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Just some fanfic I wrote about Chao Diaries. Life in the chao garden from the chao's point of view. A few made up chao. A few chao I actually raised. Each chapter is a different diary, so... Spoiler rating for descriptions of chao, gardens, etc.
My chao- Intro
The debut story of Mattkoons and Shamoo!
I made up a chao called Shamoo. Why are you wasting time reading this when you could be reading the bio!
I made up a chao called Mattkoons.....You'll have to read it.
Pyro- You Read! Cause ME better than you!

isn't he cute!
Some Chaos got to go, some don't.
These stories are going to be based on what really happens to my chao, Bingo, and other chao, in the chao garden. Please comment.
It's a wacky chao story! Staring Chaggy and Melody in this crazy story! It never ends!
My first story on FAC, YYAAAAYYY!!!!
A BETTER story than I made.