde boy was the Key Bearer’s Nobody. And somehow, he wasn’t sure, was brought back.

“Thank you, my good Heartless,” Xemnas smiled.

“Excuse me?”

“You are the Heartless of a man named Xehanort, are you not?”

“I am no Heartless!” The white haired man raged.

“Oh, so do you go by a new name now?”

“You say you know me, yet you do not. I am Ansem, the seeker of Darkness.” Xemnas laughed to himself.

“Poor, mislead Heartless. The man named Ansem died years ago. No matter. You shall meet your end soon enough.” With a smile, and a wave, Xemnas opened a dark door, and left for home.
“…And that’s my theory.” Xemnas stated, telling us what he had witnessed.

“Must have been weird meeting the Heartless version of yourself,” Axel laughed. “Sometimes I wish I could meet my Heartless, and maybe even my True self.”

“Don’t we all,” I agreed.

“I also have a theory about the girl. Xehanort’s Heartless said that she hid her heart within him. When he released his heart, he must’ve released hers as well. She must be the Nobody of the girl.”

“It kind of makes sense since they both appeared at the same time.” I noted.

“But I wonder why they appeared here, instead of where the incident happened.”

“Who really knows…?” We stood there for a long time just thinking, watching the sleeping children.

Suddenly, the scanners began to alarm, the screens began to jump to life, and the boy with the blonde hair awakened. His eyes were bright , and almost seemed to glow. We had all ran to the bed, but were now backing away. The boy sat up. I got a better look at him. His blonde hair was shaggy and curled up, and his eyes were a deep blue. He was pale, and was just as confused as the rest of us. He looked around, and stared each of us down. The look in his eye cried that he was not a happy camper.

“Boy,” Xemnas said slowly. “We will not harm you. Tell us. What is your name?”

“Wha-what’s going on?” The boy croaked, placing his head in his hands. “How.. How did I get here? Who are you?”

“Please. We can help you more if you help us. What is your name?”

“...I don’t..”

“Please try to think.”

“...My name?” We listened intently. He was silent for a long time. He looked at the girl next to him. He took one last look around the room, and focused his attention back on Xemnas.



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