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Chapter 1 - Tournament

It a fanfiction that I'm making and it about bladers save the world from evil.

Chapter 1 - Tournament

Chapter 1 - Tournament
One day at the beyblade tournament and Miyuki and the other were beyblading. Victoria and her kids Kyou, Jirou and Yumiko were sitting on the bench watching it them. "Wow that will be amazing" Victoria said. "Mom" Kyou yelled. "hmm yes Kyou" Victoria asked. "Mom when I'm going to beybatting because it look like fun" Kyou complain. "I know that but Miyuki and Zero are going to be batting together soon" Victoria said."Aww I miss dad" Kyou said. "I know you do but your father not going to be home till later" Victoria said. "Oh okay" Kyou said. Madoka, Mal and Benkei come up and heard Madoka voice. "Hey Victoria, Kyou, Jirou and Yumiko what up?" Madoka said. "Hey Madoka you're just in time Miyuki and Zero were about to battle" Victoria said. "Yeah but we have a problem who are we going to be cheering for. Can we cheer for Miyuki or should we cheer for Zero" Kyou said. "I don't know" Jirou said. "Well let see and find out for ourself" Madoka said. "Okay" Victoria said. "yeah and this is going to be great battle" Benkei said. The sit down on the bench and Miyuki and Zero come up in the Arena. "Ready Zero" Miyuki said. "Ready get ready to lose" Zero said. "You're on" Miyuki said. "alright 3-2-1 Go shoot!" Both shout. "Go get him Storm Tiger!!" Miyuki said. You too Samurai Ifraid!" Zero said. His beyblade goes after Miyuki's beyblade. "Wow this is going to be amazing" Ren said. "Yeah" Shinobu said. "Mhm" Aki agree. "Whatever" Maya said. "Maya don't be that way" Shinobu said. "Yeah don't be a party pooper and support Zero and Miyuki" Eight said. "Uh tell someone who care" Maya said. "Grrr" All of them got mad at Maya. "Oh wow this is excited I'm going to check on my laptop and add data on it" Mal said. "Quick he right behind you!" Miyuki shouted. "Oh no you don't" Zero said. "Mom who winning?" Kyou asked. "I think Zero is" Victoria replied. "Oh yeah I got you" Zero said. "What oh no!' Miyuki shout. "Speical Move Infinite Fire Stream Assault!" Zero shouted. His beyblade went and knock Miyuki's beyblade out. "He did it!" Mal said. "Oh yeah! Kite cheering. "Way a go Zero!" Ren cheering, They all cheering. "I knew you can do it Zero but I'm feel bad for Miyuki" Aki said. "Oh wow this is awesome. I'm so proud of you Zero!" Benkei said. Victoria and Madoka laugh. "Wow awesome" Kyou said. Madoka called Tsubasa. "Hey Tsubasa" Madoka greet. "Hi Madoka what up and how the tournament?" Tsubasa asked. "It was great and Zero and his friends are doing well and so is Miyuki." Madoka said. "Well that good so how my wife and my kids doing?" Tsubasa asked. "They're doing okay and Zero just won and I feel really bad for Miyuki" Madoka said. "Well that ashamed but I'm sure she'll battle him again next time." Tsubasa said. "Yeah.. but I gotta go now see ya later" Madoka said. "Alright bye and tell my wife and kids that I love them and miss them very much" Tsubasa said. "Okay I will bye" Madoka said. Tsubasa was at his office and he sense something evil is coming and he looking at his big screen and find information about this evil thing or person.  "Oh yeah" Zero shouted. "You're were awesome Zero!" Ren said. "Yeah" Shinobu said. Miyuki coming in. "Well well what would we have here it Miyuki" Maya said. "Maya stop it" Miyuki said. "Yeah give that girl a break" Zero said. "Pfft whatever so you're in the losing string huh I smell a failure" Maya said. "Maya if you don't stop it I'll make you stop" Miyuki said. "Ooh I'm so scare but expect being a loser" Maya said. "WHAT WAS THAT?!! Miyuki mad. Victoria and the other goes congrats Zero but they see Miyuki and Maya were about to fight. "Oh no here we go again" Madoka said. "Yeah" Benkei said. "Maya leave her alone" Mal asked her nicely. "You shut up! Maya said. "Oh no you didn't and I am sick of tired of you and your mouth and why you always calling us jerk and why you keep doing it?" Miyuki said. "Because you all stink" WHAT??" All got mad. "You know what that it. You're are nothing but a spoil brat!" Miyuki said. So are you. Maya said. Miyuki and Maya are agruing. "Can we do something?" Mal say to Madoka. "Um maybe we could-" Madoka said. "Stop it both of you! You two are acting like 3 years old. I'm so sorry I'm apologize about my sister behavior. Shin said. "It alright" Zero said. "What next I have to fight you too" Maya said. "You know what everyday it the same thing that what I hate about you because you never happy and you don't care about anybody" Miyuki said. Girls! that enough would it kill you just get along just once and btw we're going to be facing a new ememy and we have to be careful" Shinobu said. We're sorry" Maya and Miyuki said. "So who hungry I made some homemade yummy sandwish" Victoria said. "Oh boy" Zero said. "Thanks so much Victoria you're the best" Miyuki said. Victoria smiled. They goes take a break by the tree and enjoying they're food. "Mom what time it is? Kyou asked. "It almost five and your father is going to be home pretty soon" Victoria said. Yumiko wanna her bottle. "Oh here your bottle" Victoria said. Feeding her. "I'm tired mommy" Jirou said. "We'll be home soon" Victoria said. "This is amazing Victoria" Kite said. "Yeah very" Eight said. "That good I'm glad that you're enjoying them and what about you Maya want a sandwich?" Victoria asked. "No thanks I'm not hungry" Maya said. "Come on Maya it good and it yummy" Victoria said. "Give it to your husband Tsubasa I'm outta of here" Maya said. "But Maya awww" Victoria said. "Don't worry about her she'll be fine" Zero said. "Yeah and let give her some space" Aki said. "Oh okay" Victoria said. "Kite is right they are good" Madoka said. "Thank you Madoka I'm glad you like them" Victoria said. "What about you Natsumi You're sound quiet today how the sandwich? Victoria asked. "It taste pretty good." Natsumi repiled. "That good" Victoria smiled.


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