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Chapter 12 - With the Guys

Told from the view of Demyx, number Nine of Organization XIII. A story of friendship ripped apart at the seams. A story of lost love, and a little angst. it's also an experiment. ShounenAi warning! Will be updated daily!

Chapter 12 - With the Guys

Chapter 12 - With the Guys
DISCLAIMER: I don’t own Kingdom Hearts.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Anyone play KH:Chain of memories? That’s where I’m headed next :D There’s a lot of fluff in this chapter. Sorry, I was in a sappy mood. OH and BTW, yes, I put a bar in Traverse Town. That place needs some excitement XD

'With the Guys'

Previously, in Mellifluous Trill...

“We met that night when the sea ran high,” the voice sang.

“And I craved for more of a near love experience.

“Those who the music hath then joined together,

“Are now but asunder…” I stopped. Who was singing? I looked down out my window. No one. I looked up. No one. Where were these magnificent words coming from? Just as I was hanging out my window, my door burst open to show the figure of Xigbar, looking stunned, and amazed. He rushed to me.

“Tell me that was you playing that haunting trill!”


“That music! That was you, wasn’t it?”

“Wait! Was that you.. Singing?”

“Where did you learn that song?”

“I j-just made it up. I’ve been composing it for a long time.”

“Are you sure?!”

“Xigbar, what’s the matter?”

“That’s the song Myde played on his guitar that night at the beach!”


I stared a long time before finding the words to speak.

“What... What are you talking about? I’ve been writing this song for... Months now. ”

“I’m as confused as you are, Dem...” Xigbar sighed, sadness in his voice, sorrow showing on his face. “C-could you just... Play the song some more?”

“I don’t want to upset you...” He walked into my room, and sat comfortably in my leather computer chair.

“It’s just been so long since I heard suitable music, especially that.” This troubled me some. I was afraid to speak to him. I didn’t want the subject of “us” to come up in any sort of conversation. I sat on my window sill, and plucked the strings. I became consumed by the melody, and it seemed, Xigbar did too. He started to sway, and hum to the sound. I came to a stop, a break in the music. That’s all I had written. I looked to Xigbar. His hands, gripping the arm rests tight. His face was in complete anguish, tears streaming from his eyes. He gritted his teeth, trying to stop the flow, but he couldn’t stop.

I immediately dropped my instrument, running to his side as it dissolved into flowing bubbles. Then it hit me. What the hell was wrong with me? I mean, yeah, I cared a lot about him but, I was just beginning to realize how... how submissive I was acting. I was like a lost puppy, coming to every beck and call of my master. Xigbar wasn’t... Controlling me somehow, was he? No. That’s absurd. That’s what happens when I think too hard. I think the reality of it was that maybe I was actually falling for Xigbar. Maybe falling a little too hard. And I was in denial. I’m often in denial, aren’t I?

I pulled him close, and he shivered in my arms. He was like a child for those few moments. And I felt like my entire being called him close. Was this how Axel felt about Roxas?

“I-I’m sorry” he sniffled, trying his hardest to stop..

“No, don’t apologize.” I commanded. “Stop apologizing...” My grasp tightened. I felt his arms, his hands grab my back. My arms were around his head, and he sobbed silently into my chest.

“I’m not trying to be a b-bother” he whispered to me.

“I’m in quite a pickle,” I chuckled. I couldn’t help but laugh. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you cry. Now, to die in peace, it’s Xaldin’s turn to shed a tear.” Even Xigbar laughed at that. He pulled back, smiling, wiping his eye on the sleeve of his coat.

“Man, if word got out a bout this, I’ll be a ruined man,” his mouth curved in a sharp grin.

“Well. I know the first thing Zexion’s gonna hear about when he gets back!” I shouted, standing up, mimicking his devilishly evil look.

“Oh, you wouldn’t dare!” He roared, standing up. I winked.

“Just try and stop me!” I made a break for the door, stopping to look behind. Xigbar was close behind, and I could feel his chest on my back.

“Hands off the doorknob.” He whispered. I let go, raising my hands as if I was busted by police. I then slid from between him and the door, and ran to the window, threatening to jump. And then he was gone. He blinked from my room like he was never there. I stood in my window, staring at my room, trying to find him, and then I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around, facing the outside and seeing Xigbar, upside down, floating on nothing. Extremely startled, I screamed, heading back into my room. He then appeared beside me, tackling me to the bed. We wrestled, and when it was clear that I was pinned, he held me there, sitting on top of me.

“Where the hell did you learn to do that?!” I cried. I had never seen him teleport before.

“I’ve been workin’ on it lately. Impressed?”

“Eh... A little” I lied. I was really impressed. I thought that was amazing, and I was hoping he’d show me how he did it. But then my mind drifted to other matters.

“Mind letting me up?” I asked.

“Oh, right. Sorry.” He hopped off the bed, off of me, and I stood up. I’m not sure why I did it at first, but I was glad I did after. I quickly kicked Xigbar’s feet from under him, him falling onto the bed, and me finally pinning him down for a change.

“Demyx, wha-”

“Listen. I’ve been thinking, and tonight just proved something to me. I’ve thought about your offer...” It was then that I achieved his attention. “Let’s give it a shot, I mean... What’s the worst that can happen in a few weeks anyway?” Saying that as fast as I could didn’t lessen the blood flooding my face. I could feel the flush, and knew it was apparent. And for once, Xigbar was speechless.

“Dem, maybe you want more time to think about it...” He suggested. “I mean, I don’t want you to feel like I’m forcin’-”

“No, I understand, and I’ve made up my mind.” I leaned in close, my lips almost touching his. “I think..I’m falling for you.” It was getting hot. The blushing was getting worse, and it was too late to go back now. The fact that I was laying on top of him didn’t help either. “Wherever my heart may be, it’s telling me to try something new. ”

“Something... new?”

“My earliest memory as a Nobody is Axel. And it’s not that I want to forget, but I want to move on. God, I must sound like a hopeless sap.” I started to lean back, and sit up, but Xigbar wouldn’t let me. He swiftly held on to my shoulders, and pulled me back down. He pulled me into a soft kiss.

“If that’s what you want...” He said, breaking the kiss.

“You don’t seem as enthusiastic as I thought you’d be...”

“I just don’t know if you-”

“Let me worry about me. This is my choice, and who knows? Maybe something good’ll happen.” What I wanted to say was ‘maybe you can help me get my mind off Axel’, but I would basically be contradicting myself. At that moment, I was hoping to have a fresh start, and no one would get in my way. The others really kept to themselves, except when Luxord felt the need to have group card games. Xemnas and Saïx spent the majority of their time in Xemnas’ bedroom, and I think that’s as much detail as I need to go in there. I was never exactly sure what was going on up there, but I’m sure you people are smart and can cook up something in your imagination.

Since it got quite boring, and quiet in the castle, the four of us, Xaldin, Luxord, Xigbar and I, would often hang out. We were, after all, the only ones left. Saïx received daily reports from our friends at the new castle, Castle Oblivion. One from each of them. Then, he would keep us up to date with the events. It had only been a few days since they left, but it felt like a lot longer.

“They’ve settled pretty nicely in Castle Oblivion.” Saïx began. “Marluxia has assigned them each a task, and role in the castle. If it is not carried out, he promises to inform us after applying consequences and necessary action. He expects the castle to be ready in a week’s time. He is already formulating plans on luring Roxas’ True self to the castle.

Vexen’s report states that his experiments are going fairly well. He is still not happy about being controlled by Marluxia, but he has great plans for our key wielding friend.

“Zexion’s and Lexaeus’ reports didn’t say much. And Larxene didn’t seem to write one... Axel has also neglected to send his. That is all.”

“What kind of experiments is Vexen trying to conduct?” I asked.

“He did not specify.” Saïx turned and left. So things were finally getting off the ground there. Good. I couldn’t wait until Zexion returned with my notebook filled with his experiences, his adventures. And I wanted all the details about the Key-boy. Which oddly reminded me. I hadn’t had my nightmare in a long time. In fact, I hadn’t had it since the day Roxas left. I thought it was weird, but I was glad.

That night, me and the guys, (I suppose that’s what I’ll call them now instead of listing them by name), left our castle via dark door and went world-hopping. Truth was, Luxord wanted to go drinking. And we didn’t object.

So, we stopped at a quiet place. I don’t remember the name. Transverse Town? Tavern Town? Didn’t matter. It had a bar.

Not caring of our appearance, we left our hoods down. We entered, and walked to the back. There weren’t many people there. The four of us sat down, and began the night with a shot of vodka.

After that, the night was pretty much a blur. At least, it was for me. I remember Xigbar sitting down next to a young blonde man dressed in black. He covered himself in a red cape.

“So what’re you in for?” Xigbar grinned, the alcohol taking effect. The man held tightly to his beer.

“A friend o’ mine killed my girlfriend, and now he’s tryin’ to blow up the planet.” He said, taking another gulp from his bottle. Xigbar then leaned over to me. I could smell the brew in his breath.

“Poor guy must’ve gotten dumped by his lady friend,” he whispered. The night seemed to drag on as we all got more and more intoxicated. I think Luxord blacked out for a few minutes, but I don’t remember. Next thing I knew, the four of us were stumbling into my bedroom. Why? I think it was to escape the wrath of Xemnas and Saïx. Their rooms, of course, were on the other side of the castle. I also remember I couldn’t stop giggling, and then I fell face first onto my floor. Xigbar had settled on my bed, and I pulled myself onto my computer chair. Luxord and Xaldin had awkwardly started flirting by my window, and it made me laugh to watch Luxord play with his hair. Looking back, though, it was really disturbing.

And of course, the morning after. I had passed out, leaning on my computer desk. A few swift cracks of the back, and I was feeling fine. Thankfully, the hangover wasn’t NEARLY what it was last time I drank. However, I couldn’t say the same for my comrades. Xaldin and Luxord were slumped together in the corner. It was kind of cute, and I almost wished I had a camera. It would have been awesome blackmail. I feared what would happen when they awoke. Xigbar was still in my bed. His hair was a mess, and so were my sheets. I quietly pecked him on the cheek, then left my room. I wondered if he had any of his ‘special pills’ handy. Wouldn’t it be funny if he couldn’t find them? The evil thought flooded my mind as I raced down the hall. I came to the wing. I crept into his bedroom, closing the door behind me. I turned on the light. Everything was nicely and neatly arranged. There had been some targets on his walls with millions of bullet holes through them. I strode into his bathroom, checking all the bottles. I’m sure he kept it in some secret place; I just had to find it.

By the time I gave up searching the bathroom, I noticed a tile out of line. I bent down and moved it aside. Below the tiles lay a small wooden box. I picked up the box, and opened it slowly. Inside the box were envelopes of all sorts, old photographs, and finally, the bottle. I smiled, and had myself a little victory dance.

Then I became quite nosy. I started looking through the envelopes. Endless documents containing science-related things I had no knowledge of. I even saw a few diplomas, and degree in sciences and such. Then I looked through the photographs.

They must have been from the days before the Heartless. He looked… Different, but I could still tell it was him. Pictures of him in the lab with others. Was that Xemnas? Next picture. Two people with test tubes in hand. One was definitely Xigbar; he had long black hair, and I knew that smile anywhere. The other also had long black hair, but I couldn’t tell who it was. When I flipped the picture over, in bold print it said, ‘BRAIG & DILAN’. Xaldin’s True self. They must have been great friends.

I searched the pictures more; there were so many. Finally I came to the last picture, and the ghost of my emotions saddened me greatly. The picture was of Xigbar, and a man with lengthy, curly brown hair. By the angle, they were both holding the camera, and it was above their heads. The brunet was kissing Xigbar on the cheek. I flipped it over to read the names, although I was pretty sure I knew. ‘BRAIG & MYDE’. They looked absolutely in love. They were so happy together.

A door slam. My head shot up, and I scrambled to put everything back in it’s place. I don’t think I’ve ever moved that fast in my life. Shoving the wooden box down into the hole, I covered it with the tile then stood. Footsteps. And they were coming closer. I began to panic, and jumped into the shower, pulling the curtain across. I drew up my knees, and sat, almost afraid. The door opened, and a figure came in and looked around. I heard the sound of the tile scraping across the others. It had to be Xigbar, although I wasn’t sure because I wasn’t about to peek my head out. It was then I realized I was still holding the bottle of pills, and the last picture.

“shoot, where’d I put them?” He said, obviously looking for his beloved pills. He then set the tile back in place, and left. When I felt it was safe to emerge, I did. I quietly stepped out of the bathtub, and soundlessly put the bottle back in the box under the tile. But something told me to keep the picture, so I did. I was careful to place it in my pocket, not trying to ruin it. I then crept out of his bathroom, and out of his room. I then walked back to mine.

I came in to all sorts of yelling, mostly Xaldin and Luxord yelling at each other, and Xigbar yelling at them to keep quiet.

“What’s all the commotion?” I said innocently, entering the room.

“Luxord thought it would be funny to pass out on my shoulder!” Xaldin shouted, crossed arms.

“Oh bloody hell, Xaldin,” Luxord said back. “It’s not my problem that you were content with your arms around me!”

“Ugh, Guys come on. My head is POUNDING!” Xigbar roared, teeth bared.

“What’s the matter, Xiggy?” I decided it was time to play around. “What happened to your precious ‘special drug’, hmm?”

“It’s gone missing...” He mumbled, obviously suffering from his sickness. “I s’pose I could make more, but that would take a while.” I couldn’t help but laugh. I tried my hardest to hold it in, but I couldn’t any longer.

“Maybe you should look again!” I shouted between laughs.

“I checked everywhere!”

“I just said, look again!” He gave me an extremely suspicious look, but then left to check. While he was gone, I made quick work to Xaldin. I pulled out the photograph from my coat, and shoved it in his face.

“...Demyx how did you get this?”

“It doesn’t matter. You’re close to Xigbar. Tell me. What does he tell you about me?”


“Xaldin, please! Before he gets back!” He quickly collected his thoughts.

“When Xigbar had returned from his absence, you were with him. After you both had awakened, Axel took full care of you, educating you of what you were, and how you came to be. Of course, being who he is, he lied to you, and gave you a sense of protection from him. Axel, sadly is as much an enigma as Master Xemnas himself.

“When Xigbar had realized what had happened, he went into a mild depression, and denied it had ever happened. He didn’t believe you were his beloved Myde, and steered clear of you. He kept this picture tucked away where he could look at it at any time. He told me all about his journey, and all about you, er, Myde. His reason for agreeing to Xemnas’ insane plans is so that when we get our hearts back, he’ll finally have his love back.”

“So it’s not enough to have me,” I whispered. “He just wants me to become what I was.”

“No, no, Demyx, you misunderstand. I suppose... You could compare it to You and Axel?”

“...Excuse me?”

“You’ve agreed to spend your days with Xigbar, yes? But you really wish to have Axel back, and no matter how hard you fight that, you can’t hide your true feelings.”


“So, similarly, Xigbar has you, and loves you but he truly wishes for Myde.” I nodded my head and what amazing timing we had. Xigbar had just then returned to the room.

“I can’t believe I missed them before” he said, holding the jar of drugs. I quickly stashed the photo in my pocket. “Here, everyone have one.” Of course I refused, remembering the effects of last time. Plus, I wasn’t sick enough to take it twice.

After their side effects subsided, we decided to go for a walk; the four of us. Of course, we didn’t make it far before hearing an explosion. Strange thing was, it had come from the Lab, and as far as we knew, no one was down there. By the time we got to the door, Xemnas had burst out, white lab coat in shreds, and a maddened, crazed gaze in his orange eyes.

“I have done it!” He said, voice on the verge of madness.

“Done what?” Xigbar asked. “What’s goin’ on?”

“A creature. Stronger, smarter, more agile than any Heartless. My friends, I have created the first of our army!”

“Whoa, whoa, hold it,” Luxord cut in. “Army? Army of what?”

“We are not the only Nobodies, my friends! We are the strongest of Nobodies. We are able to keep our human form. Most, however are unlucky. For every Heartless created, a Nobody is made in it’s place. It may not become strong beings, able to think for themselves like we are, but they are there, and I’ve found a way to bring them to our dimension. I am now plunging our castle into a world that never existed; a place where Nobodies roam, and we shall control them! This castle, this world, it all will be over run by this army of Nobodies.”


“Soon, this castle won’t exist. We will live in a world that never was, and we will control our fellow Nobodies in an attack against the other worlds!”

“..What do we need to attack the other worlds for?” I asked. I was utterly confused.

“Not so much attack, but find our key-wielding friend Roxas. Some Nobodies like myself can determine where other of our kind are. I shall send them on a search for Roxas while Castle Oblivion takes care of his other, Sora.”

“Sora... ”

“Indeed. With Vexen away, I must do these tasks myself. Please, go about your business, and I’ll try my hardest to have Saïx keep you all updated.” With that, he went back into the lab, shutting the door behind him.

Xemnas became weirder and weirder throughout the time I’ve known him. It seems as though he’s lost his mind. Attacking other worlds for no reason?

About three weeks went by. Up until last week, the reports from Castle Oblivion were normal, saying how they had successfully lured Sora to them, and already had Naminé arranging his memories to fit their dark deed. He spoke of great successes, and how their plan was almost complete, and Sora was almost a mindless puppet at Naminé’s beck and call. Things were sounding amazing. It was until that third week, that it all crashed down.

We had heard nothing since the last report, not even from Marluxia. Xaldin began to worry, but we didn’t think much of it until the day Axel came back. Alone. With my notebook, dripping in blood, in his gloved hands.


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