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Chapter 8 - Roxas and Namine

Told from the view of Demyx, number Nine of Organization XIII. A story of friendship ripped apart at the seams. A story of lost love, and a little angst. it's also an experiment. ShounenAi warning! Will be updated daily!

Chapter 8 - Roxas and Namine

Chapter 8 - Roxas and Namine
AUTHOR’S NOTE: All of you who have reached ‘The World that Never Was’ in Kingdom Hearts 2 will notice I changed the layout of the castle. In the game, there’s really nowhere that they actually live in the castle. You just fight them there. I make it so they live there, obviously.

My Xanga is a journal regarding my FF account. You can find it at xanga(dot)com(slash)velika

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'Roxas and Naminé'

We immediately headed for Xemnas’ room. We weren’t sure where he was, but his bedroom was always a good place to start. I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but Xemnas had a whole level to himself. A whole floor! He made us share hallways and wings with the other guys, but he had a floor to himself. There was a balcony that towered over our common room, and the only way to get to the roof was ascending a staircase that was somewhere on his floor.

So, I’ve probably confused you about the layout of our castle. If you go beyond the abandoned city, you’ll find a passage through the rock that will lead you to the front entrance. There’s no real door, just a large arc that leads you into the foyer, the central point of the castle. On the left wall, there is a large door which leads below to our labs. The laboratories stretch to the entire perimeter of the castle, and go well below ground. To the right are large double doors that led just above to our common room. Straight ahead was a large opening that led deeper into the castle. The infirmary was there, but right after the entrance. The rest of the castle was past that. I had only been there once, and I don’t remember it so well.

In the common room, there were chairs, tables, couches, and a large television that no one used. On the center wall, there was a large staircase leading up, and splitting. Going up and left or right would lead to our North and South wings, where our bedrooms are, and continuing upward would leave you to Xemnas’ floor. There was so much more to this castle, but I hadn’t had time to explore it.

We raced up the stairs, me following Xigbar. We reached Xemnas’ floor. It was like a mini-apartment. He had his own kitchen, his own common room, his own bedroom. It was actually pretty nice. I guess that’s what you get when you’re the leader of a bunch of nothings. We searched everywhere, but there was no sign of him. He wasn’t here.

“If he’s not here, he could be anywhere,” I whined.

“He might be in the labs.” Xigbar noted.

“All the way down there?!”

“I’ll race ya!” And with that, he sped down the stairs. I wasn’t in the mood to race, but I did anyway. I swiftly followed him down every stair. I began to pass him, but then he miraculously sped up, and left me in the dust.

We reached the lab door, panting hard, doubled over, trying to catch our breaths. Xigbar slapped me on the back.

“Didn’t know… I could run… so fast… Did ya?” He chuckled between breaths.

“You…cheated…” I staggered.

“You’re just… jealous…”

“Hey guys, what are you doing?” It was Marluxia. He jogged lightly down the steps, and toward us. “Why are you out of breath?”

“We were racing,” Xigbar beamed, straightening up. “What’s up?”

“Nothing really. I was just bored. Everyone else seems busy. I thought I’d go down to the labs and bug Vexen.”

“You know Vexen hates you, right?” I reminded him. Vexen wasn’t too fond of us neophytes, especially Marluxia. I’m not really sure why.

“He doesn’t hate me! He just has a hard time expressing his true feelings!” Marluxia giggled.

“No, dude, he hates you.” Xigbar laughed. “Xemnas gives you more respect, apparently. Vexen hates you because you’re rank is lower.” Marluxia shrugged.

“I still love to bother him. It gives me a rush when we fight. I can’t get enough. I love that old man.”

“Well, when you end up as a popsicle, don’t say we didn’t warn you.” I notified him. “The Chilly Academic doesn’t take kindly to people he hates. And he hates a lot of people.” Marluxia just shrugged it off.

“Care to join me?” He elbowed Xigbar in the chest.

“Actually, we’re looking for Xemmy. Have you seen him?”

“I think he’s in the infirmary with Naminé.”

“Ah, okay. Thanks.” Xigbar smiled, waving. We started to walk away as Marluxia ventered into the Lab.

“Oh, Marly.” I shouted, catching his attention. “Have fun.” He gave a ‘thumbs up’ and descended. We hurried to the infirmary to indeed see Xemnas and Naminé battling it out, verbally, of course. And I think Naminé was winning. We slowly opened the door.

“Your power is great! Why will you not accept what you are, and assist us!” Xemnas roared.

“I’m not a normal Nobody!” Naminé fought back. “I was created differently.”

“Yes, I realize that. But your powers are much different that the powers we have. You must help us!”

“I refuse! What you’re doing is wrong! I won’t help you!” She stomped her foot.

“I’ll make you!” he growled, pointing a finger.

“You wouldn’t dare!”she snapped back, crossing her arms.

“I am lord of this castle, and King of the Nobodies. You shall obey me. You must, or so help me…” He clenched his fist, raising it in a threatening pose. I almost jumped out into the way.

“You wouldn’t hit me! I’m just a child! And you’re too much of a gentleman!” I could have sworn that he was about to explode in a rage and attack her, but he didn’t. It was kind of funny to see Xemnas losing an argument with a nine-year-old.

“Naminé…” His tone changed dramatically. “Please. You could be very useful to us. Just...Think about it.” He then looked up to see us standing there. Shocked, and mildly embarrassed, he asked Naminé to leave. She did so without a sound.

“So… How long have you been standing there, boys?” Xemnas asked, feeling humiliated.

“Don’t worry about it, boss” Xigbar grinned. “We’ll keep quiet on one condition.”

“Oh, lord…” Xemnas groaned. “What do you want?”

“Tell us what you know about Roxas.” I chimed in. “Not just what you told us before. I know there’s more that you won’t let out.” Xemnas stared at me for a long time. I could tell he was trying to gather thoughts, wondering what to say.

“Demyx… I’m sorry, I can’t-”

“Please sir!” I stepped close to him. “This is important.” Sighing deeply, he agreed. He gestured for us to sit down. We sat on the bed, and he pulled up a chair.

“As you both already know, both Roxas and Naminé are special Nobodies,” Xemnas began. “They both suffer the fact that their True Selves’ hearts have not been devoured by Heartless, and faded into darkness. This causes a strange reaction within them, and others around them. It’s hard to explain, but I will try my best.

“Let me use Naminé as an example. She has no heart, but her heart exists in this dimension. Although we all pretend to have hearts, and fake our feelings, with her, she really has those emotions. And it affects the Nobodies around her. They’re drawn to the strong pull of her heart. It affects some more than others, but when it affects you, it consumes you. I feel it happening to myself. I feel drawn to her, but I know better than to chase the feeling. I know the feeling is false, like the others.

“Now, about Axel. You claim there is something between Axel and Roxas? It’s pretty much the same. I’m not sure why it’s affecting Axel specifically, but he’s drawn to Roxas because of his heart. It might be too late to pull him away for he may be consumed by his want for his own heart that he feels that Roxas is his heart.”

“So, you’re saying that Roxas is causing Axel to focus all of his attention on him because of his heart?”


“And that Axel feels his heart, and believes Roxas to be his heart?” Xigbar added.

“Also, correct.”

“That doesn’t make sense.”

“I told you it was confusing.”

“So it’s all Roxas’ fault.” I sighed. “Roxas is controlling Axel! He’s forcing him to be like this!”

“No, no, Demyx, you misunderstand! Let me try to explain it a different way. Roxas is the Nobody of the Key Bearer. In order to wield the Keyblade, one must have an immensely strong heart, full of light, far from darkness. Because the Key Bearer’s heart is so powerful, it’s affecting Roxas. Like I said, it’s almost as if Roxas still has his heart, although he most defiantly does not. Now, because the heart still exists, the Nobody feels complete, unlike the rest of us. We yearn to be complete, so, if we let ourselves, we can be drawn to Roxas, letting go of every other care, feeling complete with him. Do you understand?”

“I do…” I sighed. So it wasn’t either of their faults. But who could I blame? Axel for letting himself be taken over? Roxas for having such a strong heart? Myself for allowing Axel to befriend Roxas? No. There was nothing I could do, and Axel would probably be totally sucked in to Roxas. Maybe it was for the best. Maybe I needed some time to myself anyway. A break, I suppose. I thanked Xemnas for his information, and his help. He then explained that Namine’s pull wasn’t so hard because her heart was lost in darkness for a long time. We chatted for a few moments after that, just talking. Xigbar left us to run some errands, tasks he wouldn’t say what they were. Xemnas and I talked much about the darkness, and hearts and he started to tell me how he planned to give us our hearts back.

It was nice just to sit and talk with our superior. He was very intelligent, and extremely well-brought-up. I was starting to see a change in him, though. Since the day I met him, to today, he has steadily been changing. I can’t really point out what it is that has changed, but I can just tell that something is amiss with him.

As we talked, things happened in the castle that we were unaware of. I didn’t find out until much later what occurred.
Xigbar left the infirmary as soon as he could. He sped to the stairs, up through the corridor, and through the North Wing. He pounded on Xaldin’s door.

“Dude, come on! We gotta do it now while Dem and Xemmy are occupied!” He called. Xaldin came rushing out of his room, and they raced to the South Wing where they proceeded to kick down Axel’s door.

“Hey, this is private property!” Axel steamed, jumping off of his bed. Roxas was at the window.

“Shove it, princess.” Xigbar scowled. “Not here for you.” He pointed to Roxas. “Roxas, buddy!” They walked toward him. He whispered to Xaldin, “Remember the plan!” Roxas was not very thrilled to see them.

“What do you guys want?” The boy snarled.

“Let’s go for a walk, shall we?” Xaldin grinned, grabbing Roxas’ arm. Xigbar took the other arm, and they rushed out of the room. Axel was stunned, and daren’t follow them.

“Where are you taking me?” Roxas yelled, but neither answered his cry. They rushed down the stairs, and out the door. It was pouring rain in the abandoned city. As soon as the men entered the square, they were drenched, hardly caring. They threw Roxas down into a muddy puddle.

“What’s going on!”

“Okay, Roxas let’s chat.” Xigbar smiled sadistically. He leaned forward. “Do you know what you are?”

“Y-yes of course I do!”

“Yes, you’re a Nobody, but do you know who’s Nobody?”

“…It doesn’t matter.”

“Oh, it most definitely does.” Xaldin said quietly. “You have been chosen by fate. You are indeed the ‘Key of Destiny’, boy. Of course, you may pose to be a problem to Xemnas and his masterful plans. Do you know his plans, child?” Roxas shook his head. “You played a large role in his plan. Roxas, Xemnas was going to use you. He was going to force you to destroy all Heartless, but because you only wield Keyblades by default, you wouldn’t actually unlock their hearts. We need your True Self, the Key Bearer.”

“But if I was born from my True self, then doesn’t that mean-”

“Your creation was rather unorthodox.” Xaldin noted, standing straight-backed. The rain was pounding hard on the trio. “Because of that, the Key Bearer, your True Self, still lives.” Roxas was silent, jaw dropped.

“So, what’s going to happen to me?”

“Currently, Xemnas has no use for you. A shame, though, what he has in store for your True Self.”


“Xemnas doesn’t need you, Roxas.” Xigbar finally spilled. “You’re just another pawn in his game. He’s going to manipulate the Key Bearer somehow and make him destroy the Heartless, releasing all the captive hearts. And when he’s finished, he’s going to have him killed.”

“But why?”

“Xemnas is slowly going crazy. Power is flooding his mind, and he probably won’t be satisfied with just gaining his heart. He might seek a greater power, and if he does, he can’t let the Key Bearer get in his way.” Roxas was silent once more.

“So what’s going to happen to me? You never did answer me…”

“We’re unsure.” Xaldin admitted. “We do know one thing. Maybe you could prove yourself useful. Not to us, but to yourself.”


“Leave the Organization. Go find the Key Bearer. Warn him of these plans, and don’t let him be captured!” Xigbar cried. “You must stop the madness. Yeah, we want our hearts back, but we don’t want Xemnas to become some insane, evil overlord or something.” Roxas stood up. He felt heavier with the wet leather and dirty boots.

“but where can I go?”

“Use a portal, and leave. Go to another world. Seek information. Someone must know where he is!” Roxas’ eyes narrowed in determination.

“Why are you doing this?” and for once, Xigbar was at a loss for words.

“… Just trying to help!” Roxas nodded.

“Thank you, guys.” He turned to leave. “You know, I always thought you hated me. I thought that Axel was the only one who liked me. And honestly, he likes me a little too much. I won’t leave right away, but you’re right. I have to do this.” Xigbar smiled at Xaldin, marveling at their accomplishment. The three then left the city, heading back to the castle.
Axel stormed into the infirmary, startling both me and Xemnas. Axel was the last person I wanted to see right now. Seeing his face flooded back memories of the night before. I quickly turned away, unable to gaze upon his uncaring green eyes.

“Where’s Xigbar and Xaldin!” he roared.

“Xigbar left a while ago. What’s the matter?” Xemnas questioned.

“They took Roxas somewhere, and I can’t find them!”

“Did you check their rooms?”


“The lab?”


“The commons?”

“I checked everywhere, and no one seems to know where they went!” He then stormed out of the room. Not even a hello, or anything. Just wondering where Roxas was. Of course! How could I be so delusional as to think that Axel might spare a minute on me.

Now that we were shaken up, our conversation ceased, and I left. A good question was, ‘where’s Xigbar and Xaldin?’ because now I, too, was wondering. I climbed the stairs, and collapsed on the couch in the common room. These emotions were killing me. I closed my eyes, and found comfort in a light nap. I woke up to a hug, and a peck on the cheek from Xigbar.

“Nng, what are you doing?” I stirred, stretching my arms outward. “And why are you wet?”

“Good morning, sunshine,” Xigbar laughed, sitting up. “How are you feeling?”

“Okay, I guess. Where’d you run off to before? Axel decided to pay a visit, screaming about you and Xaldin kidnaping Roxas.” Xigbar smiled big, and laughed so hard, I thought he was going to die of asphyxiation. After his fit subsided, and he had calmed down, he told me what happened. I wasn’t sure whether to be happy or not over this. Roxas was leaving, and maybe things would go back to the way they were. I was happy at first, but wouldn’t Axel be upset? I also wondered why Xigbar had done this in the first place. I sat close to him so I could get a straight answer.

“Xigbar, you know as well as I do that until these events occurred, you were trying to take me away from Axel.” I pointed out. He nodded. “And now, you finally have me, and you’re willing to give me away?”

“Demyx, I’m not doing it for me, I’m doing it for you. I care a lot about you and I want to see you happy.” He leaned over and placed a kiss on my forehead. “And if you’re happy, I’ll be happy.”


“Nope! I’ve already decided!” He smiled. “And don’t try to change my mind.” But he was lying. I could see the sadness in his eyes behind his false smile.

“Xigbar, I’m not completely convinced.” I figured it was best to be straight with him then to let it slide. “I know you. And I know that you don’t mean that.” His smile faded, and he turned away from me, gazing at the tiled floor. “So why don’t you tell me what’s really going on in your head, hmm? Why are you so obsessed with me? From the first day I can remember as a Nobody, it’s been Axel by my side. Yes, you and I are great friends, but...”

“I get it. Well, I suppose it’s best to start from the beginning.” Xigbar nodded, sighing to himself. “You know that I love you with every fiber of my being. And I think you should know that I’ve been in love with you for about three years now.”

“Three years? But I’ve only been a Nobody for one. Are you just exaggerating?”

“No, I’m not. Just listen, Demyx please. I have to start from the beginning. The beginning of our Organization.”

And Xigbar proceeded to tell me his story.


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