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It a fanfiction that I'm making and it about bladers save the world from evil.
Kross Row-ds (*Cross Roads*) is a popular up and coming team that is made up of 6 girls that want a chance to take 1st place in the current world tournament that is coming up in London. Kai/OC, Tala/OC, and more =3
just a little something I came up w/h while i was supposed to be doing a book report... just read it already
A fic that I'm probably actually going to go somewhere with.
Hope you enjoy- please ignore spelling errors and such
read the tittle and then the story (OK, really its a group of songs, but hopefully you've gathered that already...)
Tyson's long lost sister comes back after being seperated for 12 years! But he doesn't remember her at all! Read what happens with her around, and find out if Tyson ever remembers! Crappy description, but give it a shot.
Somethings i put together on my own spare time
The Faeriestone is a jewel of unimaginable power, given to the royal family of Gaia to protect. When the stone is stolen, one faerie warrior follows the thief... OC/Rei, OC/OC pairings, DON’T LIKE DON’T READ!

Oki this is a story about............uh......uh I forget XD
I know it sound kinda romantic but this story is NOT on romance.(I swear I suck at titles) but don't worry the story's better!(hopefully)
Kai Hiwatari is losing it. He's seeing ghosts of his dead family, but a strange girl will teach him how to see the world again
this is the short portions! This holds Kai's life in the new generation...yeah sort of, it's still a fanfic, many of you'll think that this story is absoluely cute, addorable and's really funny in some parts, please comment, there
Kai's POV no one cares about me, so why do I live? oneshot
Kai's POV how Kai feels about his grandfather plz leave a comment short poem oneshot
Rika is a normal girl with a stupid older brother and loving Friends, but since Tala got her(and him) expelled from thier old school and Kai's in her life she'll never be the same (or will she? O_o) KaixOC, TalaxOC and more ^_^ Chapter 2 is now up!!!
kai and tyson are affected by a strange comet passing through the Earth's atmosphere. What has happened to them and how do they return to normal? Read to find out.
what would you feel if somebody sees you wearing nothing...
the silver girls become new sudents at the beyblade accadamy in japan and turn the system upside down but their leader starts to let down her wall and let a certain russian in will they survive the year and pass their GCSE's
this is a random yet funny story, to get ur character in a story let me know on my profile, and read the first paragraph in the 1st chapter for what to do
A strange letter takes the best bladers around the world to an even stranger tournament...
(K, so it's a work-in-progress, and I've only got the *very* short prologue up)
Well...just something for start.
ok basiclally this is a sotry that goes on and on. u can be with any characther u want! just let meh know and i'll let u join the story! its mostly a funny/love story! U DONT HAVE TO BE WITH A BEYBLADE CHARACHTER!!! ANY CHARACTHER WILL DO!
You may have read it on
meet Mayu Kamikozono
she is the unknown friend of the Cold Kai Hiwatari. But how did it all start?
come with us back in time to see the story behinde the unknown and forgoten friend of the boy we know as a cold hearted person