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Chapter 2 - Chao Story- Nutral Garden

My chao- Intro

Chapter 2 - Chao Story- Nutral Garden

Chapter 2 - Chao Story- Nutral Garden

Hello! It's I, Chai again! This is my first REAL chapter! Enjoy! I will start with the nutral garden, Alright? I will introduce each Chao, how I got them, and have them say a few things about them selves. Alright? Hear they are! Memory card One- Main.

Me (Chai)!: You know a lot about me already: I was bought from the Black Market by Tails when I was an egg. He has always loved me

Chapon: This is Chapon, my boyfriend. He belongs to sonic. He was one of the two eggs when you first start off and he is a hero chaos Chao. Do you have anything to say, Chapon?

Chapon: “I'm Hungry!”

Chai: You're always hungry *Tosses fruit at him* There.

Chai: That's it for the Nutral Garden, since this turned out so short, I'll name the Chao at school:

Sprit: As said, she is at school, so no comments. She is a normal hero chao with all dragon parts. She is going to rencarnate soon.

Mr. Jiggles: Dispite the funny name, he is Ghostie, the chao in the Hero Garden's Dad.

Cholly: Cholly is a shiney red chao, she is Ghostie's Mother.

Chai: That's it for this chapter! Next: The Hero Garden! Since there is only one Chao in there I'll have to think of some kind of special, any Ideas?

Chapon: *Shrugs*

Sprit: Nope…

Chai: SOMONE has to have SOMETHING!


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Wave on March 28, 2006, 5:04:24 AM

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WaveHey guys: I'm going to be doing my next chapter a little diffrent, how, it's a surprise.

Wave on March 26, 2006, 12:33:01 AM

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WaveAlright. (She)Is barely walking, but it'll work! she HAS won some races! Same for the dark garden? I only have one chao there too...

darkness42 on March 25, 2006, 11:36:46 PM

darkness42 on
darkness42you could tell us if hee won any races? how old he is. what his personalty is. tell us if he can fly. swim, run, stuff like that... ..... that's all i can think of.

Wave on March 25, 2006, 11:31:39 PM

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WaveCan you guys think of anything?